Life with Ozzy and.. Tolkien

Life with Ozzy and.. Tolkien
The misadventures of Ozzy and Tolkien at home

Monday, 29 June 2020

Oh great....apparently summer is here so is getting rather hot and the hoomins are not doing anything about it….

See? I’m hot and bothered and hoomins are not around to serve you when you need them!
Well, here we are again another week has just passed and hoomins are of course at home and still behaving rather silly (you know with their new obsession with exercising and trying to keep fit…such nonsenses really)…and to top it up summer is also here and last week was unexpectedly hot at home....I mean what happened to the good, cold summer weather we are so used to here in this country?
You know of course that I’m not one of those cats that likes to moan a lot....despite what my hoomins might be saying or thinking about meowself (and Tolkien is not included as he is still too young and stupid to have an opinion here or in any other important matter of course…by the way you can still read about our life at home and of course all about the good times we’ve used to have at home in the good old days before March when hoomins behaved like hoomins and they’ve used to go outside the hoomins comic Life with Ozzy.. and Tolkien available on Amazon ). 

Yes most definitely, I’m not one of those cats that like to moan and complain a lot despite the fact that there are always so many good reasons for doing so....And of course I don’t like moaning about the weather either, I’m not like the hoomins of course who like to talk about the weather all the time…such a bad habit really. You see I’m used to the weather we have in this country and to be honest and thanks to my hoomins it is always warm and cosy at home (yes, I do admit it, hoomins are good at something at last, keeping the place we live nice and warm all the time....hmm maybe a bit too much it might seem after all, especially in the summer months when it is in generally hot like it was last week!).

So and although I don’t like to complain especially when it comes to weather as there is not much that anyone, hoomins or cats can really do about it but then again there are some occasions when, well, you know, you have to have some strong opinion on the matter.....when it gets too hot for example and it is almost impossible to find a good cooling spot in the house (by the way I’m not one of those cats that like sleeping on the floor no matter what the weather is like….the floor is really rather hard for my delicate body who likes soft places….even the hoomins in some occasions as they are not that hard to sit or sleep on of course!). 
Of course it doesn’t get often too hot in this country or at least to those extreme levels when it becomes uncomfortable at home but still you do get sometimes some days or even some weeks when it gets really really hot and you can’t even find the right cooling spot in the house where you can have some good uninterrupted napping time.....
In such occasions I will of course moan as I have every right to do so and blame the hoomins for not been capable to provide meowself with sufficient cool and comfortable places in the house. You know it is their duty after all to make sure that meowself (and Tolkien....of course) are comfortable and cool enough and don’t suffer when it gets too hot....You see I know that they do have some cooling devices well hidden somewhere in the house but they never seem to be bothered to take them out so they can put them in good use. I also do not accept their excuses that it’s not really hot enough as the house stays quite cool because it’s location....In my opinion last week was too hot in the house (even Tolkien thought so too....poor Tolkien this is his first adult summer and he didn’t seem to be coping well with the hot weather…well his fault really. He shouldn’t have so much thick fur).
Here Tolkien appears to be melting...that hot weather was a bit too much for him last week!
But at least the hot weather only lasted a few days and now we are finally back to the normal summer weather, you know rain, wind and low temperatures....the way I prefer it really. Nope I don’t like hot summer days especially when hoomins are also using my favourite spots and there is not enough room to stretch on the sofa or on the bed....why those hoomins don’t ever sit on the floor, why do they need to occupy my sofas, chairs and beds? 
So and hopefully this hot spell was the last one we would see this summer so I won’t have to suffer ever again…Nope I’m not a summer cat it seems!

By the way and despite what my hoomins might think or saying about meowself these days chasing Tolkien around the sofa is actually a fun game to play and they should try it for themselves instead of trying to do silly yoga or any other exercising nonsenses....I also like to make it clear that what it might look as starring at nothing is not by any means any attempt from my part to freak out the hoomins and to make them believe that I see ghosts....there is a very good explanation for when meowself and Tolkien stare at nothing....which I’m not going to tell don’t really need to know everything you know!

Anymeows time for a little snack before my late night play session around the sofa with Tolkien....hoomins shouldn’t be still awake that late in the night....ghosts and spirits might be lurking about you know!

Purrs and meows till next time!

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