Life with Ozzy and.. Tolkien

Life with Ozzy and.. Tolkien
The misadventures of Ozzy and Tolkien at home

Sunday, 20 January 2019

Weekends and the strange things hoomins do!

There are always things that need to be done and making certain that everybody knows his/her place at home is a very demanding job for a kitty like me  as you have to deal not only with the other cats but also the hoomins who they can difficult to say at least at times....they won’t admit that of course that they are wrong even if it is quite obvious that they are.... well that’s hoomins for you you just learn to live with them!

But of course there are times when there so difficult to keep up with…I mean for example at special times like weekends and holidays…What is then with certain days of the week that hoomins become so lazy and totally out of control? Week days they are just fine, they follow the normal routine as they are supposed to but when it comes to weekends they are becoming totally different...well different hoomins I suppose as their behaviour becomes very erratic and unpredictable....It’s like they are suffering from some unknown hoomin disease you know that there is no cure for it or nobody knows what actually is or what causes....mentally illness I mean.

They start by becoming very lazy and staying in bed for a lot longer than normal. They don’t want to get up the usual time and no matter how hard I try with different meows,  with biting toes and fingers that I can find, by sitting on their faces, by knocking things of the table, scratching at the door, licking every exposed part of the body that I can find and even going under the covers where they are hiding and doing head-butting I don’t seem to manage to wake them up or at least make them move...they are acting like they can’t see me or hear me…it’s like….good-grief,  like I don’t even bizarre, considering that on week days they are up and about most days even before I get up myself....well, sometimes of course!

Then there is the other strange thing that often they do...walking around in the house in the clothes they usually wear when they are sleeping most days and they don’t change till it is very late on the tell me  if you don’t think that this is really lazy and bizarre....and to make things even worse they even take their time to feel up all the empty there is no urgency at we are not starving, having not eaten since the night before....We don’t have breakfast till very late in the day and we are totally being ignored when complaining…they even ignore me, if that is possible!

And this peculiar behaviour continues all day as often they won’t even leave the house at all or if they do they are back rather late than normal and our dinner then is delayed as well....There are so many strange things that are happening on weekends which are almost impossible to describe them all in one go....Sometimes they are very lazy and they hardly anything other than starring at different size screens or others they use noisy gadgets to clean up the house and there is no peace or quiet place to rest for hours….such strange behaviour must be the result of some form of undiagnosed mental illness…the only thing that it can explain it really!

But at least there are some good things that do happen too so the whole two days are not totally wasted as hoomins often are in a much better mood those days especially in the evenings and they tend to give us, well at least me (and yes the other three two unfortunately) a lot more attention than any other day....this is the time where I can have some quality time with my hoomins and even discover more fun things to do....Like last night for example when hoomin was giving me a lot of attention while I was resting on my favourite snoozing spot and all of the sudden I found myself playing with a brand new toy that I had never seen before…I really don’t know why hoomin didn’t get this toy for me before....but it was really fun trying to catching it while it was kept moving the sneaky thing....I’m not so sure though what hoomins meant when they were kept saying that I was playing my tail....what is a tail and what does it look like....

Oh well, never mind hoomins quite often don’t make a lot of sense anymeow....I wonder though if tonight hoomin finds another toy as well to entertain me...they are good at entertain you when they are in the right mood those pesky hoomins I must admit.

Better go and check then if they are ready to play again.

Meows and purrs for now....

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