Life with Ozzy and.. Tolkien

Life with Ozzy and.. Tolkien
The misadventures of Ozzy and Tolkien at home

Monday, 18 January 2021

The disappointing side of hoomins…these times!

You know that the moment I move from here that pesky Tolkien would steal my seat again...pfft!

You know I’ve been living for a very long time with my hoomins and I must admit even after all this time they can’t stop sometimes disappointing meowself. 

I mean of course I know like all cats out there who share their homes with their hoomins that hoomins are not purrfect or even adequate in many ways but you know after all this time we have at least learnt to live with them, give them the attention they need and even in some cases tolerate them even in those occasions that they are becoming almost impossible to live with....We have learnt to be patient with them and to try to always give them enough time to learn what our needs are so they can adapt to our way of life. 

But sometimes even the most patient cats like meowself can have just about enough with his hoomins....especially when they are becoming too difficult and demanding to have them around and then it becomes really hard for anyone to remain patient and understanding....

I’m not really referring to normal things which hoomins are known to frequently be doing. Like for example when they are becoming forgetful and then they’re leaving the food and biscuit bowls empty for ridiculous long periods of time which of course it can cause to any cat not only stress but also and in some cases serious and life threatening starvation. Or even those occasions when they are clearly trying to ignore us because they want to do something that it doesn’t really involve us at all and which again of course it can be very stressful to any cat…when their hoomins don’t give them the attention they need when they want it.

No of course not. These are small things which we have now most of us cats learnt how to solve by providing the appropriate training to the hoomins in question so they can avoid such serious mistakes.

The issues that I would like to mention today and which they are bothering me tremendously are the recent and frequent false accusations and lies that my hoomins are spreading against meowself. For example I have been frequently and once again accused of bullying Tolkien and chasing him around in the house and even in some occasions provoking him so he can cause trouble himself (or mayhem and destruction as the hoomins sometimes are calling it... By the way you can still read about our life at home and of course all about the good times we’ve used to have at home in the good old days before March when hoomins behaved like hoomins and they’ve used to go outside the hoomins comic Life with Ozzy.. and Tolkien available on Amazon). Which of course it’s not true and there is no single proof to suggest otherwise. As I’ve mentioned it before hoomins saying that they have seen me bullying Tolkien and chasing him around the house with their own eyes which it’s not actually proof as we are always moving too fast for them to be able to see what we are actually doing and therefore they are simply jumping to the wrong conclusions. I don’t bully Tolkien, of course not! I’m only trying to help him to exercise as it seems that he has started gaining a bit of weight recently… Also having black fur in my mouth it doesn’t again suggest that I was bullying Tolkien....I was simply helping with his grooming since he has too much fur and therefore he can’t really groom himself on his own....only helping you see, not bullying!

That Tolkien is getting too big to fit anywhere these days!

Also other frequent accusations that recently I have been hearing are that I eat too much again which are not true of course since Tolkien eats most of the food and biscuits than meowself and even those found pawprints and bitemarks on the cheesecake are not enough proof to accuse meowself instead of Tolkien (even if they appear to be rather small and therefore they look a lot more like mine they most definitely don’t belong to meowself) as he also jumps on the kitchen counters too. Besides he only pretends that he doesn’t like cheesecake and all the other things that the hoomins have found on the counters with teeth marks....of course he does…he is very cunning you know as well as stoopid of course. 

Besides he is quite heavy too and hoomins shouldn’t therefore complain about meowself that I’m too heavy to sit on them when they are sleeping....I’m just the right size for a cat of my age and height I say!

So all these accusations and false assumptions about meowself are really very disappointing and stressing to say at least to hear from my own hoomins who I thought I had trained them  so well especially when it is quite clear that Tolkien is the one who is responsible disappointing to hear them being so mean to meowself after all this time! Without having any real proof!

But I guess you can’t really blame the hoomins these days for their grumpiness as being constantly at home it seems to have had such a bad effect on them after all and to have  also changed them a lot. But of course I also blame Tolkien too who has now learnt how to play the innocent and get the hoomins’ sympathy by pretending to be the victim of my bullying...But the truth would eventually come out….sooner or later!

Oh well better go now as it’s getting late and Tolkien is getting ready for his exercising....

Purrs and Meows till next time

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