Life with Ozzy and.. Tolkien

Life with Ozzy and.. Tolkien
The misadventures of Ozzy and Tolkien at home

Monday, 7 January 2019

Things to do…

As I’ve said before being at home is not at all boring as a kitty like me will always find ways to entertain and amuse himself. Of course there are a lot of chores  that they need to be done every day as hoomins as every kitty of this world knows too well, are really hard work sometimes as often you have to remind them about almost everything…But there is always time to have some fun,,,to bother hoomins so to get some attention, to play with my toys and hoomins things that they don’t want you to touch, to chase Faith around the house, to annoy Ripley when she is awake (although this is proving to be harder than it was used to be as she seems to have learnt to ignore me more and more every day…I blame hoomins for this you know…to try and steal Choo Choo’s snoozing spot without annoying him as sometimes he can be a little rough and not that much fun, etc, etc the list can go on and on…).
Yes there are lot of things that I can do to entertain myself when I get the time of course and after I have finished with my duties as after all I’m the one who keeps every one under control and makes sure that they do what they supposed to do as they can all be really lazy and forgetful at times, especially the hoomins that is. A cat has to do do what he has to do to maintain the right balance in his home and to keep everybody happy at the same time…yes, yes I’m a very fair kitty and I treat everybody the same way with the respect they deserve!
But I always make sure that I put some time aside for myself, to entertain myself. Of course living with hoomins has its many benefits as they don’t just make sure that there is always enough food in the bowls, keep the litter trays clean, provide with sufficient entertainment when it is required from them to do so but also they make sure that they bring home things that a kitty like myself can use to entertain himself. I’m referring of course to the boxes that they regularly arrive (although I must admit I’m not so keen on all those strange hoomins that they ring the doorbell and give me sometimes a freight…nope, not at all keen!). There are always boxes to try on and all are often different sizes, some just right, some perhaps a little too small but they can be made to be the right fit and some others which are ridiculously big and probably are made for hoomins although I must admit I have never seen any of my hoomins trying any of these boxes, which it is a shame really cause they don’t know what they are actually missing by no using them…but again and as I’ve said it before and everybody knows…hoomins are not really that bright, as they often do things that they look silly or make no sense at all…
Here I am on my today’s box...hey hoomin what is that  black spot on the ceiling that keeps moving?

But anymeow the fact remains that hoomins do provide me with a lot of boxes on almost daily basis which gives me a lot of opportunities and to have a lot of fun with the other cats and hoomins (especially when they don’t know that I’m inside well hidden, he he (quite fun). Of course and not that I’m complaining by any means but what on earth do these hoomins buy so frequently to have sooo many boxes delivered so frequently…It is really a mystery…What the hoomin said when he emptied today’s box?…oh yes something that sounded like…’another box of cat food was delivered again today…they eat too much!’ Who eats too much hoomin?
Well I’m sure I would figure out the mystery sooner or later but I better go now as I can hear a hoomin in the kitchen opening cupboards, time I think to remind them about empty bowls again…
Till next time then

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