Life with Ozzy and.. Tolkien

Life with Ozzy and.. Tolkien
The misadventures of Ozzy and Tolkien at home

Monday, 15 June 2020

All the important jobs that us cat do when hoomins are at home (permanently it seems) without being acknowledged!

I’m also and often helping the hoomins in the kitchen I’m keeping away those dangerous pesky drops!

Here we are again another week has just passed and the hoomins are acting more peculiar than ever (and I’m not just referring to their new trying to get fit obsession…).
You know and when you have just used to have the hoomins around all the time and finally have accepted the fact that they are not to go away any time soon (which really it proves to be not a bad thing after all anymeows)....things then are starting to change again! 
I mean hoomins have always been very unreliable in general as they can never seem to be able to stick to their own decisions when they keep saying that they would do one thing and then decide to do something else instead. You know when they’ve kept saying for weeks now that they were now permanently indoors hoomins and suddenly and unexpectedly pfft they’ve changed their mind and they’ve started going out again....well at least for a little while but more frequently than before...well, my hoomins that is. But I have seen the signs of such things to come as more and more hoomins are now outside again and my own hoomins are getting also excited about being able to go outside again....not to their workplace at least as they are now working apparently permanently from home which of course for meowself and Tolkien is a very good thing....To be honest I have most definitely now changed my mind and I don’t want my hoomins to go out ever again....I prefer to have them at and available at all times (you can read all about our life at home and of course all about the good times we’ve used to have at home in the good old days before March when hoomins behaved like hoomins and they’ve used to go outside the hoomins comic Life with Ozzy.. and Tolkien available on Amazon)

Of course some hoomins then might also say that we cats might have used this recent and current situation to our own advantage by making sure that we are getting a lot of attention from the hoomins while they are at home and becoming very demanding and some might even say destructive in some occasions if our demands are not met....
Which of course is just false accusations made up probably by those that they don’t like us and want the hoomins and the rest of the world to think that we are very manipulative and lazy...not true of course!

Tolkien of course is not much of help around...he is a bit too lazy for a cat it seems!

This is why I thought that this is a good opportunity for meowself to try and explain how kind, understanding and important we are us, cats, to our hoomins especially at times when they have to spend all of their time at home and when they quite clearly are depending on us!
You see us, cats, do a lot of very important jobs at home which often they go unnoticed and they are not being acknowledged or appreciated by our hoomins. We do these jobs day in and day out because we care and we want to help our hoomins as much as we can, especially in these difficult times!

You see all you hoomins out there you seem to forget that us cats are always around ready to help when we are needed (which is more frequent than you can imagine). 

Us, cats at home we are the best inspectors and checkers of many situations, some of which can even be rather dangerous....

You know and you probably don’t even realise that it is us who always are checking dangerous places like cupboards, wardrobes, draws and even shelves where hazardous things and even threatening creatures might be lurking....we want to make sure you see that our hoomins are safe when they are opening cupboards and draws, etc. We also have to check all new things when they are being brought home from outside such as shopping bags as there are so many things that they can be hiding inside those bags and of course and the most dangerous of them all.....checking those boxes that they so often arriving from amazon.... those boxes they can be such a big threat, believe me, especially to hoomins who often are not aware of such a danger!

We also often test for the hoomins other dangerous things such as their food. We need to make sure of course that it would not harm them and that is safe to eat. This is why I’m  always insisting that my hoomins allow me to test their food from their plates....I’m their food tester you see!

I also have to check frequently the places they go when at home because they can be still proved to be harmful to the hoomins especially those mysterious dark places like the bathroom where they often like to go and insisting on closing the door as well....Those places can be very hazardous to all and especially to hoomins so it’s my cat duty to accompany the hoomins to those places no harm comes to them!
Our jobs of course doesn’t involve only checking places and things around the house. Oh no....You see, us, cats we are also very good therapists too and we help our hoomins when they need us the most.
We are known to be very good at helping the hoomins when they are feeling stressed or they are depressed (you know stroking us and listening to some cat purring are the best treatments a hoomin can get at home) as well as giving them massages or warming parts of the body by just siting there such as their head (and other bodily parts of course). We’d even sit on things that the hoomins are often using such as the bed, chairs and sofas and even in some cases the keyboard they use to do their work to warm them up for them...

And of course let’s not also forget how good we really are as interior designers which means that if it wasn’t for us the hoomins’ homes would have looked so boring and uninspiring. We are always willing to help with decorating the furniture such as sofas and chairs, and we’ll often remove unnecessary items that they don’t look really good in certain locations such as shelves....We will also frequently change the colour of certain pieces of furniture by adding our own unique fashionable touch…by applying some of our own fur....Meowself and Tolkien of course and as you probably already know we are very good with carpets....which is our speciality.... you know we always move them around to better locations in the house!

So yes we do a lot of important jobs at home, a lot more than the ones I’ve just mentioned above and which of course it would take me a very long time to mention them all. Besides it is getting late and it is time to go and check on my hoomins as they would probably already missing me and worrying that I have not been around to keep them company.....besides it’s dinner time anymeows!

Purrs and meows till next time!

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