Life with Ozzy and.. Tolkien

Life with Ozzy and.. Tolkien
The misadventures of Ozzy and Tolkien at home

Monday, 27 April 2020

Hoomins, squirrels, pigeons and even water drops...they all conspire against meowself...

Here I am trying to catch some of those pesky drops...they are as bad as hoomins and that pesky squirrel and pigeon outside and very wet too... 

So another month has just passed...apologies...really it has only been a week since my last blog entry but with the hoomins at home all the time it does feel like weeks not just days that have passed....and any cat like meowself that is would easily lose any sense of time, space, reality…when he has to spend so much time at home with the many things always seem to be going wrong which also makes everything else seems to be somehow out of synch!

Mornings they are now a complete and utter chaos of events...nobody knows when hoomins would get up or if they are going to get up at all anymore as both hoomins now doing the late shift it seems and they are staying very very late every night...well early morning actually which means that meowself and Tolkien annoyingly can not really have our late night play sessions anymore....well you can’t really run about in the house when hoomins are around of course and they also seem to totally ignoring you....I mean who ever heard of hoomin doing work at 2 in the morning and not even looking a bit tired or wanting to go to bed....One hoomin says that she gets more inspired at night and the other that he is not feeling really that tired so he might as well stay up and finish work....I mean this is not normal hoomin behaviour, is it now? 

I remember the good old days when hoomins use to go to bed not later than midnight because they had to get up early to go to work....which it used to work purrfect for everybody in the house, especially us, meowself and Tolkien as we then knew what time we should wake up the hoomins so we could have our breakfast....not anymore of course! Now that hoomins are going to bed wherever they feel like and they don’t have to go to work because they do work from home apparently so there is no time for breakfast for us...we have our breakfast almost the same time we have our lunch....unheard of (even if hoomins say that there is plenty of food for us as our food bowls are full…). Well hoomins that doesn’t count as morning breakfast but as late night snacking….so there! (You can read al about the good times we used to have at home before in the hoomin’s comic Life with Ozzy.. and Tolkien available on Amazon).

And of course in all this chaos and disorder that is now happening it’s not just the hoomins that they have become impossible to live with....You see it seems now that most of the hoomins are staying at home and they hardly seem to go outside the birdies and other small animals like pesky squirrels for example outside are becoming as bad as the hoomins inside; very very annoying....I mean you now have all these fat wood pigeons coming into the bird feeders and acting  like they are going into a public restaurant, not bothered or seem to get scarred of hoomins or even us...meowself and Tolkien...even when we try to scare them away. Tolkien and meowself were trying the entire morning to scare that fat pigeon of the bird feeder away with no success whatsoever...he was just staring at us....while kept pecking away like we were not there…unbelievable!

As for that pesky squirrel….he is the worst of them all as he is now coming not only to steal the birdies food but also to try to intimidates us as well. He just sits outside by the window and stares at looks like he tries to scare us (and the hoomins too) off so we can let him nibble away in peace without distracting him....the nerve of that squirrel.
I’m telling you hoomins been at home all the time is not a good thing at all...Birds, squirrels and other creatures outside are becoming too brave and don’t seem to care about hoomins or cats being inside watching them anymore because they seem to know that they are quite safe outside now...

I’m telling your this is becoming a very stressful life for any cat like meowself to cope with and I think than I need to take some kind of holiday away from my hoomins and pesky squirrels and pigeons and Tolkien of course....I need to have some time to meowself where I can snooze and do some water drop catching in the sink in peace without being disturbed all the time by hoomins or Tolkien or that fat pigeon on the bird feeder who is also sooo noisy too trying to fit in that small bird feeder....well this is what happens when a fat bird eats too much it seems.

Now and talking about eating too much I don’t think that is the case with meowself anymore no matter what my hoomins are saying as now it seems that I do miss meals when hoomins are not awake so and therefore I do eat a lot less....and no I do not compensate later in the day by eating Tolkien’s or even the hoomin’s food... most definitely not. Although I must admit that those new biscuits hoomins recently got are very tasty....

Anymeows time to go now...feel rather pooped so I think it is time for some siesta...or beauty sleep.

Purrs and meows till next time!

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