Monday, 19 August 2019

Well, the end has come....and gone and hoomins have adopted a new kitten!!!

Yes hoomins...I know what you are up don’t fool me!

So and if you remember from last week I was telling you about my pesky hoomins who were thinking of getting a new keep me company apparently now that Choo Choo is not with us anymore....well that was their excuse anyways....Of course I was trying my very best to convince them that this was really a very bad bad idea and that they should forget all about adding a new family member....there was no need for any kitten nonsense!
And did they take any notice, did they listen? Of course not! Hoomins can be sooo stubborn sometimes, it’s unbelievable, they’ll not listen to reason  and often they’ll then go and do silly bringing home a new kitten....yeap, they’ve done it!
It was Tuesday evening when they came home from the place they call work...hmmm a bit earlier than normal and they both appeared to be rather excited...they were talking a lot and they were rushing like they were expecting something or somebody to arrive and I was pretty sure that it wasn’t the Amazon delivery man that they were expecting...they don’t get that excited even when he delivers our food and cat yes I knew that something was going on, despite all their efforts to act like nothing was happening...’tricksty’ hoomins, they thought that they can fool me! Ha....So after a while one of the hoomins went outside and soon after he came back with another new hoomin who had with him a little hoomin and one of those baskets that hoomins use to take Faith to the vet (hee hee, poor Faith!)....I must admit I didn’t stay around to meet those strange new hoomins and check what was on that basket (I don’t like hoomins that I haven’t met before you see) but I’m pretty sure that there was something small and furry inside that basket that made silly squeaky sounds that one might had even called kitten meows...but then again I do not meow myself and therefore I can’t tell for certain whether the sounds were that of meowing (you know meow is so yesterday for us cats of the modern need to meow anymore, there are so many other sounds that a cat can use these days to communicate with hoomins and other cats...).
So I didn’t really have time to see what was in that basket but I knew that something was going on straight away as hoomins for the first time ever they’ve closed the door in the bedroom and they wouldn’t let me go inside or Faith for that matter....and there were strange smells and sounds coming from that room for days with hoomins going in and out and spending a lot of time in there. They were trying of course to act like nothing strange was happening and they’d be extra nice to meowself and Faith...those pesky hoomins they were fooling no one! I knew from the very beginning that something was hidden in that room, something who smell familiar but different as well....a pesky kitten!
Yeap, he does look silly...he is a kitten after all!
So after a few days and in the morning while I was resting on one of my sofas the door finally opened and a small black thing zoomed out from the bedroom, which at first couldn’t see or tell what it was as it was not staying still in one place and it was moving at the speed of light so it was almost impossible to tell for certainty what it was....I’ve never seen anything moving so fast before and appear to get so excited about everything....At some point soon after he finally did slow down and we had then a proper ‘meeting’...yes it was black kitten…hmmm not so bad really, he appear to be quite friendly and rather stoopid as expected from a young kitten who doesn’t know much....He seems to like me and he likes to follow me everywhere, he has become my small shadow now and he is quite fun to be around really...Of course he’d need a bit of training to learn the ways around here and how to behave but he is not that bad for a gullible kitten....he has a lot of potential and I can see meowself getting used to him...oh yes by the way hoomins call him Tolkien...don’t ask me why hoomins come up with such names, nobody knows really why hoomins always pick names that they don’t make a lot of sense...I guess because they are hoomins after all!

Anymeows as you can see there has been a rather interesting week and weekend and although my world as I’ve known it has come to an end, there has been a new beginning....I can see a lot of potential of course...especially when hoomins are not around or watching….he, he!

It is the light that makes me look the way he is not cute!
Better go now must check on the little one to see what havoc he has caused...I can hear the hoomins in the other room making a bit of fuss...he probably is somewhere where he is not supposed to be.... hee hee the fun is about to begin...poor hoomins (not!!!).

Purrs and meows for now!

Before I go though I would like to mention once again that my hoomins are trying to raise money to help older cats such like Choo Choo was with vet bills as their treatments can be very expensive since insurances don’t cover senior cats treatment for life (not fair really as we can live a lot longer now and some of us need medical treatment) if you feel generous and you want to help cats like Choo Choo to have a good old age you can donate by clicking here:

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Monday, 12 August 2019

The end is very near....thanks to my pesky hoomins!!!

My upside pose...I am too cute for hoomins to resist me I thinkz!
Well, it hasn’t been the best of the weeks (and I’m including the weekend as well, because to add to the week’s misery, one of my hoomins spent all the time on my couch because he wasn’t very well…I had to sleep on him as he wouldn’t move from my favourite spot, well OK, one of my favourite spots, anymeows)  this past week as things have gone from bad to worse...You know, first my best furfriend gone, then there were those cursed awards which I should have won all of them but because of lies, fake news and again pesky hoomins who they didn’t even consider to nominate me for at least a couple of those...I didn’t win any of them of course! I won absolutely nothing...Like there are other cats out there who are better than is this possible? So frustrating to be totally ignored!

Then of course my hoomins thinking that they are funny...they’ve also started making jokes about my misfortune and bad luck and they were saying silly things like that if there were any categories for fat and greedy cats and very spoiled bad behaved ones, they would most definitely nominate me as I would most definitely have won in all the categories...This is an insult, right? My hoomins are just being mean...and most definitely I don’t qualify as a leg warmer either....I’m just showing some attention to the hoomin when she is in the material motives here or anything like it of course....just be kind and considerate, naturally!

But of course not winning anything was not the worst of the worst of this past week you know! The worst moment came when the hoomins started talking about adopting another cat, a KITTEN for that matter! Yes the end in near it seems....A KITTEN COMING TO MY HOUSE, UNTHINKABLE!!!
Seriously now hoomins, don’t you know how bad that idea sounds? I’ve tried of course to convince them that we don’t really need another cat in the house now that it’s only me and Faith but they are convinced that I’m too spoiled as it is and I would get a lot worse as they would end up giving me more attention and even letting me get away with murder (now I think they might be exaggerating a bit here...I don’t really plan to kill anybody...not yet anyways!). They also think that I could also do with another companion now that Choo Choo is not around (he was my best friend and I’m surely missing him....but not to that extend of wanting a kitten in my home...good gracious, the thought of a small, playful cat, getting all that attention from hoomins because it is cute or something....nope I’m not having it!).

I’ve tried to convince the hoomins to get another hamster instead but they didn’t fell for that idea…they say that I’m actually a bad influence on Grizzly too, as he is now imitates me  and he has become like me too lazy and he doesn’t use his wheel that much...I’m sorry hoomins but can you blame him? What is the purpose of that wheel, anyways? It doesn’t go anywhere like his ball, it just goes round and round and boring! EvenGrizzly thinks so and I didn’t give him any ideas either!

So yes, I’m trying very hard and I’m not getting any help from Faith who doesn’t care to convince the hoomins that adopting a kitten would be a very very bad idea...and I don’t have a lot of success at the moment as they are even considering the option of  getting two if they found any that they can’t be separated...that would certainly be catargeddon in my opinion...the end of all things as I’ve known it!

Of course kittens and on the other hand are quite small, aren’t they? They are easy to bully...I mean you know guide to the right ways, to do what you tell them to do and to get blamed for you know....unfortunate accidents which hoomins would otherwise blamed on me...hmmm. This is something that I didn’t think before and which I need to give it some more thought....while I’m having my dinner....
Oh, I can hear someone is in the kitchen, Oh hoomin in the kitchen, I’m coming!

Well till next week, purrs and meows to all!

Before I go though I would like to mention once again that my hoomins are trying to raise money to help older cats such as Choo Choo was with vet bills as their treatments can be very expensive since insurances don’t cover senior cats treatment for life (not fair really as we can live a lot longer now and some of us need medical treatment) if you feel generous and you want to help cats like Choo Choo to have a good old age you can donate by clicking here:

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Monday, 5 August 2019

Not guilty but award winner material...despite what hoomins think!

Bird watching can be soooo boring sometimes!
You know sometimes I am really disappointed with my hoomins...I mean they can be sooo inconsiderate....especially when it comes to meowself and my purrsonal needs...I don’t think that they have a very high opinion about me either as they are so easily convinced that I am to be blamed for so many things....wrongly of course!
For example the other day they’ve accused me of making a mess in the bathroom while they were trying to clean the house and then they’ve said that they had hard evidence too…Well, I say pfft to that evidence....a little paw print on a wet floor doesn’t prove anything in my could have easily been done by anybody with a paw in the house (or even a hoomin trying to frame me by making up such know using a false paw to make a know how devious these hoomins can be sometimes...). Besides they shouldn’t have been using that vacuum monster which is very scary and makes loud noises around the house to chase me in the first place anyway....they weren’t really cleaning the house, they were just  wanted to chase me around pretending that the monster was actually cleaning....tricky hoomins...

Nope, I can’t see it hoomin...this is not a paw print and if it is it is definitely not mine!
So it’s not bad enough that they are blaming me for things I didn’t do (well at least not on know as we’ve said it before...accidents do happen) but they also don’t even consider me as being an award winning pussycat  to be nominated me for cat awards, when clearly I am clearly a champion in all those cat…egories...
You see,  I’ve heard my hoomins saying that there is a competition of a sort for brave and clever cats like me and then I’ve also found out that my hoomins didn’t bother to nominate me for any of those categories…like I’’m not good enough or something…
One of the categories is for a hero cat that saves the day...well, Hello,  I save my hoomins every single day by being cute, kind, entertaining and most importantly very understanding and tolerant towards all their faults and mistakes they constantly make....The winner in this category should of course be me....who else?

Then there is the category for most caring cat....of course I am the most caring cat in the world...I care for my not so clever hoomins who without me they would have been completely lost and very very bored and with no purpose in life...I also care for Faith now by making sure that her food is just right for her by tasting it every time and also that she gets sufficient exercise by also giving her a little head start with a bit of chasing. So the winner in this category can only be meowself of course....

Then there is the category of furr-ever friends, I am forever friend to my hoomins and I was Choo Choo’s best friend and of course Faith’s(even if she tells you differently, she’s just been stubborn of course)...I’m very loyal and understanding especially when it comes to my hoomins...I let them have a bit of fun by allowing  them to entertain me and play with me when I am bored and I even let them pet me and give me the occasional cuddle...although one of my hoomins is too clingy for me but what can you do...she ie very needy and of course because I’m a caring cat I let a point of course...she needs to know when to stop...especially when it comes to that pink staining stuff she wears on her I’m turning pink now! So yes of course I should win this category as well...there is no other cat friendlier than meowself again!

As for outstanding rescue cat, well it goes without saying...I am the only winner they can have in this category of course...I was rescued by my current hoomins (well in reality I kinda saved them myself from being bored and miserable after their loss of another cat who used to live with them before me...) and I was offered a good home which of course after testing I’ve decided that it was the right place for me to spend the rest of my life after my previous bad experience with those other not so nice hoomins who they didn’t want me when I was a big cat and not a kitten anymore and chose instead  to keep the other cat instead of me...Well in the end it worked out for the best I guess as my hoomins now despite all their faults they do love me and care for me (even if they are grumpy and pretend to be miserable at times) and they are now my hoomins!

As for the final category, well I think it is for the hoomins only so they can keep that award...all the rest they can send them to my home...there is no need for myself to be there on the night to get them as I’m sure I would be very busy as always....doing what I normally do....(not just snoozing or eating of course...there are other important things that I do which you know they are purrsonal after all).

So I would expecting those awards to be arriving very soon

In the meantime purrs and meows till next time!

Now for a bit of bad news I’m afraid....We’ve lost recently Choo Choo who was my best friend and my hero and who tolerated everybody and everything...even me when I was a bit too excitable and he wasn’t. He was 17 and a half years old and was living with the hoomins for 16 years now, since they found him abandoned all these years ago. He passed away quietly on Saturday night after a short illness and now we are all missing him....
Goodbye Choo Choo you were a great companion to all cats and hoomins!

Choo Choo was my best friend and I’d miss him!
I would also like to mention here again that my hoomins trying to raise money to help older cats such as Choo Choo was with vet bills as their treatments can be very expensive since insurances don’t cover senior cats treatment for life (not fair really as we can live a lot longer now and some of us need medical treatment) if you feel generous and you want to help cats like Choo Choo to have a good old age you can donate by clicking here:

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Monday, 29 July 2019

Purrsonality Meltdown - my hoomins are calling it...don’t think so!

Not a hamster...just checking these green and orange stuff...yak!

You know, I’ve always maintained that I’m a normal cat...well, I consider meowself to be a normal cat…I look like one and I act like one....but somehow my hoomins seem to have a different opinion for their bizarre reasons of course!
They even say that I have split purrsonality and that I suffer from purrsonality meltdown (one of my hoomins was saying to the other hoomin the other day that my upbringing as a kitten and previous experiences might have something to do this...pfft, I say as she seems to consider herself to be some kind of expert on cat behaviour or something similar and she thinks she understands us, cats....very unlikely story I say that any hoomin really understands or knows anything about cat behaviour,  hee, funny they can be those hoomins sometimes)!

So you see, first they started by accusing me of acting like a kitten and not like a cat of my age... (what is age anyway? Another hoomin meaningless invention)....being too playful and as they call it rather mischievous but of course they were only exaggerating and misunderstood me as always...As I am only using some of that excess energy by doing a bit of exercising and some as it would have been expected normal cat investigating, nothing unusual here, just doing what a normal cat would do under similar circumstances...

Then they were also started accusing me of not behaving like a cat but instead acting like a small dog, a puppy they call it  simply because I like following my hoomins around the house all the time so to keep an eye on them of course, as well as waiting for them at the door when they come home in the evening (isn’t that what all good cats suppose to do anyway when hoomins are coming home??? Very normal!) and even they say that I growl and make noises like a dog and I don’t know how to meow or hiss like a cat....well, hoomins I don’t like hissing because it is soooo below me, such an uncivilised behaviour, getting angry and star hissing like a snake....a behaviour that any respectable cat these days would try to avoid as there is no real reason to be angry and show aggressive behaviour, us, cats are so so much better now than we used to be when we used to live on our own. We have learned to be social and polite towards other cats and hoomins…even towards dogs! As for meowing, well again not all cats meow or to explain it better there is no real need to meow anymore as we simply use different sounds to communicate with our hoomins and which sounds our hoomins seem to understand as well lot better than …meowing!
As for communicating with each other...well again no sounds needed, we understand each other without the need to vocalise, we have developed what you hoomins called ‘telepathy’ but it is a catepathy as only cats understand it and know how to use it...we are in process of course of trying to  teach our hoomins the same method but as hoomins aren’t that intelligent they still have a long way to go to reach our level and a lot of work is still needed....but we are getting there!

Now and back to my hoomins and to the latest chapter of this saga of purrsonalities issues I’m now and once again being accused of being something else…This time I’m hamster simply because my hoomins caught me yesterday sitting in the small cat’s home (who for some strange reason hoomins are calling hamster...and they think that is a small creature that I should have some grudge against for some peculiar....these hoomins and their logic again!!). You see and because I was only checking the little cat’s or hamster’s (to please those hoomins) home to see if it is safe to sit and sleep there and also because they think that they saw me eating his food as well  (as I have seen him eating all that stuff constantly so I was kinda curious to see how that peculiar looking and smelling stuff tasted and of course whether it was safe to eat) my hoomins now they say that I’m turning to a hamster....Which of course it is totally and utterly is it possible a big cat like me to change to a small creature like that hamster and start eating all these seeds and vegetables...not very likely, really!

So, hoomins, chill! I’m still a cat, nothing has changed...I’m not turning to a dog or hamster or even a hoomin (good grief…what a thought) even if I like playing with my bone occasionally or seem to like sitting on the hamster’s home and even nibbling on some of his food....It’s all part of being a cat that has many responsibilities in his domain...Everything is under control...I’m in charge of everything and everybody as don’t worry about me and my purrsonalities!

So now hoomins I think is about time for my dinner...I fancy some can keep the bones of course...
Purrs and meows till next time fellow cats out there!

But before I go I would like to mention here again that my hoomins trying to raise money to help with our older cats vet bills as their treatments can be very expensive since insurances don’t cover senior cats treatment for life (not fair really as we can live a lot longer now and some of us need medical treatment) if you feel generous and you want to help you can donate by clicking here:

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Monday, 22 July 2019

When sometimes accidents happen...hoomins are not meant to be amused

Here I am, having a little me time!

You know, us, cats are known for being graceful and always the ones who are in charge in our environments of others and of course hoomins (well they do need somebody to look after them after all, as they are not very good at taking care of themselves as everybody knows…).
We are creatures of mystery and elegance and our history goes well back in ancient times when we were considered gods (ahh the good old time again we will rule the world...with our hoomins of course....that’s what I meant). But of course sometimes things don’t always go according to plan and little mishaps do happen...You know you might accidentally  miscalculate the distance between the floor and the kitchen counter because of bad light or because you were distracted by the hoomin in there and your first attempt of climbing might not have proved to be successful. Well sometimes things do happen and we don’t always have totally control over them...

Or in another instance for example you might want to jump from one surface to another, let’s say on the top of the fridge and again you might get distracted by the hoomin who is doing something and you might not let’s say notice the big bowl full of water that the hoomin is using to clean the fish tank and as as result you might find yourself by accident… inside that bowl...a very nasty experience getting wet suddenly...sooo unexpectedly. Rather scary as well as it was so sudden and wet...Of course in such a situation your first reaction would be to run away and to find a quiet corner to contemplate what has just happened and of course to also dry the very wet parts...mostly your bag legs and tail...
And naturally and in such a situation you’d expect your hoomins to be considerate and rather worried about your had after all a nasty accident and not to be rolling on the floor laughing and making such a big deal out of such a nasty situation...calling you clumsy!
Nope, I was most definitely didn’t expect my hoomins to react in such a way, it was an unfortunate and very unpleasant situation, one which myself and hoomins should feel the need to forget as soon as possible and not to be wishing to have recorded it so it can watch the ‘accident’ slow motion (really, why hoomins?).
 So disappointed with my hoomins, it wasn’t funny it was very unfortunate and most definitely not my fault...They know too well that I like jumping on top of the fridge so to keep an eye on what’s going on down and therefore they shouldn’t have booby trapped with bowls of water my spot....I didn’t know that hoomin was doing the fish tank (she always cleans that big watery bowl with these creatures who always swim round and round....soooo boring), No most definitely it wasn’t my fault...

Also it wasn’t my fault that I’ve knocked those moth jars from that unit...why those hoomins put things on top of shelves and bookcases that I can easily knock over, don’t they know that I’m going to climb there soon or later to see what’s going on? So, no, I wasn’t going to set those moths free again inside (hoomins usually let them free outside), I wasn’t even aware that they were there anyway! So there was no reason for them to again start laughing because I got surprised and a little bit scared (just a little bit, OK?) when those noisy glassy jars fell on that was again very unexpected...(and they didn’t even get damaged!). It is not really fair that hoomins find very amusing all these unfortunate accidents or the fact that they keep saying that I’m a very ‘clumsy fellow...for a  cat. I’m not a  clumsy fellow, I’m a handsome fellow hoomins...
Very upsetting indeed....and I’m not sure that I can forgive them for being so cruel to me....No way!

Hmmm! Wait a minute, now, did hoomin call me? Oh I think she is feeling up my food bowl...Better go and check, just to make sure that food is not getting wasted of course!

Purrs and meows till next time!

But before I go I would like to mention here again that my hoomins trying to raise money to help with our older cats vet bills as their treatments can be very expensive since insurances don’t cover senior cats treatment for life (not fair really as we can live a lot longer now and some of us need medical treatment) if you feel generous and you want to help you can donate by clicking here:

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Monday, 15 July 2019

When hoomins are too busy for you...I don’t like it!

Where that darn bone has gone now...I’d get you!

Here we are again! Another not so great weekend has just passed and once again I can’t say that I had a good time despite the fact that my hoomins were at home most of the time (well at least one of my hoomins anymeows, as the other sometimes tends to spend a lot of time outside on Caturday and then comes back carrying bagsthat they don’t have any cat food, treats or’s all hoomin stuff! Nope don’t like it, she spends too much time outdoors and I don’t think that is good for know she needs to stay home and rest like the other hoomin does and give me a lot of attention and extra treats and food!).

So and as I was saying last weekend wasn’t again a good one as and once again I didn’t get much attention from any of my hoomins...on the contrary they were rather upset at times with me and I’m not quite sure even now what I did wrong...I was just being my normal self!
You know, I’ve followed the normal weekend routine, started early, well normal for any other day of the week of course. My morning waking up the hoomins alarm started as usual with the one hoomin, sitting on her then moving to the biting and scratching face, hands, exposed feet phase and then afterwards  going to the other hoomin (well, I don’t want him to feel left out of course) till he eventually gave in and he got up (she is a lot harder to wake up in the weekends than he is as she sleeps a lot and even locks me out of the room so not to try to get her up again till she decides to get up fair really as I don’t like being behind closed doors and she totally ignores my meows and scratching at the door efforts! I really don’t understand how she can ignore me when I’m trying my very hardest to be as loud as I can be so she can hear me...such a mystery that hoomin!).

So and when eventually the first hoomin got up I thought that we were for a nice, enjoyable weekend with hoomins around to give me the attention (and food of course) I needed. But things weren’t going according to plan as hoomins seemed to be pre-occupied with Choo Choo instead.
Well I know that Choo Choo hasn’t being his normal ignoring me all the time himself lately and he seems to have some issues with his food, hoomins are giving him different food than before because he can’t eat the normal stuff anymore (well, good thing that I’m around of course so all that nice food doesn’t get wasted although hoomins are not so keen to distribute all that food to any of us at all as they keep saying something good for anybody really....I do hope that they are not going to waste all that food after all!).
But of course it’s not just the food that Choo Choo has to eat and which food hoomins also think now that I should be eating as well because they believe that I’m on the plump size (what that means anyway?) and I need to eat less and better so I don’t get too fat (once again I’m not fat hoomins!) and which food of course not only doesn’t taste that great but it also comes in small portions which they are not that filling, believe me!
Why oh why do I need that horrible food that Choo Choo now eats? You see Choo Choo is old, I’m not....Not fair!
So and as I was saying it wasn’t only the change of the food that spoiled my weekend but also the fact that Choo Choo took advantage of the hoomins and made them feel sorry for him and as result they spend most of the time giving him attention and ignoring me despite my efforts to remind me that I was also around (well I had to knock over a few things to get their attention of course)...It was all poor Choo Choo this and poor Choo Choo that and he was sitting and snoozing on hoomins all the time and hoomins wouldn’t disturb him or give me a bit of attention...Boy how Choo Choo milked it all weekend....and then Faith would come and squeak and she would get some attention as well....she doesn’t even meow properly, she just squeaks for pity’s sake!

So I had to find ways to entertain myself at times between my little power naps, you know find anything that I can play like that bone I’ve stolen from the hoomin’s plate, best toy ever I can tell you! I had a lot of fun all weekend with that bone...Hey don’t judge me now....I had to have some fun on my own as I was getting bored seeing Choo Choo playing the I’m not too well, give me some more attention hoomins, card all weekend!

Anymeows at least now everything is back to normal (except from my food that is, I’m still getting the same small crappy portions, thanks to Choo Choo of course) and Choo Choo miraculously  got better now that hoomins had to go back to work....grrr....

Better go now and see if I can convince hoomins that I might die from starvation if they don’t feed me some proper food soon!

Purrs and meows for now!

But before I go I would like to mention here again that my hoomins trying to raise money to help with our older cats vet bills as their treatments can be very expensive since insurances don’t cover senior cats treatment for life (not fair really as we can live a lot longer now and some of us need medical treatment) if you feel generous and you want to help you can donate by clicking here:

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Monday, 8 July 2019

Weekends are not that great after all...I’ve decided, especially when hoomins are at home...pfft!

I’m right here...hiding from hoomins,,,good hiding, ha?

You know I came to the conclusion that I don’t really like weekends after all....especially those weekends that hoomins decide that they will be staying at home ALL the time to recharge their batteries and to annoy, us, kittens and destroy our normal peaceful and relaxing time at home...

As I’ve mentioned it before weekends mornings are really bad to start with...actually they are a sort of a nightmare to kinda think of it...For starters hoomins don’t get up on their normal time in the mornings as they are having what they call it a ‘lying in’...which means that they would stay in bed almost indefinitely with no consideration of us, suffering starving kitties who we don’t have our breakfast on time...I really try my very best every time to get them up at a reasonable time but they are so stubborn and they totally ignore me...nothing it seems to work with those pesky hoomins on those weekend mornings, despite all my best efforts to get them up at a reasonable time so they can do their chores. I mean last Caturday I even tried something totally different to see if that might work but and unfortunately nothing seems to have an effect on these lazy hoomins on weekends! This time I’ve first tried the scratching of the exposed foot of the one of the hoomins but darn it she was too quick for me and she put it away far too quickly for me to do any real damage...I mean to be effective in my attempts to get her up of course! Then it was the scratching of the exposed hand, again she was too quick so I went for the nose and that didn’t go according to plan either...she got really annoyed at me and she went undercovers...Nope that plan didn’t work at all so I haD to spend the rest of the morning sitting on top of the other hoomin till he eventually decided to get up...very very late than normal...I’m telling you it is impossible to get them at a decent time in the weekends...I wonder it just me and  my hoomins are just faulty or is this a common practice among other hoomins as well on weekends? Hmm...I wonder!

So and when eventually they’ve decided to get up at some really ridiculously late time and it is almost too late for breakfast (only joking of course, it is never too late for any kind of meal of course for us, kitties!) then it started to get even more tiresome than just trying to get them out of bed! I mean hoomins they then started to act a bit peculiar, you know they’ve started noticing me and paying more attention than usual, which was a bit weird and rather uncomfortable I dare to say! All of the sudden they were very very friendly and were looking at me rather peculiar! They’ve started giving me me the attention that you don’t really want from your hoomins, you know when they start thinking that maybe a visit to the vet is due or something similar and very unpleasant is about to happen!  You know, when they suddenly are noticing that you are in need of good brush and then they try to create bald spots with that horrible brush, when quite clearly I didn’t need any kind of brushing(I am always purrfect)....or and even worse noticing that your claws are too long and they need trimming...hoomins no, no nobody touches my claws, I’d do my own trimming thank you very much...But of course and as it was to be expected they wouldn’t leave me alone and after a while and some chasing and a bit of hiding and seek playing as well I was finally trapped (well they were two of them and one poor little me) and they’ve managed in the end to trim my poor little claws. Of course and as it is to be expected I made a lot fuss and I was pretending to be extremely annoyed and even I’ve tried to bite hoomins hand (hee, hee). What do you expect? I had to play my part of course of the very annoyed, sulking kitty, even if there was no harm done and my claws look and feel a lot better now, but you can’t let hoomins know that now, can you? So yes weekends sometimes can be really hellish when hoomins are at home and they decide that they need to give you a bit more attention than normal...they feel that they have been neglecting you and you need a bit of ‘pampering’, good grief what ever next? A bubble bath?...Just kidding, let’s not send out there to the universe anymore bad vibes and suddenly those pesky hoomins start getting such crazy ideas...
Well at least the weekend is over now and hoomins are back to their normal routine and too tired after work to give me too much attention...phew!

By the way and if by any chance have heard any rumours about a new girlfriend...I’m telling you know that’s it’s all lies, she just happened to pass by and I was just looking outside and I didn’t get all excited or anything...I don’t even think that she is pretty anymeow, just another ordinary black cat....who she might like me a don’t listen to my hoomins, they are just seeing things now and making too much of a deal of nothing, really meow!

Anymeows better go mow!

Purrs and meows till next time

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Monday, 1 July 2019

Hoomins sometimes they appear to often misunderstand us but we forgive them because we now know how poorly they are!!

See? Not eating Choo Choo’s food...I’m only snoozing not eating!

How often us kitties out there and over here have been misunderstood by our hoomins and despite all our best intentions we were then blamed for things we don’t really do...well at least no intentionally of course and we occasionally might even get annoyed (a little bit) with them and you know…well forgive them, eventually!

But then something happens and everything all the sudden becomes know, you totally get your hoomins behaviour! Well, yes they are a bit peculiar most of the times, it is true but sometimes they can be excused for all these weird behaviours, you know there is some good reason and logic behind their madness, well only at times that is of course! Hoomins without a doubt they do generally define logic and they behave very irrational at many occasions (but of course we all know that is not always their fault as they were made that peculiar looking way!)

I mean and for example my hoomin sometimes accuses me for really silly things and for doing things out of spite...who me, the most kind and considerate cat in the world? Why on earth I would do anything to annoy or punish my hoomin for not doing what she is supposed to do, you know give me attention when I demand it and refill my bowl when I am hungry or at least provide me with some decent treats...But of course I’m not mean or resentful in any way and I don not wait for her to start getting dressed to go to the window and pull the blinds so the world outside can see her when she is getting dressed. I mean why I should do such a thing...I’m not doing anything on purpose I am simply trying to have a look outside and the blinds pulling off are some sort of an accident...I won’t pull them on purpose of embarrass my hoomin, us cats would never do such a mean and horrible thing...

Also I resent the accusation that I’m too mean to hoomins in the mornings...I’ve said it before I’m only doing my duty and I’m trying to get them up on time so they can do their chores without being late...I mean I do not sit on them on purpose till they decide to finally get up...Besides and even if I do sit on them I’m not that heavy so they can hardly move or something...and most definitely I do not scratch...I mean I do have nice long claws which I sharpen very often on carpets, sofas, occasional hoomin leg that are available around but most definitely I don’t scratch hoomins in the mornings on the face or neck so to motivated them to get up or even bite exposed noses, eyes and ears...who would do a thing like that? Definitely not me of course, remember I’m a very caring cat! Besides and if I wanted to use the occasional claw or teeth to motivate hoomins a bit I would do it very gently and they would hardly feel anything anyway, it would be like they are being gently tickled....

But of course and as I’ve said it earlier I do understand now why my hoomins are appearing to be so peculiar and they seem to over reacting about almost everything! I mean this obsession they seem to have with me being ‘fat’ or something, which of course is not true and to try to hide food from me when they know that I’m only trying to test the food so to make sure that is safe for the other two, it has now become very clear to me and now I totally understand why they behaving the way they do...You see I’ve read it somewhere that some hoomins offer suffer from a strange disease which apparently makes them feel poor and therefore not being able to buy or want to buy (something on these lines) a lot and expensive food for their cats or for themselves in some cases! I think this illness is rather serious and very contagious and I think my hoomins might have got it as well which of course would explain their reluctance to let me eat as I wish and to try to hide and save some food for me for later...poor hoomins, I do feel sorry for them and I do hope they get well soon!

Well that’s all for meow, time to check if hoomins are feeling any better and have filled up any food bowls recently!

Purrs and meows till next time!

But before I go I would like to mention here again that my hoomins trying to raise money to help with our older cats vet bills as their treatments can be very expensive since insurances don’t cover older cats treatment for life (not fair really as we can live a lot longer now and some of us need medical treatment) if you feel generous and you want to help you can donate (and of course if you also want to help my sick hoomins get well again and not feeling poor so they can start feed me properly again pretty please) click here

Monday, 24 June 2019

I’m not dr. Ozzy and Mr Pain In the hoomins are saying...and accidents do happen!

I was just investigating the incident and I wasn’t caught red pawed by hoomins!
You know sometimes things do happen and not always because somebody is responsible for these unfortunate things to happen....I mean and occasionally you might find yourself in an unfortunate situation but that doesn’t mean that you are responsible for that unfortunate situation..So let’s take the recent incident in the bathroom as a good example...It wasn’t me that caused the basket to fall in the bathtub, it just fell, on its own...I’ve just happened to be close by and so I went to check the damage...this is why I was inside the basket...I was investigating the cause of that fall so I don’t take any responsibility for its original precarious position...I was only investigating the reason for the hoomins came and blamed me for no reason for the whole ‘accident”. I mean why on earth I would knocked over the laundry basket…what was for me to gain? Although I’ve always wanted to know what was inside…but this is besides the point here…

Another example is the recent accident with the flower simply tipped over, I think hoomins put too many flowers and water and the vase just tipped over...again because I was close by at the moment that the accident happened it does not mean that I was responsible....I didn’t touch it I tail might have touched it a little but again it’s not my was too heavy and full! Hoomins should learned their lessons here, don’t put too many flowers and water! By the way may I ask why hoomins are obsessed with water and flowers? You can’t eat them…they just look at them and they do nothing….what is the purpose of flowers in a small container with water again? Pfft hoomins!

As for the little blinds accident the other day,  again not my fault...entirely! By the way I don’t have a girlfriend...I don’t like that cat she is kinda ugly actually in my opinion) or I’ve spend time watching her when she is outside or I get too excited when I see her...utterly nonsenses! So I wasn’t trying to get her attention when the blinds...well came out of place somehow,  when I got sort of caught up! That would have been silly...making too much fuss over a girly cat...I don’t like girl cats they are too much Faith, they are over reacting to everything and get you in into trouble for no reason...So no she is not my girlfriend and I don’t get excited when I see her or knock over flower pots and plants on the window sill and make a mess with the blinds...these are all wrong accusations, it’s not me. I didn’t get myself caught up in the blinds...they were already like that because Faith was there before me, looking at birdies and squirrels....Nope it wasn’t me!

She is not my girlfriend, right? I’m just being polite and saying hi...
As for the after 10 o’clock at night little exercise regime which I do is simply my daily night exercise. I do a little bit of running to keep my self fit(because hoomins accuse me of being fat) and also for the sake of hoomins, because they are around at that time so I make sure that I keep them entertained...I do not accept the silly accusation again that I behave like a kitty that has been possessed and that I even grow little horns that time of night...these are nonsenses that my hoomins say because they think they are funny, ha ha, I think not  hoomins I am not being too playful and mischievous at times...I’m simply my cheerful, happy self that tries to keep his hoomins entertained...simple as that! By the way I do not sulk or go into hiding under the sofa cover when hoomins are mean too me (for no reason most of the times anyway, I’m just entertaining myself). 

Any meow better go now...I need to check on those pesky hoomins to see what they are up to...don’t want them to accuse me again for something that I’m not responsible for....besides they might feel kind enough or guilty for being sooo mean to me and feel up my bowl again or take out the treats. Who knows with hoomins!

Purrs and. meows till next time!       

But before I go I would like to mention here again that my hoomins trying to raise money to help with our older cats vet bills as their treatments can be very expensive since insurances don’t cover older cats treatment for life (not fair really as we can live a lot longer now and some of us need medical treatment) if you feel generous and you want to help you can donate here

Monday, 17 June 2019

I’m not a moaning cat....despite what hoomins think!

See how cute I am? How a cute cat like me snore? Not possible of course!
Last week if you remember fellow kitties I was telling you about how hoomins are a lot like us, especially at weekends when they stay at home and basically they are just being lazy for two whole days...pathetic really!
Of course and on the other hand and because us kitties, we also spend a lot of our time with hoomins we also tend to pick up some of their good behaviours and even parts of their purrsonalities and as result to often behave like hoomins in some occasions....which of course I’m not say that is all bad, as hoomins, well at least my hoomins have some good qualities at times...I think!

But what I don’t like though is when hoomins start accusing us of showing some of those bad behaviours that hoomins are notorious for and then hoomins either making fun of us or they just being really mean....

For example I have been accused many times now that I snore at night when I’m letting the hoomins to use my bed to sleep! You see, I try to be nice and what do I get in return? ...Abuse! How is it possible a cute kitty like me to snore....when this is a very hoomin behaviour which I have not most definitely no picked up from them....Hoomins snore when they sleep really loud at times and they even keep me awake (and I don’t even complain or make a fuss about it). I’m a cat and therefore I do not snore, I just purr very quietly and gently, which is very soothing and relaxing and hoomins should be very grateful that I help them to fall asleep instead of accusing me of snoring like a baby rhino! I mean that is a really serious insult, not only they accuse me of snoring quite loudly but also of doing so because I’m apparently quite fat and almost the size of a baby rhino....seriously now!  Hoomins I do not snore or I am fat, i”m just fluffy, soft and very cuddly! I just look big and round!

I mean this fat business is getting really out of hand as hoomins have now decided that they would start hiding food from me...I really do not eat that much. I am a nibbler as I’m only testing the food for the other two to make sure that is safe and good enough for them to eat so there is no reason for hoomins to hide it away. It’s not like I’m going to eat it all or something....And of course I do not get stroppy when there is no food around, and then I go on some kind of rampage either and start opening opening drawers in the middle of the night so hoomins can trip over because I’m not annoyed. Why on earth would I do that for? I’m not that mean....I’m a very considerate and kind kitty even when hoomins are being unfair and unreasonable...

See? Not fat...looking quite small actually!
Also I do not take kindly the accusation of me being a scaredy cat either, I’m the one in charge here you know and because I don’t like certain noises like that of the doorbell or the vacuum cleaner it doesn’t mean that by any means I’m scared of these noises and that monster that moves around the house and makes such a loud noise...I’m just being cautious you know, after all you do not know who is at the door and as I’ve said that monstrosity that hoomins use to clean the carpets it looks and sounds very dangerous...I don’t care if Faith is not afraid of the vacuum cleaner and follows hoomins around when they are vacuuming the house and points to dirty spots ( I don’t really believe that she does anyway…hoomins are exaggerating again!)....that’s silly to say at least and she is just doing it because she wants some attention from the hoomins,,,,besides I don’t think that she can hear properly anyway or knows how dangerous that vacuum monster is...silly cat!

Anymeows enough for today time for food bowl checking I thinkz!

 Purrs and meows till next time

But before I go I would like to mention here again that my hoomins trying to raise money to help with our older cats vet bills as their treatments can be very expensive since insurances don't cover older cats treatment for life (not fair really as we can live now a lot longer and some of us need medical attention and treatment at times) so if you feel generous and want to help you can donate here


Monday, 10 June 2019

Hoomins are so alike us.....and they don’t even know!

Relaxing on my favourite hoomin around!
I must admit that living with hoomins has many advantages as they can be really good servants and at times especially when you play games with them (not their silly games which they think they actually amuse us, seriously now….how stupid do they think we are….no no I mean games like the one I’ve mentioned last know when hoomins try to find my poolette if they are lucky type of game....when they do not really know that they are actually playing and get annoyed and frustrated... hoomins lose their cool so easy so unlike us of course! Watch and learn hoomins how to be cool and look indifferent at all times!).

But as I’ve said it before hoomins are a lot like us and this is perhaps the main reason that we are getting along so well with each other...both species have many similarities. Good examples of those similarities can be seen between hoomins and cats during the weekend time of course, when hoomins spend a lot of their time at home doing really nothing and like us they spend a lot of their time snoozing and sleeping with their eyes open while keep staring at what they call the TV!
Yes, the weekend it a good time to see hoomins being themselves when they don’t have to go out for most of the day and do what they do in that place they call work (probably they spent a lot of time snoozing there as well…we know hoomins too well after all!).
 So often hoomins accuse us for being lazy and not doing much all day...well guess what, this is what hoomins are doing usually during the weekends as well, copying the cats...they are just being lazy....They would usually get up ridiculously late and they would of course and as a result mess up our routine and breakfast we’d then have to have breakfast really late and despite the fact that we are starving. And when they do get up sometimes very very late in the morning or at almost noon what do they do? Nothing again...they just sit in front
 of the TV and watch other people chasing tiny balls for hours...till it is lunch time (at least at weekends we do have lunch, that’s some small something I guess to compensate for hoomins being so lazy at home) And what do they do after lunch? Nothing again as they carry on with their previous routine of sitting in front of the TV or if they feel a bit energetic they might read some book or do some work or their gadgets...sitting down of course....till dinner and bed time…They simply waste their day by doing nothing other than sleeping and eating…(sometimes they won’t even cook as somebody from outside will deliver their food for them so they don’t have to prepare it….so lazy, unbelievable!).

So both their weekend days usually pass without them doing much, other than sleeping, eating and some more snoozing in front of the telly....they are recharging their batteries my hoomins call it....So now you tell me how this routine is any different to that of any known cat that shares his/her home with hoomins? Why we are then called lazy and hoomins are allowed to get away with it?
 When hoomins are at home all day they do act like us and the annoying thing is that they still accuse us of being lazy and not doing much all day (although I did spend quite a lot of my time yesterday watching the squirrels outside trying to steal food from the bird feeders again…at least I did something hoomins!)...dah hoomins do exactly the same, they copy us and they don’t even realise it that they are behaving like us....copy hoomins!

Watching baby squirrel outside...

I guess though that we much have some good influence on them after all this time we’ve spent sharing our home with them and which influence  they have not come to have realised yet has some positive effects on them.... it is a good thing though that they don’t know as there are still a lot of things that we can teach them and hoomins have proved to be very good students....

Better go now, time to remind my students about the benefits of filling up my food bowl!

But before I go to remind them about  my dinner again I would like to mention here that my hoomins trying to raise money to help with our older cats vet bills as their treatments can be very expensive since insurances don’t cover older cats treatment for life (not fair really as we cat live a lot longer now and some of us need medical treatment) if you feel generous and you want to help you can donate here


Purrs and meows till next time!

Well, the end has come....and gone and hoomins have adopted a new kitten!!!

Yes hoomins...I know what you are up don’t fool me! So and if you remember from last week I was telling you about my pesky hoom...