Monday, 17 June 2019

I’m not a moaning cat....despite what hoomins think!

See how cute I am? How a cute cat like me snore? Not possible of course!
Last week if you remember fellow kitties I was telling you about how hoomins are a lot like us, especially at weekends when they stay at home and basically they are just being lazy for two whole days...pathetic really!
Of course and on the other hand and because us kitties, we also spend a lot of our time with hoomins we also tend to pick up some of their good behaviours and even parts of their purrsonalities and as result to often behave like hoomins in some occasions....which of course I’m not say that is all bad, as hoomins, well at least my hoomins have some good qualities at times...I think!

But what I don’t like though is when hoomins start accusing us of showing some of those bad behaviours that hoomins are notorious for and then hoomins either making fun of us or they just being really mean....

For example I have been accused many times now that I snore at night when I’m letting the hoomins to use my bed to sleep! You see, I try to be nice and what do I get in return? ...Abuse! How is it possible a cute kitty like me to snore....when this is a very hoomin behaviour which I have not most definitely no picked up from them....Hoomins snore when they sleep really loud at times and they even keep me awake (and I don’t even complain or make a fuss about it). I’m a cat and therefore I do not snore, I just purr very quietly and gently, which is very soothing and relaxing and hoomins should be very grateful that I help them to fall asleep instead of accusing me of snoring like a baby rhino! I mean that is a really serious insult, not only they accuse me of snoring quite loudly but also of doing so because I’m apparently quite fat and almost the size of a baby rhino....seriously now!  Hoomins I do not snore or I am fat, i”m just fluffy, soft and very cuddly! I just look big and round!

I mean this fat business is getting really out of hand as hoomins have now decided that they would start hiding food from me...I really do not eat that much. I am a nibbler as I’m only testing the food for the other two to make sure that is safe and good enough for them to eat so there is no reason for hoomins to hide it away. It’s not like I’m going to eat it all or something....And of course I do not get stroppy when there is no food around, and then I go on some kind of rampage either and start opening opening drawers in the middle of the night so hoomins can trip over because I’m not annoyed. Why on earth would I do that for? I’m not that mean....I’m a very considerate and kind kitty even when hoomins are being unfair and unreasonable...

See? Not fat...looking quite small actually!
Also I do not take kindly the accusation of me being a scaredy cat either, I’m the one in charge here you know and because I don’t like certain noises like that of the doorbell or the vacuum cleaner it doesn’t mean that by any means I’m scared of these noises and that monster that moves around the house and makes such a loud noise...I’m just being cautious you know, after all you do not know who is at the door and as I’ve said that monstrosity that hoomins use to clean the carpets it looks and sounds very dangerous...I don’t care if Faith is not afraid of the vacuum cleaner and follows hoomins around when they are vacuuming the house and points to dirty spots ( I don’t really believe that she does anyway…hoomins are exaggerating again!)....that’s silly to say at least and she is just doing it because she wants some attention from the hoomins,,,,besides I don’t think that she can hear properly anyway or knows how dangerous that vacuum monster is...silly cat!

Anymeows enough for today time for food bowl checking I thinkz!

 Purrs and meows till next time

But before I go I would like to mention here again that my hoomins trying to raise money to help with our older cats vet bills as their treatments can be very expensive since insurances don't cover older cats treatment for life (not fair really as we can live now a lot longer and some of us need medical attention and treatment at times) so if you feel generous and want to help you can donate here


Monday, 10 June 2019

Hoomins are so alike us.....and they don’t even know!

Relaxing on my favourite hoomin around!
I must admit that living with hoomins has many advantages as they can be really good servants and at times especially when you play games with them (not their silly games which they think they actually amuse us, seriously now….how stupid do they think we are….no no I mean games like the one I’ve mentioned last know when hoomins try to find my poolette if they are lucky type of game....when they do not really know that they are actually playing and get annoyed and frustrated... hoomins lose their cool so easy so unlike us of course! Watch and learn hoomins how to be cool and look indifferent at all times!).

But as I’ve said it before hoomins are a lot like us and this is perhaps the main reason that we are getting along so well with each other...both species have many similarities. Good examples of those similarities can be seen between hoomins and cats during the weekend time of course, when hoomins spend a lot of their time at home doing really nothing and like us they spend a lot of their time snoozing and sleeping with their eyes open while keep staring at what they call the TV!
Yes, the weekend it a good time to see hoomins being themselves when they don’t have to go out for most of the day and do what they do in that place they call work (probably they spent a lot of time snoozing there as well…we know hoomins too well after all!).
 So often hoomins accuse us for being lazy and not doing much all day...well guess what, this is what hoomins are doing usually during the weekends as well, copying the cats...they are just being lazy....They would usually get up ridiculously late and they would of course and as a result mess up our routine and breakfast we’d then have to have breakfast really late and despite the fact that we are starving. And when they do get up sometimes very very late in the morning or at almost noon what do they do? Nothing again...they just sit in front
 of the TV and watch other people chasing tiny balls for hours...till it is lunch time (at least at weekends we do have lunch, that’s some small something I guess to compensate for hoomins being so lazy at home) And what do they do after lunch? Nothing again as they carry on with their previous routine of sitting in front of the TV or if they feel a bit energetic they might read some book or do some work or their gadgets...sitting down of course....till dinner and bed time…They simply waste their day by doing nothing other than sleeping and eating…(sometimes they won’t even cook as somebody from outside will deliver their food for them so they don’t have to prepare it….so lazy, unbelievable!).

So both their weekend days usually pass without them doing much, other than sleeping, eating and some more snoozing in front of the telly....they are recharging their batteries my hoomins call it....So now you tell me how this routine is any different to that of any known cat that shares his/her home with hoomins? Why we are then called lazy and hoomins are allowed to get away with it?
 When hoomins are at home all day they do act like us and the annoying thing is that they still accuse us of being lazy and not doing much all day (although I did spend quite a lot of my time yesterday watching the squirrels outside trying to steal food from the bird feeders again…at least I did something hoomins!)...dah hoomins do exactly the same, they copy us and they don’t even realise it that they are behaving like us....copy hoomins!

Watching baby squirrel outside...

I guess though that we much have some good influence on them after all this time we’ve spent sharing our home with them and which influence  they have not come to have realised yet has some positive effects on them.... it is a good thing though that they don’t know as there are still a lot of things that we can teach them and hoomins have proved to be very good students....

Better go now, time to remind my students about the benefits of filling up my food bowl!

But before I go to remind them about  my dinner again I would like to mention here that my hoomins trying to raise money to help with our older cats vet bills as their treatments can be very expensive since insurances don’t cover older cats treatment for life (not fair really as we cat live a lot longer now and some of us need medical treatment) if you feel generous and you want to help you can donate here


Purrs and meows till next time!

Monday, 3 June 2019

The strange things sometimes we cats do....just for fun!

You know, in generally I consider myself to be a rather well behaved, caring and considerate cat....I think that actually I tick all the right boxes and I’m almost in every way purrfect...Of course and after all I’m a cat and not a stupid dog who would do anything to please his hoomins or even a hoomin who thinks that he/she knows everything about not true as hoomins haven’t go the slightest clue of what is going on and especially when it comes to cats and their behaviour...

I mean there are some things that us cats like doing and which hoomins despite all our efforts they don’t seem to understand why we are doing them and they even think that we are strange, rather peculiar....The truth is that there is always a good reason for doing something.
Let’s take for example the art of starring at the walls...something which I have already mentioned it before...there are many reasons why we might sometimes spend considerate time looking at walls, one of which might simply be that they are nice to look at (not very likely of course that we might really like a wall, what is there to like...). The most likely scenario though might be that there is something on that wall that we see with our excellent eyesight and which you hoomins can’t see of course...small insects is a good example or even specs of dust and reflective light. It might even be something behind that wall that we again can hear and you hoomins can’t...again our hearing is a lot lot better than yours  hoomins if you remember....mice, rats and other creatures often live behind these walls that you are not always aware of hoomins (which sometimes it is a good thing as sometimes you tend to make fuss about nothing...). Even house noises that you again can not hear might sound interesting to us....and of course we might be doing it just to have some fun with hoomins, so they think that we are attuned with the supernatural and we can see and hear spirits and ghosts....whoa hoomins can be so gullible sometimes, it’s unbelievable...

As I’ve said there are many things that we cats like doing and that they don’t seem to make a lot of sense to hoomins like why for example we like sitting or laying on everything that is not meant for us or anybody else to be using for resting...well the answer is because we can can and we like doing it...besides we like being close to our hoomins and sitting in small enclosed and warm places and leave some of our lovely scent there to cover any other smells that we might nor really like...

Me and Choo Choo having some quality nap time on the the way the red mark is hoomin being again very affectionate and silly..she doesn’t learn!
But of course there are things that not all cats like doing and which they are unique to each of us cats...that’s what make us special of course...I purrsonally I like playing a great version of spot the poolette know after I have been to the litter tray and not left everything there but kept a small ‘treasure’ so to drop it somewhere in the carpet, small enough of course to confuse the hoomins so they think that it is a piece of cat food or biscuit and then being the silly ones they are to attempt to pick it up with their bare hands and to suddenly realise of course that it wasn’t some piece of leftover food after all...soft and very smelly...hee hee! Priceless the expression on their faces when they realise that they were playing my guess where my poolette is game all along!!! Of course in such occasions there are some bad words being spoken by the hoomins which they don’t use very often as they appear to be rather upset but the whole thing is so funny that you have to forgive the hoomins for being loud and rather angry...Hoomins can be so funny at times.....It’s good to have them around...

Anymeow better go, time for dinner!

Purrs and meows till next time!

Tuesday, 28 May 2019

Bad moments of kitties that hoomins shouldn’t be laughing at....

Well, everybody knows that we, cats, are almost and in every way purrfect (OK, maybe not everybody knows, I know that those stupid dogs don’t have a clue really but they don’t really count so let’s move on...) and we do everything with grace and dignity....I mean look at the way we move, we clean ourselves, we stare at hoomins and the world, we run, we chase…etc, etc. Everything about us is full of mystery and charm...we are the kings and queens of our hoomins’ homes.... and hoomins adore us because of the way we are…But of course there are moments in time when things do not always go according to plan....I mean we do have very very occasional moments when things are not that purrfect after all, but these moments are rare, beyond our control and most definitely not to be laughed at by hoomins....because if we then start laughing at hoomins at their silly and very often stupid mistakes or mishaps they too often are making…well, then and more likely we would never stop laughing at them!

So we except from hoomins a bit more understanding and not to laugh when you know...accidents do happen!
So when and for example in a few occasions let’s day I might miss the kitchen counter by  miscalculating the distance between the floor and the counter I really don’t appreciate the hoomins’ reaction of laughing loud while shouting ‘Ozzy, you are too fat to jump that high’d break the unit, ha, ha’....not funny at all. It was a genuine mistake, a miscalculation from my part because of the kitchen not having sufficient light at the time! It had nothing to do with the way I am, not being heavy or out of practice or anything else that silly!  I’m most definitely not fat! We have discussed this before, many times before hoomins....I just look big, that’s all....So next time you’ve tripped over and fall flat on your faces hoomins I’d be there laughing loud myself, even if you can’t hear me as we cats don’t laugh the same way as hoomins...but you can tell by the look in our eyes and how we look at things that we find at certain times rather amusing...or silly and funny!

Also and regarding the little incident with the litter tray the other day, hoomin, you have no evidence so you can’t tell who was responsible for that little accident, it could have been any of us and not just me....Again I’m not that fat and I’m not getting too big for the litter tray, you don’t need to get a bigger one....such a nonsense....That was an unfortunate accident and no one should be blamed for...don’t you hoomins having accidents when you want to use the toilet? I have heard you, quite often, saying that you laughed too much and that you’ve almost had an accident....see? You too hoomins have accidents and we cats don’t blame you or make any fuss about it.....So I would expect the same reaction when there is the occasional know sometimes you’re miscalculating spaces and you are in a hurry....

See? I’m looking, not judging...where is my dinner hoomins?
As I’ve said we cats are purrfect.  in every way, better than dogs and hoomins and very very rarely can we be accused of unfortunate accidents but sometimes there are some situations when we don’t seem to have totally control....In those occasions we expect from hoomins to be more understanding and less judgemental as we are...we don’t judge you and you make mistakes all the time....Like right now for example, it is well passed my dinner time and my food bowl is still empty...not criticising, see? Waiting patiently for hoomins to move towards the kitchen...because I’m a very understanding and considerate kitty when it comes to hoomins impurrfection!

Purrs and meows till next time!

Monday, 20 May 2019

Not all things are what they least to a cat that is!

You know sometimes I do get a bit fed up with hoomins and their misconceptions about us, especially of what they believe we like and we might not like....You know hoomins think they are toooooo clever and that they know everything there is about us, like they can read our minds or something….such nonsense...of course hoomins can’t read our minds.....we, cats, on the other hand and although we don’t really have to or even try to, we simply know what hoomins think and what they’d do in every situation, we are what hoomins call...very intelligent creatures (some might even think that and since we are so intelligent why we don’t rule the world and let hoomins do it so badly…well, I say everything in good time, all good things come to those who wait and they are patient…).

Now, a  good example of what I’m trying to say here is when hoomins get us what they often call expensive toy thingies  to play with...You see hoomins seem to think that we don’t really understand the concept of playing with things that they are not real! Of course we know that that fury or plastic thingy that moves on the floor is not a real mouse or what ever else it supposes to be but nevertheless we will still play with it because we like playing like hoomins or other animals often do and of course we don’t have to be a kitten to like playing with moving can play at any age. Playing is fun at any age and for any species, not just hoomins, you don’t have to act like you are on a real hunt, you can still pretend and have fun at the same time without causing any harm to anyone….we kitties know that very well, even if we don’t think like hoomins think or believe that they do….
Because playing is fun and a good exercise to do! So and because we know that we are playing with what is not real prey and we don’t really care that we can’t really catch and kill the prey in the end, we therefore can play with anything that we found entertaining and fun to play....and I mean anything. so hoomins shouldn’t be surprised when I for example like playing with a little square box which I’ve just found abandoned in a dark corner, under the sofa....You see I like playing with it because it is fun, I can throw it in the air, bat at it, kick it and do anything I is my toy after all, isn’t it now hoomins? Because it isn’t round and doesn’t roll it doesn’t mean that I can’t have fun with it....As each of us kitties are unique so are our own playing preferences therefore I like what I like.... I don’t like chasing fake mice or birdies but I like playing with my own stuff (although that red spot is still very irresistible.... to catch and I will soon or later, it won’t escape my claws…). I just like having a bit of fun now and then....On the other hand I don’t think that is fun to chase flies or spiders or even mice and birdies....I think it is cruel to chase creatures that they don’t bother you....that feather though hanging from that string is very interesting....

Yes, this is my new favourite toy....what about it hoomins?
So my playing habits are not really strange but rather unique as I am of course....I mean it is a lot of fun to leave cat litter all over the house on the carpet after you’ve visited the litter tray and then watch the hoomins completely ignorant about it stepping on those small pellets when they are not wearing any shoes and hear them shouting all these bad words!!!
It isn’t cruel but very very funny....hoomins can be very amusing at times, you just have to watch them behave silly.... Besides I like playing cat litter lego, hee hee!

Anyway better go now, hoomin alert in the kitchen....

Purrs and meows till next time!

Wednesday, 15 May 2019

When hoomins are not well...things are…a bit different!

I must admit my hoomins don’t get what they call ‘ill’ very often....well I think that they are not getting ill...they don’t show any of the obvious signs that is....I mean you can’t really miss it when they are ill because they are becoming unbearable....
You know one morning you wake up normally, you are your happy and cheerful self and you want to pass that cheerfulness to your hoomins of course by trying to wake them up so they can get up and get ready for the new day, you are doing all your normal routines, you know, sitting on their face, biting and licking any available and exposed extremities, knocking things from the table, messing up with the blinds, jumping on the toilet seats in the bathroom to make some noise, scratching at the carpet and furniture, etc, know normal daily stuff and then you get nothing from the hoomins, well at least the one who usually gets up first and prepares our breakfast! Absolutely nothing, no movement, not a sound not even a glimpse of an open eye....nothing, no reaction whatsoever!

Then of course you start to worry a bit. What’s wrong with hoomin why there is no reaction or any movement is she dead or something (the other hoomin won’t usually move for at least another half hour, he is the lazy one and least likely to go to the kitchen to prepare our breakfast, so there is no much point bothering him in the mornings...of course he has his uses later in the day, especially when it is time for snoozing or getting a bit of attention and playtime....but definitely not in the mornings!).

So for the next half an hour I try in vain to get up the hoomin up and things kinda look despair till of course it is time for the other hoomin to get up. Then you realise that something is not right with first hoomin as the second hoomin gets up and goes to the kitchen (unheard of) to prepare us our breakfast...of course and because he never gets involved with our daily feeding schedule and obviously because he doesn’t want to bother other hoomin, he gets it all wrong and gives us our dinner instead of our should expect that after all this time he would at least know what we usually have for breakfast and what for dinner but again we are talking about hoomins and some are not as clever or intelligent as others.....But of course what can you do, you have to eat after all so you eat what you have on your bowl because you are hungry and you meow a little to complain like Faith does (well she meows about everything anyway) but there isn’t much else that you can do....

So morning goes pretty quickly and other hoomin is still in bed with no much of a sound or movement under the she still alive, you know I was still wondering worryingly of course. So the second hoomin leaves and the other hoomin is still in bed and the house is very quiet....So and as there is much really to do than having a snooze myself and since hoomin was still in bed I thought that I’d better join her to keep her company and of course to know if and when she was likely to get up and perhaps go into the kitchen for a snack or something (she would had to get up at some pont….).

But of course and although the hoomin didn’t get up as normally as she would do in the morning because quite obviously she wasn’t feeling very well she nevertheless got up later on and checked that we all had been fed and topped  up our bowls (I don’t think she trusted the other hoomin that he had actually fed us....hee hee...I wasn’t going to tell her that he had...she didn’t need to know in her condition) and checked that everything was OK before she went back to bed....

I must admit the whole day was a bit unusual, having the other hoomin doing a lot of the not well hoomins chorus (and not doing them well…you know some hoomins are quite bad at certain things than others…) but and at the same it wasn’t actually that bad as one hoomin stayed at home all day and I had somebody to sleep on the bed and got a lot of attention for being such a loyal and good cat....not bothering hoomin and keeping her company, you know doing a little bit of nothing....

Me getting some well deserved attention from hoomin!
Hmmm, you know now that I’m thinking about it, I’m not sure that it was such a bad experience after all...maybe hoomins not being well and staying at home all day is not a bad thing after all, extra feeding and more attention must be a good thing...
Oh well at least my hoomins are specially nice to me now....they think I’m more loyal than the other two lazy ones....hee hee! That day worked quite well after all, more treats and attention for me!!

Purrs and meows till next time...

Monday, 6 May 2019

Something hasn’t been right at home....

Hello hoomins and other kitties out there, how your week has been so far? Mine hasn’t been that great really I’m afraid….
If you remember last week I was telling you that something wasn’t right with hoomins, they were acting a bit more pecualiar than usual that this....yes I know they are hoomins after all and they are expected to behave strange....but no,  this time they were acting really really strange...even for hoomins!
For starters they were quieter than normal, they didn’t seem to get annoyed with everything I did (not that I do things to annoy my hoomins on purpose of course, but you know sometimes things do happen which things you can’t seem to be always able to let’s call them accidents!). Not only they didn’t seem to be getting annoyed with everything we did (it wasn’t only me but the others too as well) but they were really forgiving and again very very affectionate (nope no anniversaries or birthdays or any weird hoomin holidays this week to explain their soapy state this week either!). Another thing that I found strange as well is that they both seemed to be rather sad and to often talk quietly to each other.....Yeap something hasn’t been right all this week...Hoomins were not behaving like hoomins....
I’m trying to catch that pesky mouse over there....can’t reach it grr!
And there was the other thing as know when you get the feeling that you are forgetting something or somebody….It felt that someone was missing, not being around anymore....Hoomins were really good though at keeping me entertained so I haven’t been bored or anything that it could have explained why I was feeling rather sad myself  but still it felt that there was something else that I should be doing….not with the hoomins!

Faith being Faith was spending all her time in her little house in the hoomin’s office/study room and she usually only comes out when she wants to eat (or wants some attention from the hoomin when she is working) meowing and demanding from the hoomins to have her food ready for her....She is such an impatient cat you know it’s unbelievable! I won’t usually take the hoomins’ side when it comes to us, kitties, but when it comes to Faith you have to feel sorry for the hoomins, they are trying their hardest to please her but she is sooooo demanding....if her food is not ready when she wants it she would walk away and the hoomin then would have to
 go and fetch her back! Such a little drama queen Faith is....because she had a little health scare a while ago hoomins try to always feed her first and to make sure that she is not getting stressed....but of course Faith is totally milking the whole situation and overreacts to get the attention and food she wants from the hoomins. Of course hoomins are very gullible and they’d do their hardest to make sure that she gets what she wants when she wants it....Unbelievable behaviour!
As for Choo Choo, well he plays the I’m too old to do anything card so feed me now hoomins or I’d starve  works as well (or too well) for him too! He only has to meow once or pretend that he has some difficulties with climbing on some high above ground areas and hoomins are again too easily fooled and they’d try again their hardest to keep him happy and stress free...anything that Choo Choo wants Choo gets....poor hoomins so easily deceived! Again despicable behaviour from a cat of any age I say!

So you see myself, I try to be honest with hoomins, I don’t pretend that I can’t do things or that I need help from the hoomins or get annoyed too easily if my food is not on my bowl when I want it....or even meow to be fed and make a fuss if hoomins don’t give me the attention I want when I want it (well I get a lot of attention sometimes which it can be at times a bit too much actually so I’m not that needy when it comes to the attention matter from the hoomins).

Anymeows what I was telling you before I got distracted with those two lazy cats who they are so demanding and deceitful that makes me feel ashamed being a kitty myself and feel sorry for my poor hoomins that they are trying their hardest to please us? Oh yes, that something wasn’t right at home this past week....yes something is definitely not right and something seems to be missing and I still can’t figure out what it is and why hoomins were sad and very forgiving, especially with me....Nope I’m still in the dark…what is missing?

Well I better go now, feel kinda peckish after all this talking and pawtyping but I’d figure it out eventually  and be certain that I’d let you know what is that I can’t figure out yet that is not right...

So purrs and meows till next time!

Monday, 29 April 2019

Anniversaries and other hoomin stranger special occasions...

There have been many times that I have said it…that hoomins are really strange creatures...I mean the things they do sometimes does define logic....but of course they have also their good moments and they can be caring and sometime fun to play with....especially when they least expect it of course...

But then they go and spoil all this fun and good feeling when they do have what they call as special days and when they seem to get over excited like they have been to the litter tray a few times on the day....To be totally honest though this isn’t what really bothers me as
 such...they can be excited and happy as much as they like as long as they are staying out of my way....but of course and in some occasions this is not the case as they get us involved in their silly celebrations (and I don’t particular care too much about the others really as I care about my own involvement in those annoying and silly behaviours shown by these pesky hoomins).

Yes I’m trying to hide from hoomins....well hidden don’t you think?

So last weekend it was as hoomins called ‘my anniversary’...five years to the day that I moved with them and adopted them as my hoomins. I mean five! How quickly time passes...I was a very skinny, timid and scared kitty then! Look at me no I’m not that fat, don’t take the hoomins side on this...I’m not double the size of what I once was... (to confess you something else as well, something that I don’t really understand is why the last couple of days hoomins are saying that I look like that an insult...what is that Thor, is he another pretty cat like me?). Anymeows going back to my anniversary know it wouldn’t have been that bad of a day if hoomins stuck to what they do well…you know, provide us with special treats and nice food, nicer than normal and and just leave it to that!
 But no, hoomins have to be hoomins  of course and over react, like kitties who they have just been to the litter tray! I mean why once more have to be so super affectionate and very emotional all day long and spoil all that good mood? I mean and don’t get me wrong I’m very grateful that my hoomins let me adopt them and they then provide me with a good home…
Well I need to be kind I guess as there can always be improvements  that they can be made at home and I have some really good ideas how to make it the purrfect home for all of know more cat orientated than it is now....spread some more boxes around along with some more climbing areas, easier access to where all the food is kept, bigger and more litter trays in many locations in the house so you don’t have to go very far, some more toys perhaps...hmmm…perhaps toys that I can chose for a change…more space on the bed, sofa and chairs and not having to remove the hoomins all the time or to try to keep them in place so they don’t take too much space on the bed....etc. Of course there is also a lot of improvements that they can be made on  the hoomins themselves as well but I don’t want to be over critical really, I’m not ungrateful you know.
But and  as I’ve said it before I don’t mind all these celebrations on the hoomins special days but please let’s have less cuddles, kissing, hugging and most importantly let’s try not to bother me when I’m trying to get some quality quiet time on the bed or sofa...keep it down hoomins when the cat here tries to sleep...
 I know that you like me and I like too hoomins and you are after all my best hoomins but a kitty like myself needs to have some independence and privacy occasionally...

Anymeow at least anniversary day is over for at least another year and now things can go back to normal....although something doesn’t seem to be totally right though....hoomins look rather upset and sad and something seems to be missing....

I better go now and perhaps try to figure out what is going on with hoomins...let you know next time…

Purrs and meows till next time

Monday, 22 April 2019

Seriously I'm not a kitten and I do not have an evil twin...despite what hoomins think!

Well, sometimes hoomins say things that most definitely are not true and they hurt my feelings. I mean, all these accusations, blaming me for things I’ve never done just because of the way I am and my unique purrsonality. Because and after all, us, kitties, do have our own unique purrsonalities, which make us very special, don’t you agree hoomins?
 This is why I’m so loveable and unique (of course it does help that I’m very cute as well, it is true after all, I’m very cute and cuddly, my hoomins keep saying all the time, so I’m just being honest here....what do you mean who is modest here....don’t know what that means, sorry!).

Anymeows, what I was saying? Oh yes being blamed and accused for things that are not really my doing after all.  It is bad enough accused of being a bully when quite obviously I’m not as I’m only trying to help the others being a bit more active by doing some needed exercise and checking on them when they are using the litter trays to make sure that they are not making any mess and hoomins get annoyed by having to clean all that mess, etc....that’s not bullying hoomins, that’s being considerate and helpful.

But what I don’t really get is being accused of acting like a kitten and not seem to want to grow to an adult cat....that’s nonsense. I’m not behaving like a kitten by being curious and too playful....or  that there is another me around, that I have an evil twin... That’s silly, how is it possible for me to be at two places at the same time? That’s defy logic, even hoomin one! Besides there is no way that there is another Ozzy out there, I’m unique remember?  I’m just very active for my  and I’m not an Ozzy Button...whatever that means, I’m not changing to a kitten...I’ve always been like this, playful, active and very cute...So what if I like playing and knocking things of tables and shelves....isn’t what a cat suppose to do? After all hoomins are here to serve and clean and tidy up after us....they are not called cat servants for no reason you know....I must admit sometimes I get a bit excited but that’s normal....there are always things to get excited about, like new boxes, or birdies outside or even that fat squirrel who tries to eat the birdies food from the feeders at the window, moths, flies, spiders, red dots moving around, etc, etc…There are always good reasons to get excited, when hoomins get in the morning...breakfast, when they come home in the evening...dinner, when they go to the kitchen...they’d then fill up empty bowls, after you have visited the litter box...don’t you kitties out there let your hoomins know that you have just visited the litter box, it is a very good to get excited of course!                
Just helping the hoomins with their chorus, see?

As for being in two places at the same time as I’ve said it before it’s just nonsense, there is no other Ozzy in the house, only myself....I just like to know what’s going on and to keep an eye on hoomins, I mean I need to check that places like the shower and bathroom are safe for them to use, to help them with their house chorus (not vacuuming though…don’t like that noisy thing they use..) and cooking, I’d help them to clean all that mess and inspect that they are doing everything right by of course jumping on the kitchen counters so to be close by....just being considerate and helpful, you see…
Shower is safe to use’re welcome!
So hoomins stop those nasty accusation I’m just being myself, a kind and helpful kitty and you should be glad that you have found could have done a lot worse by adopting another cat who would have cared about nothing (like those other three lazy ones...)

After all I’m not just cute and pretty I’m very helpful and caring, don’t you agree?

Purrs and meows till next time!

Monday, 15 April 2019

Eating, sleeping and bullying....not really...well maybe sometimes!

There are three things that hoomins think that I do...rather well all the time...and which things well let’s say they believe that I’m not at my best behaviiour!
Of course that is not true...As everybody knows I’m a well behaved kitty and all these accusations are just stories that my hoomins are making up to destroy my good reputation. To be honest I really don’t know why hoomins are so mean to me sometimes....I thought they like me but then again...they are hoomins after all...not the best species around and at times so unpredictable….

So first of all I would like to emphasise and make very clear that despite any rumours that they might go around at the moment I don’t eat all the time and I’m not fat as hoomins keep saying...Ozzy you need to stop eating...Ozzy you are too fat...pfft...all lies, especially the one that goes around at the moment that apparently I fell into the bin in the kitchen while I was trying to get to some leftover chicken...nonsense...As I’ve said it before it was an accident...I’just slipped and fell into the bin...I wasn’t trying to get inside or anything...why I would like to get inside the smelly bin? I’m a cat after all and not a smelly dog...pfft, really now!

Also I don’t eat all the time or I try to steal the other cats or hoomins food...of course not. I eat my own while and at the same trying to be considerate as well by also trying to save hoomins some money by making sure that no food is getting wasted...if it is being abandoned...and no I do not try to steal their food while they are still eating...what kitty would do such a thing, really now! As for the hoomins dinner I’m just making sure that is safe for them to eat....again not trying to steal it!
And for the million time,  I’m not fat...I simply look big because of all the extra fur I carry over all these cold months...I’m just fluffier than normal that’s all...
So hoomins can you stop circulating all these lies that I’m fat and that I eat too much, all these accusations need to stop right now, please!

As for my sleeping I don’t snore or push hoomins off the bed while I’m sleeping...I’m only taking a little space on the bed and try to keep out of the hoomins way at night...They must have some kind of nightmare or dreaming about me trying to push them off the bed or biting their hands and feet at night if exposed or snoring...this is not snoring...Don’t you know hoomins the difference between snoring and purring...only us kitties purr and it is unique to each of what you call snoring is actually a very melodic purring....

As for me being a bully....ha! This really tops it up...How dare you say that I’m a bully when I’m clearly trying to keep everybody in tip form as they are all lazy and don’t exercise very I need to make sure that they do a bit of running so to burn some of that excess energy they are accumulating....I’m only being playful and trying to motivate everybody...If I did bully them, then  where is the fur or scratches to be seen....Besides them two are simply drama queens who like nothing better than over reacting and to try to get me into trouble by pretending that I’m attacking them....They are the bullies not me, hoomins!
Who’s fat hoomins?
Anymeow now that I’ve said the truth I think I truly deserve a little treat so I think I’d go and check on hoomins to see if they are about to fill up bowl I mean...It is well passed my dinner time after all!

Purrs and meows for now!

Monday, 8 April 2019

Things that we cats like to do....not to annoy hoomins of course...on purpose!

It is true of course that we cats sometimes we do things and behave in certain ways that sometimes...I say sometimes, might annoy hoomins because they might think that we behave in that way on purpose....just to annoy them, which of course is not true...well most of the times anyway! We are simply having a bit of fun!

Just relaxing....the sofa is all mine now hoomin!

Let me give you some examples....let’s talk about the little game of you know I like to sit where you are currently sitting hoomin and I would try my hardest to make you get up, no matter how hard you might try to ignore me....I would be just standing there, starring till you give in and if that doesn’t seem to work then I would try the sudden attack approach, I’d jump on the same seat and I’d use claws to scratch any hoomin part available till the hoomin has had enough
 and gives in and abandons his seat....Then I’d own that seat...for a little while of course, till the hoomin finds another spot to sit, which spot it would be soon also mine as I’d come to claim it soon enough....You see I’ve got bored with the old seat and now I want to sit where the hoomin is sitting again....It’s all a bit of fun although sometimes hoomins seem to get a bit annoyed...they don’t get to the spirit of the game, which really I can’t seem to understand for the life of me. Not fun at all those hoomins sometimes!

Choo Choo plays this game pretty well with the hoomin’s bean bag, he only has to do the starring trick with her, he just stands there and stares and hoomin soon gives up her seat and Choo would claim it (after the hoomin has said a few swearing words, which I would not of course repeat....I don’t think it is appropriate and I don’t approve when hoomins are swearing....such bad front of us...such a lack of respect...really!) and till Choo Choo gets bored of course, in a little while and decides that the bed is a better option! Such a fun, Choo Choo is the best in annoying the hoomin!

Faith is good at it as well especially with the sofa. What Faith does well is playing to being indecisive card, not deciding in which side of the sofa wants to sit, especially when hoomin is watching TV and then can’t sit down as Faith is keeps changing her mind and moves from one side of the sofa to the other....not a very happy hoomin here but what the is fun watching them two play music sofas!

My own little preference is the other hoomin’s chair in his office....when he is pretending that he is working I go and steal his chair...he only needs to get up to go the kitchen for a minute to move a bit and then the seat is all mine! Then of course you pretend that you are fast asleep so when hoomin comes back doesn’t want to wake you he decides to sit on the other chair or on the sofa....well of course the fun doesn’t really stop there! Now there is another challenge to steal hoomins new sitting spot and annoy him! Fun times....Again I don’t approve of course of all those swearing words that hoomins would sometimes say....not nice, hoomin must learn not to loose their temper that easy....after all I’m only having a bit of fun!

Another good way to annoy hoomins is of course to constantly insist to be on the other side of a closed door....Kitties that are going outside can play this game by wanting to be indoors when they are outside and wanting to go outside when indoors but for us kitties that don’t like going outside and prefer being indoors all the time there there are always a lot of doors to play with....With me and Choo Choo is mainly the bedroom door.....we’ll constantly scratch at the door and jump on the handle when we are locked outside to get in and of course to be let out when we are inside and the door is closed....The same applies for the bathrooms doors of course...we don’t like it when we can’t see what’s going in there....No hoomins you can’t have your privacy, we need to know what’s going on in there, besides it is after all for you own good as well...we are keeping an eye on you just in case you have an accident or stop complaining.

Anymeows better go now and by the way if hoomins say anything about finding me inside the rubbish bin looking for chicken bones is all a was just an accident....I don’t know how I fell is all a blur...a traumatic experience which I would rather forget!

So purrs and meows till next time!

I’m not a moaning cat....despite what hoomins think!

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