Life with Ozzy and.. Tolkien

Life with Ozzy and.. Tolkien
The misadventures of Ozzy and Tolkien at home

Monday, 25 May 2020

Hoomins are still at home all the time and Tolkien has now become very talkative....

Here I am again trying to get some meowself time....but the hoomins are always around!
So here we are another week has just passed and things haven’t changed much....oh wait, well they have changed a bit!
You know how things sometimes just get out of hand and there is not much that you can really do. 
So when I finally got used to the idea that my hoomins are here to stay....which after all and if you think about it for us cats is not the worst thing that it could happen since and at the end of the day is good to have your servants around and available when you need them, Tolkien suddenly started becoming an annoying issue...,
I don’t really know what is the cause for that change in his behaviour… maybe it is his age, after all he is now 1 year old,  he is big boy (literally he is really big) now and a very loud one it seems.
Well, Tolkien was always a bit vocal especially with the hoomins since his arrival but because he was still small and some (not meowself) might even say rather cute his whining little voice wasn’t that a big issue....but now it is, at least for me anymeows! (By the way you can read all about our life at home and of course all about the good times we’ve used to have at home in the good old days before March when hoomins behaved like hoomins and they’ve used to go outside the hoomins comic Life with Ozzy.. and Tolkien available on Amazon)

Yeap Tolkien again....trying to walk all over me as always!
I know of course that some cats have figured out that meowing can work really well for them because hoomins for some strange reason that I could never really understood seem to like to use different some might say strange sounds, lots of them and they’d then also react more positively towards other creatures that they are vocal too because they kinda believe that the other creatures are trying to talk to them in the same way! For some even more bizarre reason they appear to even somehow understand some of those sounds from other our meows for example....well OK sort of! They seem to understand what we usually try to tell them without really knowing what we actually are saying. Peculiar ha? They can’t even speak our language because of course they are not cats although they do behave often a lot like us! I guess the reason is because hoomins are not that intelligent after all!
So and despite the fact that hoomins are clueless when it comes to the cats way of communication they appear to be more motivated to do what we want them to do when we meow to them (maybe they think that we are talking to them, you know we are having what they call a conversion with them).
So and if you really want to convince your hoomins to do what you need your best method is either to meow to them or to simply play the cute card, something that really works for me as you already know I don’t like wasting too much energy on vocalising....just been cute works just fine!
But Tolkien has become one of these cats that he won’t shut that he has figured out that he can make hoomins do what he wants them to do he uses all these annoying constant meows to achieve it. So it is all the time meow this, meow that and even some more meow!
Of course some might say that perhaps it is his breed or something similar as certain cats are apparently  more talkative than others which of course I don’t really buy as he simply has just figured out all these months how to manipulate the hoomins. He would use all these cute meows and then the hoomins would simply fall for it! So now every time he meows it’s always “What you want Tolkien?’ and ‘What’s the matter boy?’ and ‘Do you want more food Tolkien, do you want to play Tolkien?’ or even worst ‘Are you been bullied again Tolkien?’. Pathetic.
Now and to make things clear I don’t bully Tolkien. I’m only trying to toughen him up a little, it’s all part of his training, you see! As for all that black fur that hoomins say that they are keep finding it’s definitely not my doing....Tolkien has a lot fur and some of it let’s say gets a bit loose....on the carpet. Plus and because he is very vocal every time I try to teach him how to be a proper cat and especially when hoomins are close up he makes these pathetic little squeaks like somebody is trying to kill him or something which of course makes hoomins think that I’m bullying him.....Quite the 
opposite actually....he is bullying me!

Yes Tolkien has become annoyingly vocal and hoomins are falling for his little squeaks and meows and he gets what he wants and he even gets me into trouble as well. Well I guess I could also do the same and start to meow to get more attention from hoomins but sometimes wanting too much attention can backfire as one of my hoomin’s likes to be very affectionate and it is really hard to clean certain parts of your body such as the top of your head when hoomins get too excited (by the way I’m not OCD either).

Oh well better go now and check on those hoomins and that pesky Tolkien, we don’t want him to start eating my food know how easily hoomins can be convinced when you play the cute card….

Purrs and meows till next time!

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