Life with Ozzy and.. Tolkien

Life with Ozzy and.. Tolkien
The misadventures of Ozzy and Tolkien at home

Friday, 10 December 2021

How to wake up your hoomins in the mornings…some of the methods and techniques we often use…

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So here we are again, another week has just passed and things at home are as normal as it has recently been…you know the hoomins blame me for almost everything that goes wrong at home and Tolkien getting away again as usual with everything he does because he is still young and…stoopid. But at least holiday madness hasn’t hit our household as yet as my hoomins like doing things the old fashion way as they are keep saying which I guess is a good thing. So our Christmas decorations are not due for a few more days which means a few more days of normal life at least. Not that I don’t like the Christmas decorations as they do make the house look nice after all. It’s just all that mess before and after and of course an over excited Tolkien to cope with that they are the issues. But this is something I guess I’d more likely mention in the next week’s blog.

Today though I’d like to pick up another important subject and explain how meowself and Tolkien usually deal with it.

We know of course that since early of the last year a lot of the hoomins for their own reasons (good reasons in my opinion) including my hoomins decided to spend a lot of time at home and not to go to what they’ve used to call the office to do work. Which of course worked out to be an excellent permanent it seems solution having the hoomins at home all the time so you can get all the attention you need when you needed even if the hoomins were doing ‘office work’ and they were  supposed not to be disturbed (there is always a way to disturb them and get the attention you want when you want it….just been a clever cat and you’d quickly figure out). 

So yes I still like it that my hoomins are at home all the time(both of them of course with the health issues now have been resolved). But unfortunately and with hoomins of course things are not always that simple and straightforward as they’re known to often create problems not just for themselves but for the others that live with them as well. 

A good example is of course when the hoomins are at home all the time they’re also becoming rather lazy and they don’t have a routine for anything anymore especially when it comes to the mornings and when they’d eventually wake up and decide to get up and feed meowself and Tolkien. You know we can be patient and understanding but there is a time limit to that patience. We need to have our breakfast at a decent time so to keep our strength. 

Tolkien trying some blind noise for the hoomins!

So meowself and Tolkien have come with some techniques we now use in the mornings to make sure that the hoomins or at least one of them gets up at a reasonable time to make our breakfast (we’ll like to leave the other one asleep because she is still of course recovering so she needs extra rest and also it is quite good to have a warm and comfy hoomin when going back to bed after breakfast time is over).

Of course the first thing we’d do in the mornings when we are up and about is our exercises, you know a little running, chasing around the house and room, some jumping on the bed and of course Tolkien been Tolkien and not been able to help himself some meowing and loud crying (he can be such a baby sometimes). Hoomins seem to have used to our morning exercises by now so they don’t usually react so often we have to use different approaches. 

For example Tolkien likes jumping on the top of the bedroom door where he does a little of bit scratching which again it doesn’t seem to be bothering the hoomins that much but Tolkien likes sitting up there…

He’d also try to wake up the hoomins by scratching the wardrobe door which hoomins (and meowself to be honest) don’t really like but again he’d be ignored as the hoomins it seems are aware of why he’s doing what he is doing (clever hoomins). He’d also try the blinds on the window, you know move them so they make some kind of annoying noise….which once again doesn’t seem to work as the hoomins are used to by now.

To be honest here everything that Tolkien would normally try in the morning usually won’t work because hoomins are simply ignoring him even if they are awake and aware of what’s going on. So usually the best method is my own purrsonal one. 

You know the more gentle and well planned method of jumping on the bed unexpectedly and then doing some zooping (or as some might know it as kneading) on one of the hoomins while keeping your tail and rear end to the face of the other. Just be patient and at the end either your front or back end would prevail and the hoomins would start moving. Just be cute and then sit on the one you want to actually get up and soon enough you’d have success. The hoomin is awake and ready to get up. Also sometimes you might have to go to the litter tray before you attempt this technique if you want to be certain that you would be successful.

Yes I know it can be a hard work but sometimes you are left with no other choice. Hoomins can be hard work.

Anymeows better go now. Dinner is calling.

Purrs and Meows till next time. 

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