Life with Ozzy and.. Tolkien

Life with Ozzy and.. Tolkien
The misadventures of Ozzy and Tolkien at home

Sunday, 30 December 2018

An introduction

Hi there
I am Ozzy and I am an 11 year old black and white boy cat.
Handsome or what?
I was adopted by my hoomins almost four years ago from the local cats protection shelter where I was taken to after being abandoned from my previous hoomins because they didn’t want me anymore…apparently they wanted only the one cat instead of the two they then had and they’ve chosen to keep my sister instead of me…she was the prettiest of the two of us….
Anymeow that’s old history now which I would rather forget, those dark and unhappy days belong in the past and now I’m living with hoomins who really love me and I really like along with some other (three other) cats which I don’t like that much…well at least one of them…there is let’s say a constant grudge between us for no apparent reason really…just because we don’t like each other.
As you can tell from the above photo I’m really pretty and my hoomins think very cute too and that when it comes to certain life’s demands has its own merit as it can prove to be very beneficial in many occasions…(by the way don’t pay attention to what Ripley says, she’s an old grumpy cat who she doesn’t like me…). 
For example hoomins very rarely get mad or get annoyed with me…they simply forget and forgive me almost immediately and therefore I can get away with…murder, not that I’m planning to kill anyone any time soon that is…Of course and I’d admit it sometimes I can be rather stubborn and determined to get my own way even if my hoomins don’t like my way of doing things in a few occasions but that of course won’t stop me from doing what I want to do as in most cases I’d get what I want…you just need to be persistent and cute!
As I’ve mentioned it before I live with my two hoomins and three other cats and some other creatures which they live in a very wet environment which the hoomins call fish tank…the matter of fact is that they don’t make a lot of noise, they just move round and round in circles in that glassy container…so boring really, don’t understand what their purpose is if they can’t even make any kind of noise…Well hoomins are of course sometimes hard to understand and they do seem to do things that don’t make a lot of sense. 
Now, who else lives with us…oh yes there is that little furry creature not a lot like any small cat, no tail, very small legs for a cat and who lives in a sort of plastic big box which is kinda exposed on top but with an invisible cover, who eats seeds and likes hiding a lot and going round and round endless and pointless in a sort of a wheel at night and makes very loud noises…good thing that I sleep on a different part of the house with the door closed so I can’t hear him much. By the way what is with hoomins and small creatures that like going round and round for no apparent reason, does anybody really know?
As for the place where we live I really like it as it has no stairs and it’s on the ground floor and it is great for running from one place to the next with no obstacles in the way, when you know, feel the urge to do some running as we cats often do…I do know why hoomins think that this is weird…is a normal way for cats to exercise…when you feel the urge that is…no weird at all, or wall licking that is and trying to catch water from the leaking tap for that matter…
So yes there is plenty of space where I currently live to run, climb and observe from the windows what’s going on outside as there are a lot of birds, squirrels and other small creatures that often come close by to feed and entertain me…
But I think that is enough for now as I feel that is time to visit my food bowl as it has been empty for a while now and I’m pretty sure since my hoomins are at home all the time these past few days that they might have already filled it up again. Better to check you see before any of the other three wakes up and realises that there is food available…it is mine, all mine, they can have their share when I finish with mine.
So where was I? Oh yes…so it is time for me to stop now and I’d catch up with you later with more details about my day to day life…don’t forget a cat’s life is never boring no matter what anybody else, who is not cat tells you….

Meow for now!!

Finally this year is over….so let’s all hoomins and cats have a great New Year!

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