Life with Ozzy and.. Tolkien

Life with Ozzy and.. Tolkien
The misadventures of Ozzy and Tolkien at home

Monday, 20 April 2020

How to survive hoomins at home...the cat edition

Here I’m relaxing after a hard day at home with hoomins of course!
Well they have been now many many weeks since my hoomins and I’m also guessing many other hoomins out there since there seems to be hardly any hoomins to be seen outside that they’ve decided to copy us and become permanently indoors hoomins....and it feels a lot more than just a few weeks in reality....but that’s another story!

So after all these many weeks with hoomins hardly going outside other than short walks or what they call ‘emergency shopping’ I’ve decided that just hoping that one day things would go back to normal and my home would again become meow home (OK and Tolkien’s too...some of it anymeows) is not going to happen any time soon so it is better to just accept the fact that hoomins are here to stay ALL THE TIME and instead start behaving accordingly.
You know if you can’t beat them just annoy them as much as you can...after all hoomins are capable of tolerating anything would do....because they are gullible and I must admit stupidly caring hoomins.

So I’ve decided to stop getting annoyed with hoomins being at home all the time and instead to try and make the most of the current almost impossible situation we are all in….
You know doing things a bit differently like if they don’t want to get up in the morning then they is just fine by meowself and Tolkien…we simply change our daily routine as well so I then just sit on top of them and wait till they do get up....I’ll sit of course on both hoomins so they don’t feel neglected after all and I’d let Tolkien to do all the meowing and running around the house and playing with the bedroom curtains till hoomins of course get eventually the message that is ridiculously late and that is time for them to get up!

One of Tolkien’s  apparently relaxing position...sooo many legs hanging here!

Then and since of course they are at home all the time it is only natural for me to demand attention when I want attention which is usually when hoomins seem to be doing something they consider important like working in front of the computer or watching some interesting programme....there is always a good way to get their attention of course....either climbing on the desk and knock over things on the floor or have Tolkien doing his daily exercises by running and jumping on hoomins and in front of the telly when they do watch something...sometimes I’d join in the fun but most of the times Tolkien’s attempts are quite sufficient....Of course if this doesn’t work then I’d tell Tolkien to do some of his meowing....and he is very good at it....hoomins can’t simply ignore him no matter what they seem to be doing....he is sooo convincing and he still sounds like a kitten in distress...purrfect way every time to get hoomins’ attention (he is a not of course that intelligent or seems to understand why he needs to meow...Yeap he is a lot worse than he appears to be in the hoomin’s comic....Life with Ozzy.. and Tolkien available to download on Amazon).
Unfortunately I’m not very good with this meowing business but I can play the cute card instead by showing my belly and rolling around which also works very well with hoomins as they’d give me the attention I want if I need it of course....If I need some feeding climbing on the kitchen countertops works usually pretty well especially it they are working there too doing some cooking or baking...just walking up and down along with Tolkien works well and they soon get the message…Yeap my hoomins are very well trained…all my efforts all these years seem to have paid off after all!

So it seems that  things can work in our favour after all....having hoomins at home all the time can have some benefits....we just need to be persistent and not to let them ignore us when we want attention and feeding of course....and most importantly not to give up with their daily training now they are at home and keen to be trained and learn from us!

Purrs and meows till next time...hopefully I’d have trained my hoomins a bit more by then!

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