Life with Ozzy and.. Tolkien

Life with Ozzy and.. Tolkien
The misadventures of Ozzy and Tolkien at home

Monday, 30 December 2019

Hmmm….Holidays are not that bad after all....especially when hoomins are around!

Now, don’t get the wrong impression....I don’t like Tolkien...I’m just playing with him!

So and as I was saying last week, we have come to that time of the year once again, which time of the year hoomins seem to particularly like as they tend to spend a lot of time at home doing not a lot and to eat also a lot more than usual....(and then complain that they have put on a lot of weight…pffft!).
As I was saying last time, hoomins usually are behaving a lot more strange than usual this time of the year...they seem to be doing things that defy anybody’s logic such as bringing trees from outside inside and then try unnecessarily of course to make them look pretty by adding shining round things and bright lights as well as adding other similar bright things and lights in the rest of the house as well...All very peculiar and an inconvenience to us, cats, as hoomins expecting us not to touch them or to even get close to them and they would get annoyed when accidents do happen such as when some of these bright balls from the tree fall down because of natural causes of course such as the law of the gravity and not because we’ve got involved in any way…naturally!

Of course hoomins do tend to spend also a lot of time during what they call the festive season at home but as they can’t be around all the time such as at night hours when they have to go to sleep then they’d leave things for us to explore and investigate, which it can be a lot of fun especially when there is a kitten around, named Tolkien and this is his first time of experiencing hoomins festive celebrations... he he! I must admit that at first I was a bit disappointed with his original reaction towards the tree and home decorations but soon enough he came back to his senses and behaved as it was to be expected from know behaving like a kitten after all!

Hammock stealing Tolkien...not shame, he is in my snoozing spot again!
Although at first I wasn’t so keen on these strange hoomin festivities as and let’s face it they did interrupt my daily routine as the house looked quite different than normal (such a mess really), after a few days I’ve came to the conclusion that things weren’t that bad after all, there was hope for fun and exploration!
You see there are a lot of positive things that tend to take place during these days. For starters hoomins as I’ve said it before tend to spend a lot more time at home which means that we are also getting a lot more attention than usual (regular feeding times) as well as spending a lot of time in the kitchen helping the hoomins with the cooking and baking (by the way all those white paw prints on the kitchen counters had nothing to do with me…it was all Tolkien of course)! They do tend to do a lot of cooking than they will normal do any other day of the year, especially on Christmas day which means there is a lot of food to go around as they tend to cook more than they can eat...some of which food they will also share with meowself and of course Tolkien....
You see I’ve always thought that it was a bad thing having one hoomin that doesn’t eat meat or fish but not so much during this festive meat eating hoomin is better than two I say as she can’t eat a whole chicken herself....and the other hoomin can’t help us, cats would of course volunteer to help....I do like roast chicken or any other type of bird she decides to cook (I’m not that fussy, really)....So yes this festive season is proving to be quite good for my belly after all (and nobody mentions my belly either…hoomins are worrying more about theirs!). 
Then there is of course the other good hoomin habit that I like a lot during this time, you know, of giving presents...which means a lot of extra toys for meowself and Tolkien along of course and most importantly with lots of boxes of different sizes and lovely paper to chew and play with....

So yes I came to the conclusion that hoomins winter festive season is one of my favourite times of the year....too bad that it doesn’t last for too long and it’s only once a least I get to keep many of those lovely boxes and I’m not sharing any of those with bad enough having to share some of my food....he is not having any of my boxes!

Anymeows better go now....

Purrs and meows till next time!

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Monday, 23 December 2019

Oh no, it is this time of the year again....and I’m not feeling very festive!

He is behind me again isn’t he....I bet he is in my hammock already!
You see, us, cats understand and we are aware of certain things such as hoomins’ holidays, certain days of the year which for some strange reason hoomins think they are special!  During these ‘holidays’ hoomins get really excited about and then they often behave rather silly....sillier that normal that is…A good example of course is this time of the year which hoomins celebrate in very strange ways! 

So and to be honest I don’t really understand why hoomins get excited about this time of the year and they behave in such peculiar ways…for example by bringing trees from outside indoors and then by also putting shining things on them so to make them look festive....hoomins let me tell you a little secret then…there is no need to add anything to that tree it is pretty as it need for extra shining bits or flashy lights....leave it  as it is (not of course that any hoomin would ever listen since they believe that they know everything!).

And it’s not just the poor tree that hoomins like decorating, it’s often the entire house and then there are  ornaments hanging from everywhere and flashing lights (they even add some to my scratching posts)...lots of them especially at the windows....such a mess! I mean the house was nice and tidy before and now looks to be in such a terrible mess with all these unnecessary decorations which hoomins insist on putting every year at the same time...

Tolkien is investigating the tree...not quite sure whether it is friend or foe!

Of course it is not the decorations as such that I mind or the fact that we now along with the plants we have a tree in our house as well….oh no! I can live with trees and shiny objects and flashy lights! It’s the fact that hoomins are then becoming obsessed with that tree and all these over the top decorations and they do not even let us (meowself and Tolkien of course) to get close to that stupid tree to thoroughly investigate know have a proper sniff and check those hanging balls…whether they are firmly attached to that tree or not…sooo annoying!

But I have been living with my hoomins for a long time now and I have got used to their peculiarities....besides they only last for a few weeks and then everything gets back to normal but this year of course things are a bit different! This year there is Tolkien of course and this is his first experience of Christmas and of hoomins behaving....well rather unusual than normal.

I must admit though so far he has taken it quite well....He got scared at first with the appearance of that  tree and all the decorations but now that he got used to it he is behaving almost like a normal cat....playing and knocking over some of the baubles....mostly when hoomins are looking of course so to get the desired attention! Because of course he is still quite young and inexperienced and this is after all his first Christmas hoomins are very tolerant with far! But annoyingly he hasn’t been that destructive though…which it has been a bit of disappointment I admit as I was expecting a bit more from Tolkien…more of a catastrophe with the tree and the rest of the decorations! But nothing that drastic has happened so far as  Tolkien has been very constrained, which is not at all like him, what a shame really!

Of course not everything during this festive season is all bad as hoomins tend to also become not only very peculiar but also a bit more extravagant than normal especially when it comes to their see this time of the year they also tend to eat and drink a lot more than usual!  But then again is not as abundant as it could have been for meowself since one of my hoomins doesn’t eat meat or fish...(don’t ask me what he eats...I have tried some of his food and believe me when I say that it is just taste whatsoever…no one should be allowed to eat that kind of food if he is not been punished that is). Of course I can’t really complain as the other hoomin gets plenty of fresh meat, such as chicken which of course she can’t really manage to eat all by herself so she’d then share with me....and probably Tolkien this year too, grr! But seriously now why hoomins are making themselves suffer by eating food that no living being should be allowed to eat? Can’t understand it....strange hoomins!

The other good thing about holidays is of course that hoomins tend to stay at home for days instead of going to work every day....which also means a lot of attention and proper and extra feeding times....for meowself….and pest Tolkien of course!

So I guess Christmas holidays are not that bad after it is only once a year we could let hoomins be silly for a little while then...let them have their fun for a few days at least, it won’t harm them after all!

So happy Christmas to all cats and their hoomins out there!

Merry purrs and meows to all!

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Monday, 16 December 2019

Tolkien and hoomins can be such a disappointment at times…especially this time of the year!

I’m so disappointed with Tolkien....he is not really a kitten...I don’t know what he is!
You know and as I’ve mentioned it last week I was looking forward to the last weekend...You see I was hoping that I would have a bit of fun with Tolkien and the hoomins of course...But of course hoomins because and as always they tend to be late doing certain things as apparently they prefer doing things the old ‘fashioned way’…as they are keep saying...Like for example decorating the Christmas tree only a week before Christmas like they’ve used to do in the ancient times apparently....Well I don’t know about your hoomins but my hoomins are really really old....well in cats years of course.

So they were planning to sort out all the Christmas decorations for this year over the last weekend so they could keep an eye on Tolkien as this would have been his first ever Christmas and because of course he seems to like climbing on things...hee hee but of course and as my hoomins tend to be not so trustworthy after all as most hoomins are anymeows they didn’t do what they’ve said they would do....So there was no tree or decorations to be seen on Saturday or disappointing really! Apparently one hoomin wasn’t feeling that well on Saturday and the other on Sunday and as a result most of the housework wasn’t done properly all weekend....pfft those lazy hoomins they are always full of silly excuses....I don’t think you see that there was anything wrong with both of them anymeows! In my opinion I believe that they were both just being lazy and they couldn’t be asked to do the tree and decorations....soooo disappointing! You see I was expecting so much from Tolkien since he likes so much climbing on everything and exploring and breaking new things....but I was to be disappointed not by Tolkien but those pesky hoomins instead!

So nothing really exciting happened over the weekend other than meowself and Tolkien trying to rearrange for the hoomins the carpets a few times...but I don’t think that they were that keen on the idea of moving the carpets the way we’ve rearranged them with Tolkien as they’ve kept putting them back again and again and stubborn these hoomins at times!
So Monday then came and it looked like it was going to be a normal boring one but then again hoomins changed their minds once more and they’ve decided that they were going to put up the Christmas decorations after all! So yes despite a rather disappointing weekend this Monday evening was starting to look like it was going to be a rather interesting one after all!
So all the boxes with the decorations and trees came out and I was there of course helping the hoomins as I would always do by checking the boxes to make sure that they were the right ones after all and of course  I was also hoping that Tolkien would be his normal kitten self and would start getting involved and start destroying and knocking over things like Christmas lights and baubles and annoying hoomins so I could finally have my fun! But then disaster struck.....Tolkien was scared of the Christmas decorations the tree and of all these bright lights so he stayed away and didn’t give a paw to help the hoomins while they were sorting out the tree and the decorations....I mean he didn’t even come close to check any of the Christmas baubles...they were shining and very inviting to be knocked over from the tree when hoomins hang them but Tolkien didn’t even come close to sniff that darn tree....

Tolkien looks too relaxed and not bothered while meowself and hoomins were sorting out the Christmas tree...not a kitten!
I mean what kind of kitten is he after he really a kitten or what? How is it possible that he would climb onto doors and cupboards, he would investigate and check out everything in the house but when it comes to the best toys of the year that any cat could have, a decorated Christmas tree then he is not interested at all? That’s so disappointing I was so expecting to see decorations being knocked over and the tree perhaps in a horizontal position after his attempt to climb on it and the hoomins of course shouting and getting really annoyed with Tolkien that everything that has happened so far today it seems so unreal....this is not happening to meowself! Tolkien is not being Tolkien, what is wrong….what’s going on in the world, is it coming to its end?  I can’t really understand it....unless of course it is just a little phase he is going through or he is not feeling himself today....It is quite possible of course that he is having a day off or something and hopefully things would go back to normal soon and trees would fall down! Let’s hope so, otherwise Christmas would be very boring this year....Hoomins can not have two good cats to praise and give treats this festive can only be the one, meowself of course. 

So I would have to wait for Tolkien to start behaving like himself so I can enjoy my holidays....very soon hopefully.

Till next time then 
Purrs and meows!

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Monday, 9 December 2019

Be weary of lying hoomins…Tolkien has not changed..he is still very annoying!

What? I’m having a little rest...does my bum look big in this?
You know, hoomins tell a lot of lies and they are not to be trusted  despite their usefulness at times…They’ll often promise you that things would change and that life would get better, etc, etc...which are all lies as nothing really changes. Not of course that I like changes, I’m a cat after all but little changes are not always bad....they can have their own merits at times!

Of course to what I’m referring here is Tolkien...who else (the kitten that has turned my life to a living nightmare…well most of the time anyway as he does have some good but rare moments I do admit)? As you probably have figured it out by now, he is my biggest problem at the he is still quite young and very stupid and causes a lot of....accidents and very negative reactions from the hoomins, which also means that I’m getting often involved and suffer the consequences of his actions...(and no I do not copy Tolkien….malicious rumours of course that hoomins tend to spread…I’m not behaving like a kitten naturally!).

But you see I have been very tolerant so far because I’ve believed and trusted the hoomins when they were telling me that things would eventually change as he gets older and especially after his vet visit of course, which as you probably already know it took place more than a week ago.....Yes we had all that ‘feel sorry for me’ nonsense for a while and Tolkien did milk it to get sympathy and a lot of attention from hoomins, which of course never worked with me….I’m not that gullible like those pesky hoomins, you see! 
But of course and more to to the point I was making, the fact is that hoomins lied to me as nothing has changed since Tolkien came back from the vet....and even after his second visit which  I must admit did make me hope for a little while that it might be a permanent solution and there was the possibility that Tolkien might be even staying there at the vet’s for know going back to the vet’s so soon it kinda suggested that something might be wrong, a rather attractive possibility know that they might want to keep him there for good...after all he is a rather cute kitten (in his own way I guess) I was hoping that they might consider keeping him....but no such good fortune, hoomins brought him back again....and he was like his old self...very very annoying.

So what has changed since that life changing experience? Nothing, absolute nothing....he is as he was before...loud with hoomins when he wants attention all the time (and even with me when we are playing so to get the hoomins attention and to make me look like a bully that plays too rough...and hoomins then blame me…pfft!), he is still very destructive, he likes clawing everything from furniture to the hoomins’ legs (he he, which they really don’t like it....but annoyingly they don’t seem to get that much annoyed with him) and even more annoyingly he still likes climbing on doors and cupboards but he is a little more clumsy these he is getting a bit too big, hee hee....but still makes a lot of noise when he jumps up there and it feels like it has been an earthquake in the rest of the house. Worst of all is that now there is also that new diet regime which I must admit I don’t really like it….Well I know that last week I’ve kinda mentioned that it is a good thing that he now eats proper cat food but the truth of the matter is that now that he has stopped eating that delicious kitten food I kinda miss it! Now that the vet said that he should stop eating kitten food because he might otherwise start putting on weight (like meowself....yeah right) and therefore and from now on he should just eat normal food...I’m not so sure now that I like that idea after all! Besides the one good thing about having him around was the food he was eating (very tasty) and now that this has stopped as well....what are then the benefits of having Tolkien around? I can’t see any tell me what are they?

Yeap, Tolkien is still Tolkien, likes climbing...he would make the purrfect tree decoration I thinkz!
But of course the time would come very soon when hoomins would ask the same question as it is after all this time of the year once again…you know what hoomins call Christmas, when they are decorating trees inside the house and they expect us cats to just look at it without even go near to sniff it.....But then again I don’t meowself find it that interesting...anymore anymeows as there isn’t anything usually worth checking on that my honest opinion of course! So this year of course would be Tolkien’s first experience with the Christmas tree and as we all know now too well he loves I’m expecting to have some fun this year while hoomins would be trying to keep Tolkien away from that tree....revenge would be all mine!

But of course this is something for next week’s blog when the tree comes out over the weekend! I’m sure I’d have a lot to tell by then!

So purrs and meows till next time then!

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Monday, 2 December 2019

An unexpected visit to the vet...Tolkien is not the same kitten anymore....

Well, he does smell kinda funny after all...but then again he is Tolkien and he smells like an annoying kitten
Well last week was definitely an adventurous one...well for some of us, anyway! Yeah and the weather has changed as well....brr is rather cold...winter is here...well at least this is what hoomins constantly moan about the last few days as apparently it is rather cold, not that I would know anymeow....or that I care about the weather in anyway....hoomins problem, if they want to go outside then they would get cold....their problem, pfft!

Anymeows and as I was saying about last week...well, yes, last week it was a bit different than any other week as Tolkien finally had that dreaded visit at the vet’s, which visit those pesky hoomins were planning for a while now! Poor Tolkien, he was totally taken by surprise and he wasn’t expecting to be betrayed by his hoomins (well, he should have listened to me as hoomins are not to be trusted...they are very sneaky at times and one has to be very weary of them at times!). 
The whole thing was a nightmare for both of us, seriously now....It started on Wednesday night when all of the sudden all the food suddenly and very unexpectedly....disappeared. There was no food or biscuit bowl to be found anywhere....You see one minute all the food was there and the next...poof it had gone....nothing to be found...Of course and for a while there was a bit of panic as the possibility of starvation all of the sudden became a reality and it worried me…a lot! But luckily it was a false alarm...the starvation period meant to be for Tolkien only so hoomins save me and gave me some of my food secretly away from Tolkien’s beady eyes...I didn’t understand it at the time why Tolkien wasn’t supposed to eat anything at all but then again it wasn’t really my problem as long as hoomins were keeping my bowl full and away from Tolkien....everything was fine for me!
So Wednesday night was a strange night especially for Tolkien who the hunger was driving him insane and he was acting out of his mind....he was trying his hardest to get some food from the hoomins but they kept ignoring him till the morning came.....Then things got a lot worse for Tolkien as the cat basket came out and I knew then and there that something terrible was going to happen....Again Tolkien choose to ignore all my warnings that the hoomins were up to no good and he started treating instead the basket like a new toy and a place to get into and explore, which of course it was what the hoomins wanted him to do in the first place, cause as soon as he was inside he was trapped and the door was escape for Tolkien (well not that I was feeling too sympathetic he had it coming after all that stupid kitten and I was quite aware of where that basket would take the dreaded vet of course). Tolkien wasn’t pleased to find himself trapped inside so and as it was to be expected he started his loud meowing singing as he was hoping that the hoomins would feel sorry for him and they would let him out....but hoomins had other plans for him that day and a vet visit was part of that plan...So they took a very annoyed and scared Tolkien (at that point I kinda felt a bit sorry for that kitten even if he is in most cases a pain in my....hmm, you know the rest I think). 
So after a while one of the hoomins came back but with no Tolkien or basket and although it felt strange for a while not having a kitten driving me insane constantly but very soon and as it was rather peaceful and I was getting a lot of attention from my hoomin (and all the food and biscuit bowls reappear again with fresh food and biscuits) things started looking promising after all....I wasn’t missing that pesky kitten at all. Life without Tolkien was good and I could have easily got used to be on my own at home with the hoomins....
But unfortunately good things don’t last for very long as after a while the other hoomin came back and guess who she brought back with her….. Yeap, Tolkien in the basket (rather quiet this time around) was back home again....
At this point I was going to get annoyed with hoomins for bringing him back but Tolkien didn’t look himself at all! He was smelling a bit strange, he was acting and walking funny and he couldn’t even meow properly....He was certainly not the same Tolkien from this morning....he was definitely different….perhaps she has brought back an improved Tolkien? I could only hope at this point!
Tolkien is making the most of his recent ‘experience’  by resting  on the hoomin and pretending that he is stressed...yeah right!

But now a few days since Tolkien’s vet visit have past and although he isn’t the same kitten anymore as something seems to be missing he hasn’t really improved that much. Of course and as it was to be expected (I would have done myself the same) the first day after he came back he played the part of hoomins do feel sorry for me, it’s all your fault sooo well and convincingly that he got him all the attention and food he wanted or wished for as he ended up eating for 2 days in one go (I’m starving feed me now hoomins and don’t let Ozzy bully me or eat my food as I’m very stressed and not well….pfft, hoomins are so gullible)...Even now hoomins are still feeling sorry for him and they let him being a horror and a bully....especially to me because they don’t want to stress him!
So thanks hoomins for making Tolkien being worse than he was already, now not only he doesn’t listen to me but he is also allowed to bully me.....Come on hoomins stop feeling sorry for him now.....he is absolute fine, he is still the little horror and force of destruction he has always been....
But at least now I can eat his food with clear conscience as he can now eat proper food like a normal cat and not all this kitten nonsense.....Finally something positive at least!

Anymeows better go now...need to check on the patient you see!

Purrs and meows till next time!

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The wars of the blanket and the mystery of the underwear draw….

MY BLANKET…Tolkien cannot have it! Hallo hoomins and cats out there in the wide world outside. Another week has just passed and a few things...