Life with Ozzy and.. Tolkien

Life with Ozzy and.. Tolkien
The misadventures of Ozzy and Tolkien at home

Monday, 10 February 2020

The best cat of the year award goes to meowself....naturally

You see? Very handsome! I deserve an award for best cat which they should call the Ozzy award I think!

You know I’m a little peeved at the moment with my hoomins, they can be really really annoying sometimes with all their false accusations....I’m blamed for everything around here and it’s not fair....especially when Tolkien is around too....they should blame him instead as he is the kitten after all!
You see a little while ago I was accused of being a destructive force which is destroying furniture and carpets on his path....of course this is just a big misunderstanding as I was only trying to keep Tolkien know being still a kitten and getting easily bored so he needs a bit of stimulation...and exercise. So now and then we do a bit of running around the house (and we most definitely do not sound like galloping horses....when playing around a bit). So definitely it wasn’t me who moved the carpets in the hallway and corridor (it was probably Tolkien of course no doubt) and I wasn’t on the coffee table and messed up that cover too or the covers from the living room could it be meowself, I’m a wise and intelligent (and let’s not forget handsome) cat and not an excitable kitten like Tolkien (well, that’s what hoomins keep saying about him, anymeows!). 

So instead of being accused for things I’ve never did I should be getting instead awards like those hoomins get for best cat of the year or something very similar (not that fussy on these details really)....I mean after all I do deserve it....Not only I’m very cute (some of my fans think that I’m a rather handsome fellow unlike Tolkien who is just OK for a kitten) I’m also very considerate and very very caring (I do look after as you already know both my hoomins and of course Tolkien....that pesky kitten, it’s all his fault), as well as helpful (I help hoomins with all their chores, especially cooking and baking when I’m always there, in the kitchen, giving my hoomins a helping paw....again Tolkien is the one who causes all the mess and does not really help). What else...let me think now....oh yes I also help the hoomins with other things like you know help them with doing the bed, moving around the carpets (even if they think that the carpets do not need moving so I help them to change their mind by doing their work for know move them around a bit). I’m also helping them to get up in the morning so they don’t oversleep (I do get a little help from Tolkien of courser because after all they are two of them and one poor little me and I can’t be meowself in two places at the same time naturally). There are of course also a lot of other things that I do to help my hoomins and I’m always showing my appreciation by sitting on them so to let them give me the attention they feel the need to give to me and even allow them to touch my belly as well (which again it’s not big or fat to be clear on that).

So you see I’m not just a pretty face I’m very hard working and caring cat and I do a lot to help my hoomins and that pesky Tolkien of course while and at the same time I’m also helping my hoomins with their career you know I do the hard work like the blogging for them, I pose for them to take photos or draw nice pictures of me and also advise my hoomin so she can in return give some good advise to other hoomins about their cats as well. Yeap I work very hard and I think that I most definitely deserve some kind of award....and the best cat of the year award would do me just fine, don’t you think? You can always email my hoomin for the know where to send my award of course!

Working hard with Tolkien here....investigating what’s going on outside...

Anymeows and as I’ve just proved to you that I’m a very busy cat I can’t always keep up with all these public responsibilities, you know the social media, magazines,’s all getting a bit too much for me so I need to cut down a no more Instagram posting for me and Tolkien anymore I’m afraid....I’ve told my hoomin that we could at least stop posting there....well my poor hoomin also needs a bit of resting and time of.....she does quite a lot work for me you see.

Anymeows better go now that everything seems to be very quiet and Tolkien is chasing a stupid pink ball around the house....time to go and check on my hoomins they have been quiet for a while now and it is almost dinner time as well!

Purrs and meows till next time....hopefully I’d have my award by then!

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