Life with Ozzy and.. Tolkien

Life with Ozzy and.. Tolkien
The misadventures of Ozzy and Tolkien at home

Monday, 6 January 2020

A New Year and hoomins are still the same strange old hoomins...and there is Tolkien of course!

I’d just sit here and watch the hoomins eating less and exercising....pfft strange hoomins!
Well, and as I was saying last week, I do like hoomins holidays especially the part where hoomins spend a lot more time at home than going outside and of course the extra food and the decorations which and with a kitten at home can often provide hours of fun...Although Tolkien was a bit of a disappointment at first of course he eventually though got used to the Christmas decorations and he learnt pretty quickly how to make...well, let’s say the better use of them with the a little help from gravity and some encouragement from meowself of course!
But unfortunately and as it is with all good things holidays too don’t seem to last for too long so all the decorations came down again, rather quickly I thought and the house now looks like it used to before (a bit boring…thanks for all the cat toys I say which they seem to give a bit of a character to the house, you know they make it more cosy and lively….not messy of course!) and the hoomins have also gone back to their old routine again and they spend once again too much time outside!

It is not of course that I mind too much the fact that everything has returned to the way it was before that much, although it is a bit annoying that there are no decorations or tree anymore in the house for Tolkien to knock over or hide under the sofa, especially those round shiny balls. It is sad but it’s not the end of the world after’s just the fact that hoomins now believe that things they need to also change because apparently we are now in a new year. Meowself I can’t really tell why it is a new one and not the still previous old one...I can’t see any difference really between the old and the new one!
But then again hoomins are peculiar after all and they can do whatever they want as long as they don’t get me involved in their peculiarities...
I mean that hoomins do the strangest things at times and then they seem to be regretting doing them...Take for example all that food that they’ve eaten during those festive days....quite a lot. They bought and ate a lot of food that they’d normally not eat or even consider eating just because it was Christmas and now they are complaining that they’ve spent too much money and that they’ve eaten too much and they need to go on a diet and lose weight...Which of course at first I though it was a good thing as they were worrying about themselves and they were not interested so much in meowself and my weight, in their opinion of course, issue (there is no issue here, believe me).
We are watching that pesky squirrel stealing the bird food again....this is sort of exercising...isn’t it?
So now that this new year apparently has started they are all about the new year’s resolutions and the new things that they need to do....such as eating healthy, exercising and losing weight of course!. Which and as I’ve said it before it’s fine by me as long as it doesn’t affect me in anyway....which I thought it wasn’t till they’ve started including me too in their silly plans of eating healthier....not only meowself but also Tolkien too! I mean he is still a kitten and he doesn’t have any weight issues....he is quite lean....But no, hoomins are crazy, at least my hoomins as they want us all to eat less and healthier and even and listen to this crazy idea, to exercise more....Who ever heard of a cat exercising....seriously now! A little playing and chasing with Tolkien around the house is more than enough, thank you very much hoomins!

Apparently and according to my hoomins the new year has just started! Good grief! I sincerely hope that this new year madness doesn’t last for very long and hoomins come to their senses pretty soon....otherwise I can’t see meowself lasting the whole year on this small portions and this exercising more very bad idea!

Better go now...maybe hoomins have left some crumbs in my food bowl or Tolkien’s!

Purrs and meows and a happy Meow Year to all!

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