Life with Ozzy and.. Tolkien

Life with Ozzy and.. Tolkien
The misadventures of Ozzy and Tolkien at home

Friday, 17 December 2021

Bad habits and decorations… they’re not always learned….from other cats or hoomins!


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So here we are again, almost one week away from Christmas and things are quiet and still quite normal….for this time of the year, anymeows.

Well I guess I’m quite lucky that my hoomins are not those type of hoomins who would do things because they have to or because others think that they need to be done but the sort that they would do things because they need to be done when they need to be done. A good example is of course the Christmas decorations and holiday celebrations in general. They’d not put decorations too early as they believe that they’d need to stick with traditions so they can enjoy all the Christmas period and not get bored before the Christmas and New Year holiday period is over. Of course this is their opinion and it doesn’t in any way affect me really as long as of course doesn’t interfere with my own routine and plans. They can decorate their silly tree(s) (they usually decorate two trees (a small and a bigger one) when they want to with whatever they want to as long as they don’t bother me or disrupt my snoozing or forgetting when there is dinner time!

So tonight they finally put up all their silly Christmas decorations (not too bad really) pretty quickly despite their little disagreements what decorations and lights to use….seriously sometimes hoomins are so strange when it comes to some of their arguments and decisions….does it really matter what lights go where and what colour the baubles need to be? Hoomins….Pfftt!

Anymeows that decoration business is over so now we can have a few weeks where the house would look a bit different been strangely lit up at nights and having indoors decorated trees that they should have normally been outdoors. 

But of course and as I’m a cat that always looks on the positive side of things I can say that also this time of the year there are a lot of positive things to look forward to as well like and for example the extra cooking and baking that the hoomins they’d do as and for some strange reasons they seem to believe that they need to eat a lot more this time of the year so they’d cook and bake for double the amount of people that live here (so strange those hoomins!!!). Which it is of course something that meowself and Tolkien for that matter doesn’t matter at all. It is always good to have many food choices!

Checking on hoomins efforts….pfft pathetic!

So finally and now that the hoomins have finished arguing and everything it seems to be in place I can carry on with my snoozing on my blanket…. oh yes my blanket! The same issue again! I’m mean and a bully… blah blah…and I don’t let innocent and stoopid Tolkien to share my blanket….even when I’m not using it meowself! Wherever!

Same old story again. 

But of course you all know by now that I’m not a bully and I’m not been mean to anybody or I’m teaching Tolkien any bad habits….he is far too stoopid to learn from meowself and everything he knows it has not be learned by meowself. You know he already knows as it is in his genes to be naughty, especially in the mornings when he jumps on the bed, on hoomins or scratches the wardrobe door and windows and climbs on top of the bedroom door or he runs like somebody is chasing him around the house (definitely not meowself). I haven’t taught him any of these bad habits or I’m bullying him and get into fight with him in the mornings. Also I know very well that he is a big cat now (some might even say a very big cat) and he is a lot bigger and stronger than meowself in some ways so I can’t really bully him….besides I never did bully him in the first place I’m always guide him.

Anymeows better go now, it has been after all a very long day and I need a good snooze (after my dinner of course) so I need to make certain that no Tolkien or hoomin for that matter is currently using my blanket!

Purrs and Meows till next time!

Tolkien trying to hide unsuccessfully once again!

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