Life with Ozzy and.. Tolkien

Life with Ozzy and.. Tolkien
The misadventures of Ozzy and Tolkien at home

Monday, 22 June 2020

A cat at home is always a great help to do work, house cleaning and exercising!

Sometimes you just can’t take it anymore with the hoomins being at home all the they need to talk to my paws instead!

Now and if you remember, last week, I’ve mentioned how us, cats, always help our hoomins as we’d do a lot of jobs at home and which jobs of course and unfortunately are not always being appreciated or acknowledged by our hoomins!

Of course some might say that this is something that it should be expected from the hoomins as they are not in general very good at recognising and appreciating what others that they are non hoomins often do (even dogs along with other non hoomin animals that live with the hoomins) everywhere and not just at home....I’m talking about in general as hoomins tend not to understand and of course appreciate that they are other creatures out there living in this world which do a lot of things to keep this world as it is....let’s say to keep it in good working order....unlike some hoomins of course!
But let’s not sidetrack here and make things too complicated for the hoomins to understand,.
So let’s go back to those jobs that us, cats, do almost on a daily basis at home. And to be clear I wasn’t planning to go to such a big detail about the things I do for the hoomins especially these days that they are at home all the time and they need our assistance (we are always here for them of course, mentally and physically), Tolkien too (by the way you can read all about our life at home and of course all about the good times we’ve used to have at home in the good old days before March when hoomins behaved like hoomins and they’ve used to go outside the hoomins comic Life with Ozzy.. and Tolkien available on Amazon).

Last week I’ve mentioned the most obvious things that we do at home, some of which even the hoomins might today I thought I’d mention the other stuff, you know the things that hoomins might not consider that we cats actually contribute to a lot....because you know why of course!

So there are more other things that we do for the hoomins especially now that they are at home always such as helping them with their work which now they’re doing at home during the day and even at late or in the early morning hours because it is quiet and hoomin says she can be more productive she says....wherever hoomin. The point is that I’d always give a paw to the hoomins or at least to one of them to do their know sitting on the hoomin, on the laptop or tablet, knocking things from the desk, attacking the mouse (which by the way is not really a mouse...hoomin is clearly mistaken again), sitting on papers to keep them warm as well, etc, you know all the helpful things that I can do from my part....hoomin you are more welcome!

Then there is of course the house work which meowself and Tolkien are always very keen to help with such as doing the bed....I usually leave this type of work to Tolkien of course who has now become very good at helping the hoomins and who hoomins of course seem to actually appreciate all the help they can get.

Tolkien here is helping the hoomins with the bed....Tolkien is always very helpful!
I prefer to help in the kitchen instead you know with cooking, hoomin food tasting (wherever in the house this might need to take place....I’d help the hoomins with their food everywhere) and also dish cleaning....I’d always clean the plates or bowls after the hoomins have finished eating....and I’d even help to clean the cooking pots and trays they’d use in the kitchen....again you’re welcome hoomins! Tolkien also does a lot of floor cleaning for the hoomins as well and often he likes to roll on the hard floor and pick up on his fur a lot of dust and other unindentified objects!

Also and now that the hoomins have this new strange hobbit of doing exercising (and trying to eat healthy which of course I don’t actually approve either) I’m also there for them and try to help them when they are doing their exercises and I’d even try to rescutite them when they seem to be dead....relaxing or whatever.
Actually Tolkien tries to help the hoomins with their exercises as know by creating obstacles in front of them by lying on the floor in front of the hoomins’ feet so they have to try and avoid know a form of cat twister....sometimes I’d also get involved too. You know we’do everything to help our hoomins to keep fit....again you are welcome hoomins!

So and as you see we contribute a lot on a day to day basis and help our hoomins to do their work, house work and even their exercises so they can stay fit and are welcome hoomins.

But I don’t expect of course a lot of thank you from the hoomins…they just need to make sure to give me a bit attention when I need it and to also make sure that my food and biscuit bowls are never empty....small things to ask for doing sooo much for them!

Till next time
Purrs and meows!

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