Life with Ozzy and.. Tolkien

Life with Ozzy and.. Tolkien
The misadventures of Ozzy and Tolkien at home

Wednesday, 16 January 2019

How to be the best you can

As I’ve said it before they are always things that a kitty can do when at home to keep himself entertained even when his hoomins are busy and they don’t pay any attention despite of one’s all good efforts.

You can of course annoy...hmmm I meant play with the other kitties in the house as quite often even if they appear to be reluctant to play you know that deep down they do want to get involved with the activities...Faith, Choo Choo and even Ripley, she really enjoys it when I’m trying to help her exercise by chasing her around even when she growls and hisses and appears annoyed and she acts like she doesn’t want to be disturbed....yeap, it’s only an act you know. Something that hoomins don’t really seem to get as they think that I’m just being mean and a bully and that I like annoying Ripley and co for no reason...of course not, I’m not try to annoy Ripley hoomins, I’m helping her with some very much needed stimulating activities, that’s all as and because of her age she needs a bit more help....As for Faith...well she is a drama queen and she likes to show off for the hoomins as all her meowing and hissing is again another well acted performance to show to the hoomins that she is a victim and she can’t defend for herself as she is weak and feeble...all lies as she is more than capable of protecting herself if she wants to (and usually she doesn’t she is all for me chasing her around the house) and she is not that weak and feeble as she can run when she wants to really really fast and without any limbing....again she is just playing the victim part for the hoomins so she can get their sympathy and a bit of extra chicken (which I never get as hoomins have this false assumption that I’m a bit overweight.....). Choo Choo on the other hand he is not really the most playful cat in the world although he does have his moments when he feels playful but unfortunately at those moments usually are at the wrong times when I’m not in the mood for games and he would choose then to strike unexpectedly....he is quite good at it as well as he would get you when you are at least expect it....very sneaky!

But of course and those moments when I feel inspired and nobody is around to get inspired with me then I would try to find ways to entertain myself and there are always ways to do so as any intelligent cat like myself and all the other kitties out there would find many different ways to entertain one’s self and without even having to use any of those expensive toys that hoomins are so keen on buying. You see hoomins we are very considered as well as we do try our best to save you some money by not playing with the toys that you have bought us and as result breaking them but using instead other alternative and cheaper things.

Where is Ozzy? Hoomins would never figure out that I’m hidden here!

So my favourite pastime at this time is hiding in hard to be found places and becoming almost invisible....not even the hoomins can find me, even if I am in the most obvious place in the house...I can stay there for a while without the hoomins having a clue where I am and wait till somebody passes by and then boom....attack!! It’s always quite funny when you jump on them when they least expect you and surprise them....hee hee so funny! Doesn’t work very well with hoomins though as they don’t seem to get surprised for some bizarre reason...maybe I’m not appearing suddenly enough or they are pro occupied and they don’t realise what is happening....Who can tell....hoomins are so unpredictable and they don’t always catch up with things straight away....well at least it does work with the other three, especially Faith, I always get Faith....

Anymeows it is that time again for me to go and check food bowls again, feeling little peckish right now...all this typing you know makes a kitty rather hungry.

Purrs and meows then till next time.

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