Life with Ozzy and.. Tolkien

Life with Ozzy and.. Tolkien
The misadventures of Ozzy and Tolkien at home

Saturday, 5 January 2019

My favourite hoomin…on Caturday

As I’ve said before they are a lot of misconceptions about us, cats I mean when it comes to our daily activities. For example some hoomins believe that we don’t really do much during the day at home…that we only eat and sleep and wait for hoomins to come home so to have…food and fun…
Well, yes and no! Of course we are looking forward to our hoomins coming home, they are our favourite hoomins after all and they’ll refill empty food bowls and spend some quality time with us..But and at the same time we don’t just eat and sleep during the day when hoomins are not at home…We do need to eat of course to survive and maintain our good wealth and to snooze so to save enough energy to use when hoomins finally get at home, but this is not what we only do during the day…no way…as any cat would tell you there are a lot of things that each of us needs to take care of!
A kitty like myself who is responsible for three other cats and two hoomins has a lot of things to do on a daily basis. I’d most definitely need a lot of time and space to list everything that I need to take care every day but I guess a few examples might be more appropriate in this instance…
For starters as I’ve said it before and at some point I would need to go into more detail I’m responsible for making sure that hoomins wake up and get up on time on weekdays and weekends of course…This is really a hard and tiring process as hoomins can be really hard work when it comes to getting up in the say that they are lazy and need a lot of persuasion is an understatement!!
Then of course I need to make sure that hoomins will feed everybody before they leave the house…all the food bowls are empty and therefore they need (the hoomins I mean) some reminder to fill them up…they might simply forget and they’d be rather unfortunate to say at least if the other cats are not fed as well as the one that lives in that big  plastic box and who needs daily feeding as well apparently (but his food is bizarre as he eats like the birdies outside…seeds, fruits, etc…what cat is he really?) and cleaning as he tends to make a lot of mess on that plastic house of his (he can’t really be a small cat, can he? I mean he is far too messy to be a cat, us cats are very tidy and clean creatures (in general). So I need to make sure (every day that is) that hoomins remember to feed everybody and don’t forget to refill the water bottles as well and cleaning the litter trays too…after all it is their duty as cat servants, don’t you agree? So I need to be persistent and loud…Don’t get me wrong I don’t mind doing it  every day, it is my responsibility after all to make sure that first thing first in the morning everybody is fed, before hoomins have their own black smelly stuff that brews on that big pot…but the whole process can be really hard work and it does take a lot of effort.
This is why I like those days like caturdays when hoomins stay at home all day and I can have a good rest then on one of my two favourite hoomins for a long while…Caturdays are always nice relaxing days for all of us…cats and hoomins…although meal times can be an issue sometimes as hoomins are becoming very lazy and they do need some extra reminders…

Snoozing on my hoomin on Caturday

Anymeow better go now…hoomin is in the kitchen and I feel that I must remind him that some food bowls are empty again…pfft hoomins…sometimes!

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