Life with Ozzy and.. Tolkien

Life with Ozzy and.. Tolkien
The misadventures of Ozzy and Tolkien at home

Friday, 24 December 2021

Holidays and the hoomins strange behaviours….which they can’t really be explained!


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So here we are again it’s Christmas Eve and things despite everything that happened this last year which made it a rather strange year for the hoomins things haven’t change that much from any other normal Christmas. Hoomins are back to their usual old tricks….overdoing everything just for a few days when nothing really special seems to be happening (other than having too much decorations and lights indoors…). You know, you’d still get up in the morning like usual and do the things you’d usually do, eat, snooze, eat again, snooze again and try to do the things that you’d normally do every day, etc.

 Except of course that on Christmas day hoomins believe that it is a special day so they’d try to do things a bit different. For example they’d spend a lot more time in the kitchen cooking things that they’d normally won’t cook any other day of the year because it is of course the hoomins’ that special day???

Now I don’t want the hoomins and cats out there to think that I’m an old meowmoaning cat that he likes to be grumpy and complain about everything all the time! No, no don’t get me wrong I like the idea of having plenty of food to go around, especially plenty of tasty meat and other treats, this is of course the best bit of hoomins’ holidays celebrations. It is the whole fuss and noise and the disturbance of the normal day’s routine that bothers me really….The day becomes a rather I can’t snooze too much day because the hoomins would start early disagreeing on how to cook things, for how long and why they should be doing it this way instead of that way, etc. So they’d spend a lot of their time in the kitchen arguing and cooking and then they’d start dong a lot of other unusual things that they’d never normally see them doing like playing noisy games (instead of watching just TV which plays at the background films I’ve never seen before) and arguing again while they’re waiting for cooking to be done….

So my day would be completely ruined as I wouldn’t be able to have my normal peaceful snooze and of course and let’s not forget Tolkien who won’t help either as he would try to get involved with what the hoomins would be doing each time (either cooking in the kitchen or playing their games in the living room). 

So no I don’t really like the actual Christmas Day until of course dinner time when it’s finally gets interesting and tasty! Of course after dinner things would always get better as hoomins finally go back to their old routines of spending some quiet and quality time i front of the TV and official snooze is finally on!

Tolkien being destructive once again!

Yes I know, it’s only for a day when things get a little bit chaotic and I shouldn’t really complain (I’m not after the meowmoaning cat type) but I wanted just to put out there what is that I don’t really like about the actual Christmas Day and explain why my hoomins become a bit strange this day…I guess they’re hoomins after all!

Anymeows better go now time for dinner!

Till next time Happy Holidays to all hoomins and cats out there!

Purrs and Meows till next time!

Having a little snooze without being disturbed!

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