Life with Ozzy and.. Tolkien

Life with Ozzy and.. Tolkien
The misadventures of Ozzy and Tolkien at home

Wednesday, 23 January 2019

Who is a fat boy? Not me hoomins!

I really don’t understand it, what is all this big fuss that hoomins are keep making about my weight or body mass, which ever you prefer...There is no day that passes by when they won’t mention the fact that I’m a bit overweight....I said a bit and I would also admit it....I might be carrying a bit of extra weight these days but you know how things often are as I’m a very busy kitty trying to keep everything and everybody in his/her place and as a result I don’t pay too much attention of little details such as how much I eat and how often for example....besides Ripley used to be the fat one and not me, so I’m asking you, hoomins, what has changed now? Why and all of the sudden I’m the one who is overweight now?

Beside I don’t believe that I’m really fat, I think it is because of winter, you know, the cold season that we are now having and because of the cold and as a result my fur has puffed up quite a lot and it makes me look a lot bigger than in reality I am, a bit pouffy. It is like those birdies outside who tend to fluff up you know when it is cold....Just a bit of extra puffed up fur that’s all that is....especially in the belly area....I’m very soft there, feel hoomin....actually don’t touch there...rather sensitive area...See? I’m not fat at the top of my head where there is not a lot of’s all the places where there is a lot of fur....well it doesn’t really matter whether I’m shorthaired or not in the winter months the fur grows a lot....a lot more than normal that is!

Also it has nothing to do with me being overweight again and falling off the kitchen counter or failing to jump up’s just a miscalculation from my know that kitchen it’s not always well lit and we kitties can’t really see in the dark, it’s a just a hoomin myth that is not true...we can see better in not well lit places but that kitchen sometimes is really really there have been some miscalculations from my part and as a result I didn’t manage to jump high enough to get to the counter.....that’s all. Again  extra weight and  being overweight has nothing to do with just not been able to calculate how high the surface was….let’s not jump to the wrong conclusions here, right?

And to also clear the misunderstanding here that I eat too much that’s not true again at all....I’m not a cat vacuum cleaner hoomins, hoomins, you know and I don’t go around and empty clean  all the food bowls if there is any food left. I simply make sure that not food gets wasted as I know how expensive it can be for you hoomins....I’m only thinking of you hoomins you know, trying to save you some money here, you know....Them other three can be really fussy when it comes to their eating habits  and they do waste a lot of good is such a shame to waste all that good I’m only helping you here hoomins....being a helpful and considerate kitty, that’s all it is.

See, how tiny I am hoomins? Not big and fat as you are saying....
Now and since we are mentioning empty food bowls, have any of you hoomins filled up any of those bowls? Better check then before any of the other three awakes and attempts to check any of these bowls first...

Purrs and meows till next time....fellow hungry kitties!

Sunday, 20 January 2019

Weekends and the strange things hoomins do!

There are always things that need to be done and making certain that everybody knows his/her place at home is a very demanding job for a kitty like me  as you have to deal not only with the other cats but also the hoomins who they can difficult to say at least at times....they won’t admit that of course that they are wrong even if it is quite obvious that they are.... well that’s hoomins for you you just learn to live with them!

But of course there are times when there so difficult to keep up with…I mean for example at special times like weekends and holidays…What is then with certain days of the week that hoomins become so lazy and totally out of control? Week days they are just fine, they follow the normal routine as they are supposed to but when it comes to weekends they are becoming totally different...well different hoomins I suppose as their behaviour becomes very erratic and unpredictable....It’s like they are suffering from some unknown hoomin disease you know that there is no cure for it or nobody knows what actually is or what causes....mentally illness I mean.

They start by becoming very lazy and staying in bed for a lot longer than normal. They don’t want to get up the usual time and no matter how hard I try with different meows,  with biting toes and fingers that I can find, by sitting on their faces, by knocking things of the table, scratching at the door, licking every exposed part of the body that I can find and even going under the covers where they are hiding and doing head-butting I don’t seem to manage to wake them up or at least make them move...they are acting like they can’t see me or hear me…it’s like….good-grief,  like I don’t even bizarre, considering that on week days they are up and about most days even before I get up myself....well, sometimes of course!

Then there is the other strange thing that often they do...walking around in the house in the clothes they usually wear when they are sleeping most days and they don’t change till it is very late on the tell me  if you don’t think that this is really lazy and bizarre....and to make things even worse they even take their time to feel up all the empty there is no urgency at we are not starving, having not eaten since the night before....We don’t have breakfast till very late in the day and we are totally being ignored when complaining…they even ignore me, if that is possible!

And this peculiar behaviour continues all day as often they won’t even leave the house at all or if they do they are back rather late than normal and our dinner then is delayed as well....There are so many strange things that are happening on weekends which are almost impossible to describe them all in one go....Sometimes they are very lazy and they hardly anything other than starring at different size screens or others they use noisy gadgets to clean up the house and there is no peace or quiet place to rest for hours….such strange behaviour must be the result of some form of undiagnosed mental illness…the only thing that it can explain it really!

But at least there are some good things that do happen too so the whole two days are not totally wasted as hoomins often are in a much better mood those days especially in the evenings and they tend to give us, well at least me (and yes the other three two unfortunately) a lot more attention than any other day....this is the time where I can have some quality time with my hoomins and even discover more fun things to do....Like last night for example when hoomin was giving me a lot of attention while I was resting on my favourite snoozing spot and all of the sudden I found myself playing with a brand new toy that I had never seen before…I really don’t know why hoomin didn’t get this toy for me before....but it was really fun trying to catching it while it was kept moving the sneaky thing....I’m not so sure though what hoomins meant when they were kept saying that I was playing my tail....what is a tail and what does it look like....

Oh well, never mind hoomins quite often don’t make a lot of sense anymeow....I wonder though if tonight hoomin finds another toy as well to entertain me...they are good at entertain you when they are in the right mood those pesky hoomins I must admit.

Better go and check then if they are ready to play again.

Meows and purrs for now....

Wednesday, 16 January 2019

How to be the best you can

As I’ve said it before they are always things that a kitty can do when at home to keep himself entertained even when his hoomins are busy and they don’t pay any attention despite of one’s all good efforts.

You can of course annoy...hmmm I meant play with the other kitties in the house as quite often even if they appear to be reluctant to play you know that deep down they do want to get involved with the activities...Faith, Choo Choo and even Ripley, she really enjoys it when I’m trying to help her exercise by chasing her around even when she growls and hisses and appears annoyed and she acts like she doesn’t want to be disturbed....yeap, it’s only an act you know. Something that hoomins don’t really seem to get as they think that I’m just being mean and a bully and that I like annoying Ripley and co for no reason...of course not, I’m not try to annoy Ripley hoomins, I’m helping her with some very much needed stimulating activities, that’s all as and because of her age she needs a bit more help....As for Faith...well she is a drama queen and she likes to show off for the hoomins as all her meowing and hissing is again another well acted performance to show to the hoomins that she is a victim and she can’t defend for herself as she is weak and feeble...all lies as she is more than capable of protecting herself if she wants to (and usually she doesn’t she is all for me chasing her around the house) and she is not that weak and feeble as she can run when she wants to really really fast and without any limbing....again she is just playing the victim part for the hoomins so she can get their sympathy and a bit of extra chicken (which I never get as hoomins have this false assumption that I’m a bit overweight.....). Choo Choo on the other hand he is not really the most playful cat in the world although he does have his moments when he feels playful but unfortunately at those moments usually are at the wrong times when I’m not in the mood for games and he would choose then to strike unexpectedly....he is quite good at it as well as he would get you when you are at least expect it....very sneaky!

But of course and those moments when I feel inspired and nobody is around to get inspired with me then I would try to find ways to entertain myself and there are always ways to do so as any intelligent cat like myself and all the other kitties out there would find many different ways to entertain one’s self and without even having to use any of those expensive toys that hoomins are so keen on buying. You see hoomins we are very considered as well as we do try our best to save you some money by not playing with the toys that you have bought us and as result breaking them but using instead other alternative and cheaper things.

Where is Ozzy? Hoomins would never figure out that I’m hidden here!

So my favourite pastime at this time is hiding in hard to be found places and becoming almost invisible....not even the hoomins can find me, even if I am in the most obvious place in the house...I can stay there for a while without the hoomins having a clue where I am and wait till somebody passes by and then boom....attack!! It’s always quite funny when you jump on them when they least expect you and surprise them....hee hee so funny! Doesn’t work very well with hoomins though as they don’t seem to get surprised for some bizarre reason...maybe I’m not appearing suddenly enough or they are pro occupied and they don’t realise what is happening....Who can tell....hoomins are so unpredictable and they don’t always catch up with things straight away....well at least it does work with the other three, especially Faith, I always get Faith....

Anymeows it is that time again for me to go and check food bowls again, feeling little peckish right now...all this typing you know makes a kitty rather hungry.

Purrs and meows then till next time.

Monday, 14 January 2019

Faith's little training tricks and how to train your own hoomin

You know hoomins sometimes believe that we cats are rather peculiar as they don't always understand why we behave the way we do....well fair enough, after all we cats don't always seem to understand why hoomins behave the way they do either.

So I would like to reassure hoomins that their cats are not acting really strange as, we, cats always do things for a reason...maybe not an obvious one, nevertheless a good one.
So when you see a cat liking a wall, chasing an invisible...something, starring at what it seems like nothing, acts like she/he can’t hear her/his hoomin, etc, etc, well be reassured that there is a good reason for doing so. Well, I’m not going to tell you what those reasons are, because this is something that you hoomins need to figure out for yourselves of are after all the intelligent species.

But of course sometimes we also do things for reasons that they are really quite clear, even for you hoomins, for example; we’ll meow to get your attention, especially when we are hungry or we want some attention and perhaps something to keep ups occupied for a while or we want you to entertain us, you know, when we feel what you hoomins called uninspired...
But some other times we also do things just for our hoomins, you know so to keep them in good shape, trained them when we think that they might need a bit of training, especially when they are knew to our ways and habits.

A good example of how we often train our hoomins is Faith’s training regime...of course each cat would use a different modified more appropriate way to train his/her hoomin. I know of cats that they would use the try to avoid me when you are climbing the stairs carrying something that it might complete cover your vision so you are likely to miss the cat that she snoozes on one one of the steps method...or I’m behind a closed door perhaps and I’m scratching or meowing to let me in although I don’t really want to come in I’m only testing your patience method  or I’d sleep next to the bed, on the same spot where you are more likely to step on when you are getting out of bed method, etc, etc. Faith though uses another technique, perhaps not that well known, the I’d be sitting just behind you with my tail touching your feet so you’d need to try and  avoid stepping on it when you move and of course to be always aware that I’d always be standing right behind you method. This is of course something that we all try with our hoomins in many occasions (except from Ripley that is, as she can’t be really asked to follow hoomins around the house anymore...she’d simply meow really loud and suddenly to get the attention she wants, when she wants her food bowl to be replenish that is..and hoomins are less likely to expect such a loud meowing out of the blue…actually it is a very good method, which I might try at some point).

Faith doesn’t discriminate...she would use hoomins and Ripley for pillow

But I’d admit that we have trained our hoomins quite well as they have learned to avoid us most of the times, even when we are always there when least expected that is (how we do this...appearing out of the blue when least expected it is one of our unique superpowers that we, all cats possessed if you are to know hoomins). But there is always room for improvement of course as they still need to learn not only how to avoid us 100% of the time but also to learn not to yell when they see us’s not good for their health to get hysterical for no apparent reason you know.

Also and the reason why Faith uses the hoomin as a step to get to the sofa is because she is the shortest way (the hoomin that is), you know a short cut...and I’m sure that hoomin doesn’t really mind when Faith walks all over her to get to the sofa instead of using the foot stool next to her....

Of course not, our hoomins understand us, they are well trained, most of the times that is as they often seem to forget to fill up those empty food bowls when they are know some empathy here would it be good hoomins...kitty here rather hungry at the moment.

Anymeows better go now...till next time keep meowing and purring!!

Friday, 11 January 2019

A new family member…what is he?

I know who lives with me in my home, my 2 hoomin servants and the other 3 cats: there is Ripley who is very old, ancient really…a lot lot older than I am…you know I think she might be as old as the hoomin servants…I mean they are keep saying that she is being around from the old times when they were still living in that place they call big city (I don’t think that they like that place somehow as they keep saying how life is better here than it was there… clearly not my concern but I thought I should mention it anymeow). But the fact is that Ripley is really old and very grumpy as grumpy as hoomins can be sometimes (well maybe not, as the hoomins are really really grumpy) but of course that doesn’t stop me from having some fun with her when I feel like…she gets so easily annoyed that it is very amusing…
So Ripley is the oldest and then there is Choo Choo…who is quite old as well but who I must confess is my favourite one, well after hoomins of course…I like being around him and sharing the same bed or sofa when snoozing…he is really quite cool to be around as he doesn’t seem to be bothered about anything really, no other hoomins, the noisy doorbell or that horrible machine that hoomins use to clean the carpet or even the hoomin’s blowing hot air and very noisy machine thing that the hoomin uses to dry her hair. Choo Choo is really very brave although sometimes he tends to get a bit annoyed (for no apparent reason really) and he would have a go at me…but I do understand and sympathise with him…sometimes you just can’t help it, you just get frustrated…
Then there is Faith, who looks a bit like me (not that much really so I can’t  say that I understand how hoomins can say that sometimes they can’t tell us apart…because we are so different really. For starters hoomins she is a she kitty and I’m not! Her colours are not the same, my black is colour is actual black, or the patterns for that matter, different colour eyes and my fur is very soft and I’m a lot prettier than her, a lot! Anymeow I guess sometimes you need to remind yourself that hoomins are not that clever after all and therefore to also forgive them for some of their silly mistakes, they can’t really help themselves now, can they?
Last there is of course that tiny kitten in the plastic box who and to be honest with you I’m not totally sure that he is really one of us. For starters he is too small and he doesn’t seem to grow at all, ever, then he has hardly any tail, he eats strange food such as seeds and carrots all the time…he lives in a box and uses constantly a very noisy wheel. I mean what is with that wheel really, except from making a lot of noise at night…what is the point of going round and round endlessly …doesn’t he get dizzy and why he is using it as he is not really going anywhere…I really don’t get what is the purpose of that wheel…Seriously he is a very strange kitten…He just likes round things as he has also a big plastic ball who he uses to move around the house…I mean what doesn’t he walk around the house like we do, why does he have to be inside a plastic big bowl…it’s not like that we are going to chase him…nobody other than me that is pays any attention to him when he is out of his plastic big box and wanders around the house in that ball (other than the hoomins that is)…He is such a strange little creature and sometimes I seriously wonder whether he is actually a cat but what else can he be? He is not obviously a hoomin or a bird…so what can he be? Hmm it is a mystery. I guess I would just keep watching him and eventually I’d figure out what he is…Maybe.

Such a strange looking kitten...and very messy too!

Anymeow better go now, time to check the food bowls, being empty for so long now…
Till next time

Monday, 7 January 2019

Things to do…

As I’ve said before being at home is not at all boring as a kitty like me will always find ways to entertain and amuse himself. Of course there are a lot of chores  that they need to be done every day as hoomins as every kitty of this world knows too well, are really hard work sometimes as often you have to remind them about almost everything…But there is always time to have some fun,,,to bother hoomins so to get some attention, to play with my toys and hoomins things that they don’t want you to touch, to chase Faith around the house, to annoy Ripley when she is awake (although this is proving to be harder than it was used to be as she seems to have learnt to ignore me more and more every day…I blame hoomins for this you know…to try and steal Choo Choo’s snoozing spot without annoying him as sometimes he can be a little rough and not that much fun, etc, etc the list can go on and on…).
Yes there are lot of things that I can do to entertain myself when I get the time of course and after I have finished with my duties as after all I’m the one who keeps every one under control and makes sure that they do what they supposed to do as they can all be really lazy and forgetful at times, especially the hoomins that is. A cat has to do do what he has to do to maintain the right balance in his home and to keep everybody happy at the same time…yes, yes I’m a very fair kitty and I treat everybody the same way with the respect they deserve!
But I always make sure that I put some time aside for myself, to entertain myself. Of course living with hoomins has its many benefits as they don’t just make sure that there is always enough food in the bowls, keep the litter trays clean, provide with sufficient entertainment when it is required from them to do so but also they make sure that they bring home things that a kitty like myself can use to entertain himself. I’m referring of course to the boxes that they regularly arrive (although I must admit I’m not so keen on all those strange hoomins that they ring the doorbell and give me sometimes a freight…nope, not at all keen!). There are always boxes to try on and all are often different sizes, some just right, some perhaps a little too small but they can be made to be the right fit and some others which are ridiculously big and probably are made for hoomins although I must admit I have never seen any of my hoomins trying any of these boxes, which it is a shame really cause they don’t know what they are actually missing by no using them…but again and as I’ve said it before and everybody knows…hoomins are not really that bright, as they often do things that they look silly or make no sense at all…
Here I am on my today’s box...hey hoomin what is that  black spot on the ceiling that keeps moving?

But anymeow the fact remains that hoomins do provide me with a lot of boxes on almost daily basis which gives me a lot of opportunities and to have a lot of fun with the other cats and hoomins (especially when they don’t know that I’m inside well hidden, he he (quite fun). Of course and not that I’m complaining by any means but what on earth do these hoomins buy so frequently to have sooo many boxes delivered so frequently…It is really a mystery…What the hoomin said when he emptied today’s box?…oh yes something that sounded like…’another box of cat food was delivered again today…they eat too much!’ Who eats too much hoomin?
Well I’m sure I would figure out the mystery sooner or later but I better go now as I can hear a hoomin in the kitchen opening cupboards, time I think to remind them about empty bowls again…
Till next time then

Saturday, 5 January 2019

My favourite hoomin…on Caturday

As I’ve said before they are a lot of misconceptions about us, cats I mean when it comes to our daily activities. For example some hoomins believe that we don’t really do much during the day at home…that we only eat and sleep and wait for hoomins to come home so to have…food and fun…
Well, yes and no! Of course we are looking forward to our hoomins coming home, they are our favourite hoomins after all and they’ll refill empty food bowls and spend some quality time with us..But and at the same time we don’t just eat and sleep during the day when hoomins are not at home…We do need to eat of course to survive and maintain our good wealth and to snooze so to save enough energy to use when hoomins finally get at home, but this is not what we only do during the day…no way…as any cat would tell you there are a lot of things that each of us needs to take care of!
A kitty like myself who is responsible for three other cats and two hoomins has a lot of things to do on a daily basis. I’d most definitely need a lot of time and space to list everything that I need to take care every day but I guess a few examples might be more appropriate in this instance…
For starters as I’ve said it before and at some point I would need to go into more detail I’m responsible for making sure that hoomins wake up and get up on time on weekdays and weekends of course…This is really a hard and tiring process as hoomins can be really hard work when it comes to getting up in the say that they are lazy and need a lot of persuasion is an understatement!!
Then of course I need to make sure that hoomins will feed everybody before they leave the house…all the food bowls are empty and therefore they need (the hoomins I mean) some reminder to fill them up…they might simply forget and they’d be rather unfortunate to say at least if the other cats are not fed as well as the one that lives in that big  plastic box and who needs daily feeding as well apparently (but his food is bizarre as he eats like the birdies outside…seeds, fruits, etc…what cat is he really?) and cleaning as he tends to make a lot of mess on that plastic house of his (he can’t really be a small cat, can he? I mean he is far too messy to be a cat, us cats are very tidy and clean creatures (in general). So I need to make sure (every day that is) that hoomins remember to feed everybody and don’t forget to refill the water bottles as well and cleaning the litter trays too…after all it is their duty as cat servants, don’t you agree? So I need to be persistent and loud…Don’t get me wrong I don’t mind doing it  every day, it is my responsibility after all to make sure that first thing first in the morning everybody is fed, before hoomins have their own black smelly stuff that brews on that big pot…but the whole process can be really hard work and it does take a lot of effort.
This is why I like those days like caturdays when hoomins stay at home all day and I can have a good rest then on one of my two favourite hoomins for a long while…Caturdays are always nice relaxing days for all of us…cats and hoomins…although meal times can be an issue sometimes as hoomins are becoming very lazy and they do need some extra reminders…

Snoozing on my hoomin on Caturday

Anymeow better go now…hoomin is in the kitchen and I feel that I must remind him that some food bowls are empty again…pfft hoomins…sometimes!

Thursday, 3 January 2019

Things to try at home

I don’t know why sometimes hoomins think that cats that they live indoors all their lives (especially those kitties like ourselves that we were born and have spent all of our lives indoors and we are as result not so keen to go outside) really want nothing else than to go outside and we’d try to escape anytime a door or window opens,  out there, where there are all these strange and not at all nice smells or loud noises and those unfamiliar that they live outside and they seem very scary big and small creatures…nope, hoomins outside is not the place for me or for the rest of my family for that matter, as we are all four very happy being inside with our hoomins, being always cosy and not getting cold or hot, or being at any time of day or night hungry…and of course getting all the attention we want from our hoomins usually when we really want it!
Besides a cat like myself can never be bored as there are always things to do to entertain himself, to explore and occasionally perhaps to ‘reconstruct’ things the way they were supposed to be or looked like in the first place…after all, we are all cats have great creative abilities and we are  extremely skilled in redecorating hoomins old rooms and furniture…I mean that old sofa in the living room looks a lot better now that I have applied my professional scratching skills to it…before it was just very boring looking, now it has its own unique character and a lot of my own essence as well…You are very welcome hoomins, I know that I’m very considerate…
Anymeows I should talk with a bit more detail another time how kitties all over the world can give their hoomins a helping hand around the house and add their own purrsenal touches to the general d├ęcor of the place.  
Today though I would like to talk about one of my favourite and very stimulating activities. You know myself like many other kitties out there likes to keep himself fit in different ways, one of which is of course trying to catch those pesky drops in the kitchen’s sink…I know some kitties like chasing that annoying red dot which can appear out of nowhere and then it would start moving around and round and it  becomes too difficult to catch…that sometimes really annoys me, which I guess is the reason that I purrsonally prefer the water drops in the sink…they are not that hard to catch and if you are patient enough you can almost catch them all if of course don’t interfere that is…

Of course and as it is expected from meddling hoomins they do get in the way sometimes and they would then stop me from catching them all because of their silly selfish reasons, ha, ha because they want to use the sink apparently and they would then let the water run really fast, which I can tell you it is not fun, no it’s not fun at all as it can make you really and very suddenly wet! Pesky hoomins they do get in the way sometimes, especially when you are having fun and they would stop you from doing what you are enjoying doing for the most silly reasons, such as for example to wash your food bowl…wait a minute I’ve just thought something…did I say food bowl? That reminds me, it has been a while since I’ve checked if it has been replenished and hoomin was doing a lot of washing in the sink earlier…hmmm!
Well I think it is time to stop for now and I’ll catch up with some more ideas for you kitties out there pretty soon…

Meow for now then!

Tuesday, 1 January 2019

A cat’s day

Well I guess I should carry on telling you some facts about my daily life as you probably don’t really know what some of us, cats, do during the day at home when our hoomins are not around all the time…it can be rather annoying when there are so many misconceptions about what a cat does during the day as hoomins believe that we simply don’t do much. Well they are clearly wrong…I mean we don’t actually spend all our days snoozing…that’s just not true…totally.
I should start perhaps from the beginning, how my day would normally start but I feel that the ritual of getting up and helping my hoomins wake up and get ready for their day is a totally new story on its own which it would need telling at some other time as getting up it’s a rather complicated process when you include the hoomins that they are involved.
The fact is though that during the day, any normal day, sometimes things do happen rather unexpectedly and change the normal day to day routine. For example what happened earlier today, was not on the day’s schedule.
As I’m of course the appointed guard of our home I often check what’s going on outside by keeping watch at the windows, especially the window in the living room where are bird feeders. I kinda like these feeders as they seem to attract a lot of small birds which they are kinda cute to watch and by no means make them want to catch them…I do not hunt cute birds or small animals…I think the act of hunting is cruel and unnecessary as I don’t need to hunt live creatures to eat or play with. I’ve got plenty of tasty food and toys to chase and play with…So I don’t see the need to chase living creatures for fun…it is cruel and pointless..You see hoomins not all cats, especially cats like me who have lived indoors all their life and never had to chase and catch living prey have any urges to actually hunt small creatures…I like watching small birds coming to the feeders or watching those fish creatures going round and round in their glassy watery box ( actually and to be totally honest I don’t even like watching them, it is sooooo boring!) and it doesn’t bother me in the least when that small furry creature, who has not tail and doesn’t look much like a cat, despite his soft fur, runs around the house in his ball…boy he is fast though…considering that he has such small legs…The same apply to the other cats that live here too, no interest whatsoever, not even to the birdies outside, they are soooo lazy really…sometimes I wonder if they are actually cats at all!! Hmm anyway this is something to discuss some other day.
But now back to my today’s story…as I was saying I was today on my usual daily keeping outside a look routine and looking out for small birds when that fluffy tailed creature came out of nowhere! It kinda looked like the small fluffy not cat creature that lives with us in his plastic box but this was was a lot bigger and with a very fluffy tail…
Big fluffy thing stealing bird food
You see the thing is that the bird feeders are quite high on the window and it is almost impossible to get to them unless you are a bird and have wings… So how on earth this creature got there…One minute the bird feeder was empty and the next this fluffy thing appeared, eating away bird seeds and fatty ball and looking very ignorant to the fact that he was being watched by a cat (myself) and hoomins who came to watch as well…Seriously how did he get there? Can these long fluffy tailed creatures fly? And if so where are their wings? They don’t seem to have wings more like small hands like my little no cat fluffy friend who he uses to eat his food…kinda cute really!
It spend quite a while sitting and eating in the bird feeder totally ignorant to us and eventually took a bit chunk from the fat ball, jump off and disappeared in the bushes opposite…But I’m pretty sure though that this is not the end and he would visit again and he’d probably bring his friends and family with him. But I’d keep on eye for him, you’ll see. He might be cute with that bushy tail but nevertheless he is a thief that steals food from the little birds and he should not be allowed to get away with his thieving behaviour….I would see to that, so there, the nerve!
Anymeow I better go now but don’t you worry I’d keep on eye for this thief and I would let you know if he comes back again…because if he does….hmmm I have no plan for the moment but I would think of something…I just can’t let him carrying on stealing food that it’s not his…

Bye for now, must return to my watch post!!!

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