Life with Ozzy and.. Tolkien

Life with Ozzy and.. Tolkien
The misadventures of Ozzy and Tolkien at home

Thursday, 3 January 2019

Things to try at home

I don’t know why sometimes hoomins think that cats that they live indoors all their lives (especially those kitties like ourselves that we were born and have spent all of our lives indoors and we are as result not so keen to go outside) really want nothing else than to go outside and we’d try to escape anytime a door or window opens,  out there, where there are all these strange and not at all nice smells or loud noises and those unfamiliar that they live outside and they seem very scary big and small creatures…nope, hoomins outside is not the place for me or for the rest of my family for that matter, as we are all four very happy being inside with our hoomins, being always cosy and not getting cold or hot, or being at any time of day or night hungry…and of course getting all the attention we want from our hoomins usually when we really want it!
Besides a cat like myself can never be bored as there are always things to do to entertain himself, to explore and occasionally perhaps to ‘reconstruct’ things the way they were supposed to be or looked like in the first place…after all, we are all cats have great creative abilities and we are  extremely skilled in redecorating hoomins old rooms and furniture…I mean that old sofa in the living room looks a lot better now that I have applied my professional scratching skills to it…before it was just very boring looking, now it has its own unique character and a lot of my own essence as well…You are very welcome hoomins, I know that I’m very considerate…
Anymeows I should talk with a bit more detail another time how kitties all over the world can give their hoomins a helping hand around the house and add their own purrsenal touches to the general décor of the place.  
Today though I would like to talk about one of my favourite and very stimulating activities. You know myself like many other kitties out there likes to keep himself fit in different ways, one of which is of course trying to catch those pesky drops in the kitchen’s sink…I know some kitties like chasing that annoying red dot which can appear out of nowhere and then it would start moving around and round and it  becomes too difficult to catch…that sometimes really annoys me, which I guess is the reason that I purrsonally prefer the water drops in the sink…they are not that hard to catch and if you are patient enough you can almost catch them all if of course don’t interfere that is…

Of course and as it is expected from meddling hoomins they do get in the way sometimes and they would then stop me from catching them all because of their silly selfish reasons, ha, ha because they want to use the sink apparently and they would then let the water run really fast, which I can tell you it is not fun, no it’s not fun at all as it can make you really and very suddenly wet! Pesky hoomins they do get in the way sometimes, especially when you are having fun and they would stop you from doing what you are enjoying doing for the most silly reasons, such as for example to wash your food bowl…wait a minute I’ve just thought something…did I say food bowl? That reminds me, it has been a while since I’ve checked if it has been replenished and hoomin was doing a lot of washing in the sink earlier…hmmm!
Well I think it is time to stop for now and I’ll catch up with some more ideas for you kitties out there pretty soon…

Meow for now then!

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