Life with Ozzy and.. Tolkien

Life with Ozzy and.. Tolkien
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Monday, 14 January 2019

Faith's little training tricks and how to train your own hoomin

You know hoomins sometimes believe that we cats are rather peculiar as they don't always understand why we behave the way we do....well fair enough, after all we cats don't always seem to understand why hoomins behave the way they do either.

So I would like to reassure hoomins that their cats are not acting really strange as, we, cats always do things for a reason...maybe not an obvious one, nevertheless a good one.
So when you see a cat liking a wall, chasing an invisible...something, starring at what it seems like nothing, acts like she/he can’t hear her/his hoomin, etc, etc, well be reassured that there is a good reason for doing so. Well, I’m not going to tell you what those reasons are, because this is something that you hoomins need to figure out for yourselves of are after all the intelligent species.

But of course sometimes we also do things for reasons that they are really quite clear, even for you hoomins, for example; we’ll meow to get your attention, especially when we are hungry or we want some attention and perhaps something to keep ups occupied for a while or we want you to entertain us, you know, when we feel what you hoomins called uninspired...
But some other times we also do things just for our hoomins, you know so to keep them in good shape, trained them when we think that they might need a bit of training, especially when they are knew to our ways and habits.

A good example of how we often train our hoomins is Faith’s training regime...of course each cat would use a different modified more appropriate way to train his/her hoomin. I know of cats that they would use the try to avoid me when you are climbing the stairs carrying something that it might complete cover your vision so you are likely to miss the cat that she snoozes on one one of the steps method...or I’m behind a closed door perhaps and I’m scratching or meowing to let me in although I don’t really want to come in I’m only testing your patience method  or I’d sleep next to the bed, on the same spot where you are more likely to step on when you are getting out of bed method, etc, etc. Faith though uses another technique, perhaps not that well known, the I’d be sitting just behind you with my tail touching your feet so you’d need to try and  avoid stepping on it when you move and of course to be always aware that I’d always be standing right behind you method. This is of course something that we all try with our hoomins in many occasions (except from Ripley that is, as she can’t be really asked to follow hoomins around the house anymore...she’d simply meow really loud and suddenly to get the attention she wants, when she wants her food bowl to be replenish that is..and hoomins are less likely to expect such a loud meowing out of the blue…actually it is a very good method, which I might try at some point).

Faith doesn’t discriminate...she would use hoomins and Ripley for pillow

But I’d admit that we have trained our hoomins quite well as they have learned to avoid us most of the times, even when we are always there when least expected that is (how we do this...appearing out of the blue when least expected it is one of our unique superpowers that we, all cats possessed if you are to know hoomins). But there is always room for improvement of course as they still need to learn not only how to avoid us 100% of the time but also to learn not to yell when they see us’s not good for their health to get hysterical for no apparent reason you know.

Also and the reason why Faith uses the hoomin as a step to get to the sofa is because she is the shortest way (the hoomin that is), you know a short cut...and I’m sure that hoomin doesn’t really mind when Faith walks all over her to get to the sofa instead of using the foot stool next to her....

Of course not, our hoomins understand us, they are well trained, most of the times that is as they often seem to forget to fill up those empty food bowls when they are know some empathy here would it be good hoomins...kitty here rather hungry at the moment.

Anymeows better go now...till next time keep meowing and purring!!

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