Life with Ozzy and.. Tolkien

Life with Ozzy and.. Tolkien
The misadventures of Ozzy and Tolkien at home

Monday, 13 July 2020

The guide of how to be a helpful hoomins!

Tolkien sometimes can be a bit of a headache with his silly hiding habits....
Well here we are again another week has just passed, the weather hasn’t got any better, hoomins are still indoors permanently that pesky squirrel is back on the feeder again along with his mate that really fat wood pigeon and now it seems I’ve seen everything....cats walking outside on a leash!

I guess someone might call it a normal week, you know having the hoomins at home all the time, the weather outside being rather bad for summer, the squirrel visiting in the morning the bird feeder and eating all the poor birdies food and also having that very annoying fat wood pigeon which he seems to be getting bigger as each day passes by making loud noises as he tries to fit in feeder…just normal every day events!
 And it would have been a normal week if I didn’t start seeing stranger things outside as well! You see I know that there are two other rather handsome black and white cats living next door but what I didn’t know was the fact that they are going outside for walkies like doggies do...on a leash! 
Why? I’ve asked! How humiliating! ....So unnecessary in my opinion. I don’t want meowself to go outside at all! Whether it is on a leash or being carried on a’s not very nice outside in my opinion (and Tolkien’s of course) is rather noisy, cold and smelly and there are far too many hoomins out there as well now along with what ever else is being let loose outside. Nope I like staying indoors with my hoomins and....Tolkien of course....thank you very much!
(By the way you you can still read about our life at home and of course all about the good times we’ve used to have at home in the good old days before March when hoomins behaved like hoomins and they’ve used to go outside the hoomins comic Life with Ozzy.. and Tolkien available on Amazon)

Yeap I prefer staying indoors and be useful to the hoomins as much as I can instead. You see meowself and Tolkien have decided that our hoomins really need our help....Not only with the house chores....although hoomins seem to have a lot of gadgets these days to help them do a lot of the housework and that newest robot cleaner they’ve got it is a bit seems to go everywhere and you can’t really escape it....hmmm. he is again believing that he is invisible when he is not even well hidden....silly Tolkien!
But anymeows Tolkien and meowself are still trying to he helpful around the house and we try to help the hoomins anyway we can....especially when they are trying to do their daily exercises!
I know at first I might have been totally against know it is against my nature as a cat to like any form of exercising ( purrsonally I prefer to rest and have long naps instead) but if this is what the hoomins want to do then I’m all for it....I’d help them meowself and Tolkien as much as we can....
So when hoomins are doing their exercises we are now always there to help them do all these funny poses they are supposed to know providing actual assistance like biting the hands or feet so they can stretch right, walking under them when they are bending so they are doing it again right, sitting on them, walking on their backs and stomach when they are on the floor and even doing some exercises meowselves like cat leg stretching for more support....Anything we can do to help!
I must admit though that Tolkien is not much of a help as he gets easily bored and then he goes back on the chair to snooze before the hoomins have finished....but I’d always stay till the end to make sure that they do every single exercise correct. You are most welcome  hoomins! Well my hoomins are not really very good with that exercising thing to be honest and they often do things the wrong way so they need my help to correct themselves….this is why I’m here for hoomins!
Now and to make things clear…when it comes to the incident with the was all Tolkien’s doing of course....I have nothing to do with pulling the blinds while the hoomins were exercising and I didn’t want to embarrass them in anyway.....I’m always trying to help! Hoomins need their exercising....and meowself some extra treats for being so helpful of course! But Tolkien is still young and doesn’t always understand….he he…it was funny though to see the quick reaction from the hoomins when they suddenly realised that the blinds had been pulled and that they could be seen from outside….so funny! If only I had their camera!

Anymeows better go now....time to check on hoomins and food bowls!

Purrs and meows till next time!

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