Life with Ozzy and.. Tolkien

Life with Ozzy and.. Tolkien
The misadventures of Ozzy and Tolkien at home

Monday, 27 January 2020

Things still are not getting any better and Tolkien has developed some stranger behaviours!

I’m watching from a safe distance all the massacre that is taking place in the  kitchen with Tolkien and the cardboard box!

So here we are at the end of the first month of the new year and things haven’t improved yet or at least gone back to be as they once were (ahh the good old days of last year!)...Hoomins are still talking all these nonsenses about doing big changes in our lives and moving to new and sunny places....yeah this is going to happen, not! It’s all a strange disease, a phase as hoomins sometimes say and it will soon pass, I hope!

But the problem currently is not really the hoomins and their own peculiarities but the peculiarities that I see on Tolkien as each day it passes by and he grows up to be soon a full grown cat (good grief!). He is so strange this kitten that even hoomins seem to agree with me, even if they are still believing in fairy tales, that Tolkien is actually a handsome fellow (by the way I am the handsome fellow in this story) or a pretty cat....I mean he is not pretty at all…for starters he has the longest tail I’ve ever seen in a cat (and of course I’m comparing to my one which it’s a normal pretty tail of a cute cat like meowself). I guess though that it perhaps does help him a little when it comes to jumping in high places. Then of course there are all those nipples…so many nipples which hoomins say they look like buttons (which I guess explains why he was found the other day by the hoomins wearing one of the hoomin’s bra and wandering around in the house...I sincerely hope that this was really the only reason of course as Tolkien is already too peculiar as it is!).

Along with his normal strange behaviours which we all are familiar with by now he has also developed some new ones which they could be seen as being even worse than his previous ones....I mean he has now developed this new obsession of trying to behave like a normal cat and he is now attempting  to cover after he has been to the litter tray. You know how things are…he has been watching me and he likes to copy what I do....but as I had said it many times before he is terrible at learning anything that it can be of any use that is! So instead of covering like a normal cat would do with what there is available to use instead he is trying to cover by using the sides of the tray, the floor outside.....with no much success really, but as hoomins say at least he tries. In his last attempt he manage to use one pellet to cover....someone might say that is a start but I still believe that he is totally hopeless and he is never going to learn...sorry hoomins Tolkien is not capable and clever like is time to accept the facts!

Yes, yes, he might look innocent and some might say even cute but Tolkien is a cardboard killer!

Then there is the other bad habit that he has recently developed and which habit hoomins are not so keen on at the moment! He likes destroying boxes and in particular boxes that hoomins keep things in....You see there were 2 boxes on the bedroom unit that Tolkien was using to jump onto the top of the door and now there are only the one...Tolkien has managed to completely destroy one of them, lid and all (and it wasn’t because I’d used to sit on them, that was a long time ago before Tolkien started using it as a trampoline of course). So the other day one of the hoomins found Tolkien with his head inside the box with all the hoomin’s CDs....hoomin was not pleased at all and he told Tolkien that he would not find any Cat Stevens CDs in there....I’m not sure what hoomin meant by that but the other hoomin started laughing!
 As for the lid of the box....oh yes it had a terrible fate as Tolkien now has a new obsession! Eating cardboard (along with paper of course)....He likes eating cardboard and making a whole mess in the that poor lid had a terrible fate at the teeth of ended up in many many many pieces. So Tolkien got his own box for a while before of course downsized it very quickly....
Hoomins of course they are not very keen with his new obsession as he tends to chew everything that looks like paper or any cardboard box he finds and of course and as a result he leaves a lot of mess everywhere! Nope not so happy hoomins especially since Tolkien managed to make a big mess on the clean kitchen and living room floor yesterday. Of course and to be honest this last obsession of Tolkien doesn’t really bother me that much....after all if he eats paper and cardboard that means that he doesn’t eat a lot of the food and in particular my food (although he still eats quite a lot and especially biscuits....).

Anymeows better go now....things to do and see....what Tolkien has eaten now!

Purrs and meows till next time!

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Monday, 20 January 2020

Healthy living and small carbon pawprint it’s not for cats, hoomins!

Why hoomins would consider downsizing now...ideally they need to increase the size of the furniture like the sofa instead....not a lot of room for meowself and Tolkien!

Now that we are well into the new year and the new decade if you care about this sort of thing of course you’d have expected that by now things would have gone back to be normal again!
Unfortunately this is not the case, not with my hoomins at least!
You see, they don’t seem to have recovered as yet from this new year hoomin disease which seems to be very wide spread and very very contagious by the looks of it among all hoomins and apparently nobody is immune. Thank god it doesn’t spread among us, cats, pfew!
So yes my hoomins haven’t as yet recovered from this strange illness of wanting at the beginning of what they call a new year (although it is the middle of the season in reality) to start new habits and lifestyle so to improve their life (and ours apparently, like it needed any improvement life had been purrfect till hoomins got ill of course!). 
So now hoomins have this disease and the symptoms are their attempts to have a healthy life and to also try and downsize on everything, even on our living space....All of the sudden (which I think it is another symptom of their disease) they’ve started watching these videos on TV about these hoomin tiny houses (seriously these little houses are far too small for cats, like meowself and Tolkien….as there is not enough spaces to snooze or to do a bit running...I don’t think that there is even enough space for Tolkien to stretch on the floor his many legs and long tail....Those houses are definitely not for cats like ourselves who we love our space at home). So my hoomins and after watching far too many of these videos  they have started talking about the possibility of eventually also doing some downsizing themselves and even building one of these tiny houses in a sunny country they say to make the most of the nice weather....What is a sunny country anymeows and why my hoomins are even talking about downsizing and even’s definitely not my hoomins that they are talking all these nonsenses, it’s that awful disease I was telling you about, it’s the only logic explanation after all that kinda makes any sense!

By the way hoomins we also need a bigger cat tree too...and a few new toys perhaps!
I mean they are actually talking about getting rid of a lot of things that they don’t need or use anymore and living a simple life in a small space that it can accommodate their needs without causing unnecessary harm to the environment...And it’s not the hoomins’ stuff that is really the issue (after all they do have far too many clothes and shoes which they do not really need....they should use one nice fur coat like we do and a pair of shoes if they have to wear shoes after all). No, no it’s not the clothes that the hoomins want to get rid or the books and other things that they have no really use to me anyway that seriously worries me....What it worries me is that they even are considering downsizing by losing some of my favourite for example, two...well quite a few perhaps sofas in different rooms or those big cosy chairs and of course and very importantly my precious toys (even those that Tolkien now is allowed to use). No hoomins it is time to come to your senses! There is no need to downsize here, I need all my toys and all the spare boxes in the house along with the available paper (which Tolkien after all loves to chew and eat), cat beds and houses (even if we are not using them never know we might use them in the distant future) along of course with scratching posts....etc. Don’t get me wrong I don’t mind it if hoomins decide to get some new toys or surfaces to climb and scratch, of course not but and at the same time I positively refuse of getting rid any of my old stuff, no way hoomins. Also and all this talking about healthy eating again and again….hoomins should know by now that  it doesn’t apply to my or Tolkien’s food and therefore there is no need for ourselves to live a healthy life…healthy life for cats, good grief whatever next! You hoomins, you can eat as much green stuff and fruit as you like (with a bit of meat and fish on the side of course) but don’t try under any circumstances to change any of my eating habits. No need, all cat food is very healthy after all....I’m an excellent example of good health and purrfect appearance....I’m not fat or even overweight despite what hoomins might think and’s all under control and what it looks like a bit of weight it is actually what it keeps me warm these cold months. It’s my body’s natural way to keep me in good condition....So nothing needs to change and my carbon paw is very small and my eating habits and way of life doesn’t cause any harm to the environment....besides I’m a cat after all and not a hoomin so what harm can I do (I don’t even harm birdies or other small creatures, no need). 

So let’s hope that my hoomins would soon recover from this awful sickness and they’d go back to their old habits very very soon....before they actually do something really dangerous which would destroy my own happy and healthy environment!

Till next time 

Purrs and Meows!

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Monday, 13 January 2020

Pfft! Back to normality again....nope I don’t like it and Tolkien is a very strange kitten by the way!

Oh I miss those days when hoomins were at home all days...purrfect place to snooze!
Well here we are in the second week of back to normality again and everybody seems to have gone back to their normal routine. Hoomins are going to work every day and I’m left with Tolkien during the day till the hoomins come back again, which I must admit it hasn’t been that great! I do like snoozing in a quiet house but and at the same time I do miss the hoomins being around all day, every day dealing with the bizarre behaviour that Tolkien is still exhibiting! I mean I know he is still young and he will eventually grow out of many of the things he does but still he is very strange and hard to control at times without the help of hoomins....who and by the way they are still also behaving strange themselves as well! You see they are still coming up with those silly new year ideas about changing a lot of things....I must admit though and to my relief they have at least stop going on about eating less and losing weight especially now that they are going out every day and not spending as much time at home as before. But they are still talking a lot of nonsense about changing our way of living and doing things differently, you know they keep saying that we are due for some changes, like for example getting rid of some things we don’t need any more (some of which happened to be some of my toys, which hoomins believe they are just taking space…which it is of course total nonsense. I love my toys in the box they are being kept…and you never know hoomins one day I might decide to play with some of them or allow Tolkien to look at them....). But I guess that this is another phase that they are going through, you know their way of coping with the everyday monotony of having to go to work again and not staying at home and being lazy as they were used to be during the holidays so I don’t really mind them when they talking about changes....You know nothing would ever change, hoomins like to talk a lot and do very little as they are after all quite lazy and deep down they are afraid of changes....see? Us, cats understand our hoomins better than they understand themselves, this is why we are so tolerant as well and cope with all these crazy things they decide to do...for a little while that is!
But I can cope with the peculiarities of my hoomins, when it comes to Tolkien though, well,  that’s a different story all together! That kitten doesn’t stop to surprise me as each day goes by! I mean there are a lot of things that I don’t remember from my own kittenhood that kittens might like to do and could be considered as normal for a young cat but some of the things that Tolkien does....well I’m pretty sure that no other kitten would ever do!
Yeap Tolkien loves his paper...and the mess he makes!
You see, it’s not just his bad eating habits of eating hoomin food that no hoomin or cat should be eating in the first place because it just tastes awful, like the black stuff they call marmite, yuk and not liking things like milk at all....or even ice cream (how is this possible?). Then it’s the problem with the paper, he just loves eating paper and even tries to chew occasionally the plastic bag he might spot (hoomins won’t usually let him but he would attempt to have a bite nevertheless). And now the whole corridor is covered with chewed paper....I mean what is the big deal with that paper? It tastes even worse than the hoomins’ marmite....I don’t understand his obsession and even more the mess he would make afterwards! Well, actually I blame hoomins for all the mess he has made and now you can’t even find the carpet to hide as it is their fault after all. They did let him chew that paper so I don’t feel sorry for them now that they have to clean his mess! I don’t even feel sorry for the hoomin whatsoever even after Tolkien chewed one of his drawing notepads....He has only himself to blame! He shouldn’t have left it available for Tolkien to get to it especially now that Tolkien has got a paper tooth! Yeap it is hoomin’s fault after all! Good thing though that weren’t any drawings on that notepad otherwise hoomin would have been very very annoyed!

But it’s not just Tolkien’s peculiar eating habits he is also acting very strange when it comes to some of the scary stuff in the house. He simply isn’t afraid of things that are very scary. For example he is not afraid of the noisy monster which hoomins call vacuum cleaner and which they use rather often I would say and which makes a terrible and frightening noise....So Tolkien instead of going to hiding when hoomins are vacuuming he instead just follows around and watches the hoomin using that scary monster....what a silly kitten. Then he is not also afraid of Grizzly, the scary hamster when he is on his ball and running around the house when hoomins are cleaning his house....instead he again follows him around and tries to play with stupid! He doesn’t seem to understand how scary Grizzly really is....those hamsters are dangerous, you know!
So instead of being afraid of normal things that any cat should be very weary about he is scared instead of silly things like spaghetti which hoomins quite often cook and eat. You know that long stringy thingi which and to  be honest doesn’t taste that bad (better than marmite or paper some might say). So the other day and when hoomins drop one on the flood while cooking and Tolkien was close by he got really scared especially when hoomins try to show him that it was rather harmless…Instead he ran away and went into hiding...Hoomins have only to wave a little spaghetti in front of him and he would vanish from the kitchen and go into the bedroom to hide! What a scary cat....afraid of spaghetti, ha ha so funny! Strange kitten! Well at least hoomins have now found his weakness, the spaghetti, ha ha!

Better go now I need to check what the hoomins are cooking in the never know we might have another spaghetti incident tonight again!

Hee hee! 
Purrs and meows till next time!!!

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Monday, 6 January 2020

A New Year and hoomins are still the same strange old hoomins...and there is Tolkien of course!

I’d just sit here and watch the hoomins eating less and exercising....pfft strange hoomins!
Well, and as I was saying last week, I do like hoomins holidays especially the part where hoomins spend a lot more time at home than going outside and of course the extra food and the decorations which and with a kitten at home can often provide hours of fun...Although Tolkien was a bit of a disappointment at first of course he eventually though got used to the Christmas decorations and he learnt pretty quickly how to make...well, let’s say the better use of them with the a little help from gravity and some encouragement from meowself of course!
But unfortunately and as it is with all good things holidays too don’t seem to last for too long so all the decorations came down again, rather quickly I thought and the house now looks like it used to before (a bit boring…thanks for all the cat toys I say which they seem to give a bit of a character to the house, you know they make it more cosy and lively….not messy of course!) and the hoomins have also gone back to their old routine again and they spend once again too much time outside!

It is not of course that I mind too much the fact that everything has returned to the way it was before that much, although it is a bit annoying that there are no decorations or tree anymore in the house for Tolkien to knock over or hide under the sofa, especially those round shiny balls. It is sad but it’s not the end of the world after’s just the fact that hoomins now believe that things they need to also change because apparently we are now in a new year. Meowself I can’t really tell why it is a new one and not the still previous old one...I can’t see any difference really between the old and the new one!
But then again hoomins are peculiar after all and they can do whatever they want as long as they don’t get me involved in their peculiarities...
I mean that hoomins do the strangest things at times and then they seem to be regretting doing them...Take for example all that food that they’ve eaten during those festive days....quite a lot. They bought and ate a lot of food that they’d normally not eat or even consider eating just because it was Christmas and now they are complaining that they’ve spent too much money and that they’ve eaten too much and they need to go on a diet and lose weight...Which of course at first I though it was a good thing as they were worrying about themselves and they were not interested so much in meowself and my weight, in their opinion of course, issue (there is no issue here, believe me).
We are watching that pesky squirrel stealing the bird food again....this is sort of exercising...isn’t it?
So now that this new year apparently has started they are all about the new year’s resolutions and the new things that they need to do....such as eating healthy, exercising and losing weight of course!. Which and as I’ve said it before it’s fine by me as long as it doesn’t affect me in anyway....which I thought it wasn’t till they’ve started including me too in their silly plans of eating healthier....not only meowself but also Tolkien too! I mean he is still a kitten and he doesn’t have any weight issues....he is quite lean....But no, hoomins are crazy, at least my hoomins as they want us all to eat less and healthier and even and listen to this crazy idea, to exercise more....Who ever heard of a cat exercising....seriously now! A little playing and chasing with Tolkien around the house is more than enough, thank you very much hoomins!

Apparently and according to my hoomins the new year has just started! Good grief! I sincerely hope that this new year madness doesn’t last for very long and hoomins come to their senses pretty soon....otherwise I can’t see meowself lasting the whole year on this small portions and this exercising more very bad idea!

Better go now...maybe hoomins have left some crumbs in my food bowl or Tolkien’s!

Purrs and meows and a happy Meow Year to all!

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The wars of the blanket and the mystery of the underwear draw….

MY BLANKET…Tolkien cannot have it! Hallo hoomins and cats out there in the wide world outside. Another week has just passed and a few things...