Life with Ozzy and.. Tolkien

Life with Ozzy and.. Tolkien
The misadventures of Ozzy and Tolkien at home

Monday, 19 October 2020

Are hoomins really such a bad influence to us, cats?

Here I’m looking for that pesky Tolkien again...he has no brains that cat!

Once upon a time, you know a long long time ago, well before I’ve adopted my current hoomins I was a totally different cat. I think that I was that is. I won’t say that my life was better wasn’t! Well I don’t really remember much because it has been such a long time since those days but it seems to meowself that my life then couldn’t have been as good as it is now because my then hoomins didn’t really like me or wanted meowself to stay with them as they simply abandoned me with not much of a thought!

Anymeows I won’t go again back to these sad details of my previous life you know how it was and why I was abandoned and ended up in one of those shelters....It all belongs to the past now and it’s totally forgotten by meowself. Sad and bad memories…

What I want to mention here is that I believe that in those days I was a totally different see I think that I was more of a cat than I am today even if this sounds strange and even perhaps absurd!

I mean I believe that now I’m a totally different cat than in those older, no I don’t mean physically, I haven’t changed that much....I’m a little older perhaps and a lot more wiser than I’ve used to be and most definitely not any bigger or fat....I do admit that I’m enjoying my food and biscuits quite a lot but and at the same time I also know how to keep my weight under control despite all these nasty rumours that they might be going around about meowself being fat....perhaps a little bit more bigger but in a good way…

No I don’t mean when I’m saying that I have changed that there have been any big physical changes as I’m still the cute and very handsome boy I’ve always been. What I mean is that there have been mentally and psychological changes that I have emotionally changed...I have become more evolved and mature know I feel more closer to my hoomins than perhaps other cats that they don’t spend so much time with their hoomins (Tolkien is not included because he is not or has ever been a cat... by the way you can still read about our life at home and of course all about the good times we’ve used to have at home in the good old days before March when hoomins behaved like hoomins and they’ve used to go outside the hoomins comic Life with Ozzy.. and Tolkien available on Amazon). 

Not a minute peace with Tolkien checking everything I do!

You know there are times that I think that I’m more hoomin than those hoomins at home now...I have picked so many of their behaviours, in a good way of course that I have started feeling like a hoomin too. You know by exhibiting such behaviours like the hoomins do...for example I have started enjoying more and more some of their food. One of which is eating spaghetti especially from my hoomin’s’s so tasty I can’t seem to have enough of it…I also like crisps, marmite (yes I know I’m becoming like Tolkien it seems…unfortunately but there are some things that they are too good to ignore even if Tolkien is involved too), etc.

I also enjoy you know the comfort and warmth of some of their hoomins’ clothes like their jumpers which are so much comfy and cosy for sleeping and zooping these days. It’s so nice to sink your paws into such a soft material and then have a nice snooze!

Of course I also enjoy the company of hoomins and I love helping them with any task they do like doing like working (there is always so much paperwork to go through and sort out for them) as well as doing exercising with them and then helping them to do all these difficult poses and exercises correctly...(I do some exercising meowself too but it usually evolves chasing Tolkien around the house and try to help him keep fit like I do with the hoomins).

I also enjoy helping them with their house chores as meowself and Tolkien always make sure that there is enough mess on the floor for the them so to vacuum after.  It’s not just cleaning that I give a paw to the hoomins as there is also the cooking along with the cleaning of the plates and pots....I’m always willing to give a paw with cleaning those dirty pans ad pots when they are around without even waiting for the hoomins to start washing…I’d always make a start for them! 

I also tend to enjoy watching TV with my hoomins too...I always make sure that when they are watching I’m in front of the telly too so I can watch everything that is going on on the screen by being very close by....(you don’t want to miss those birdies that often appear on the screen of course).

Yeap there are more and more things that I like doing like my hoomins do....of course some might say that perhaps the hoomins are a bad influence on meowself and in general at cats everywhere...and that they are trying to change us into hoomins…

Well I’m not so sure really. Purrsonally I don’t think that is that bad to copy hoomins sometimes.....besides I see it as learning and becoming a better cat and of course hoomins are always going to be hoomins and they’d never going to turn to cats even if they really wanted to… But at least getting down to their level we can then try to understand them better as they are still very useful to have still need them to keep your food and biscuit bowls full and to entertain you when you are bored and want some attention and pampering as there are things that a cat can’t really do or bothered to even try!

No I don’t think that they are a bad’s a good thing, it help us evolve and understand the world around us better. After all what cat really wants to be outside chasing mice and birdies in the rain and cold when she or he can be inside enjoying the good life with his hoomins....not meowself or even that stupid Tolkien for that matter.

Till next time

Purrs and meows

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