Life with Ozzy and.. Tolkien

Life with Ozzy and.. Tolkien
The misadventures of Ozzy and Tolkien at home

Monday, 4 May 2020

How to make the most of your hoomins now that they are at home all the time…

This one of my hoomins servants....he is very good for walkies when I don’t feel like walking meowself!

So now it has been how many weeks? Does anybody remember or care anymore? 
So the hoomins it seems that they are now here to stay for good and probably permanently at home....well my hoomins are planning to it seems anyway as they don’t have any plans for going back to their old work place anymore....they say that they would now be working from home permanently....good grief!
Well of course at first it came as a big shock to me and it took me a while, a very long while to get used to the idea of having the hoomins at home permanently all the time....As I was used to have my home to meowself (well OK and sharing it with Tolkien of course) for the many hours during the day when the hoomins were at work and doing my own thing (well you can read about our life at home and all about the good times we used to have at home in the good old days before March in the hoomins comic Life with Ozzy.. and Tolkien available on Amazon) ....and enjoying many peaceful hours and saving in the meantime my energy for when the hoomins were coming home in the evening so to be ready to welcome them of course....
Tokien here is training the hoomin to feed him...crisps!
So of course and being a cat that he likes his routine I didn’t like it at all when things suddenly change. I wasn’t really totally against having the hoomins at home as they can be quite useful when you need things done and of course to also having my food and biscuit bowls constantly full but and on the other hand I didn’t like also the fact that they were always there, everywhere, watching you all the time and wanting to know where you were and what you were doing all the time....You know being so clingy and affectionate privacy to do your own thing…you now like napping without being watched or hearing the hoomins keep saying all the time how cute you really look…those hoomins always stating the obvious, I do know how cute I am hoomins for purrsake!  
But of course and now that I have kinda got used to the idea that the hoomins are here to stay after all...well I have made the necessary changes and adaptations to this new way of life! Besides us cats are very good in adapting to new things pretty easily after all we do live with hoomins who are sooo unpredictable and changing their minds all the time!
So finally I came back to my senses…you see I’ve forgotten the one basic thing...that hoomins are here after all to serve us....which of course it means that this is after all the best opportunity  to make the most of having the hoomins at home all the time....There is no point of meowself getting annoyed and wishing that things would one day go back to be normal again. Instead I can simply turn things around and use the hoomins to do whatever I want....Besides they are so easy to manipulate…sorry I meant to convince to do what you want them to do when you need something to be done!

Of course and as each of us, cats, is unique and we all have our own special ways of doing things  we naturally use different methods to communicate with our hoomins and tell them what they need to do. Tolkien for example likes to meow or as hoomins would say ‘talk a lot’ so he does all the talking with the hoomins and meows at them all the time and funny enough they seem to understand him although they can’t really meow very well themselves despite all their terrible efforts! But and in my case and since I am a cat with very few meows....(you know I don’t believe on using meows and other noises to make the hoomins do what I want them to this is such a primitive way these days and it can take a lot of time and effort sometimes to get your message across) I use a different way to tell my hoomins what I need. 
 Nope there is no need for me to meow to the hoomins....My method is very simple and effective. I only need to stand next to them or on them if necessary and then just look at them and they pretty quickly get the message...Empty bowls are no longer an issue....sitting on my favourite spot at the time I want to sit and have my snooze is no problem either (unless of course Tolkien decides to sit there first....that pesky kitten....). Of course sometimes hoomins would try their hardest to ignore meowself but again there is always another way to get their attention.... if sitting next to them or on them doesn’t work then you simply stand in front of the telly if they are watching something or on the computer if they are working....Sometimes of course hoomins might become for a short time rather vocal themselves and they’d then say some hoomins words which I don’t think that they are very nice but in the end they would eventually give in to all my demands....I’m too cute for them to resist!
Yes life has proven to be rather good and hoomins are proving to be very useful to have around all the time....they have become my purrfect servants....Of course there is still the Tolkien issue which sometimes gets in my way or gets the attention from the hoomins before meowself but he is still very gullible and easily influenced and of course he would often do what I tell him to do.....he he!

Anymeows time to go....feeling rather peckish....and I can’t see my hoomins around

Purrs and meows till next time!

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