Life with Ozzy and.. Tolkien

Life with Ozzy and.. Tolkien
The misadventures of Ozzy and Tolkien at home

Monday, 6 April 2020

Hoomins inside and squirrels outside....too much for a poor cat to cope with....

Some peace and snoozing time rare these days with hoomins inside and squirrels outside!
Here we go again….as this is our third week with hoomins staying at home all the time and things are not getting any better....who would have thought that hoomins would prove so difficult to live with....they are actually impossible to live with....they have become too much for any cat to deal with! When this nightmare would ever end? Why hoomins have to stay at home all the time? WHY? WHY?
You see it’s not just the messed up routine and which I have mentioned it before that really is the problem....well it is a problem of course when hoomins are not acceptable to morning suggestions from our part so they can get up to serve up breakfast to two poor starving cats on time as well of course the also late going to bed routine which again interferes with our own late hours playtime schedule…but no, these are not the biggest current issues. Or it is the big change in our meal and treats routine as now hoomins seem to have become really sparse with the portions of our meals as they are keep saying how difficult is to get any food these days even cat food and we must not waste any food (who is wasting any food anymeows, not meowself of course)....or the fact that they don’t go out often now to do some normal shopping....I mean you’d thought that having more time now that they are at home all the time they would be going out more frequently to get some basic shopping like cat food, biscuits and treats....nope that’s not happening, quite the opposite instead…
Anymeows that change in the meal routine again is not the worst issue that we currently are having with the hoomins being at home all the time.

The worst of all is the hoomins they have become different hoomins from the hoomins I’ve used to know...Very annoying hoomins!
Tolkien and pesky squirrel are having a starring competition....guess who won? Not Tolkien
They have become very clingy and they feel the need to be affectionate constantly… and if by any chance they do step outside for a little while like going out to do some shopping or something similar they then acting when they are back like they are obsessed…like they haven’t seen us for know a cat can start feeling suffocated with all this extra attention and red lipstick mark on his neck....Come on hoomins stop overacting....
It seems to me that spending too much time indoors it had definitely a bad effect on hoomins and now after two weeks indoors they have started showing signs of separation they need to start spending sometime away from us if they are to get any better any time soon....please hoomins stay away from me for a few hours a is for your own good! Keep some feline distance please! (The hoomin’s comic Life with Ozzy and Tolkien shows how good our life was before the hoomins invasion...available now to read on Amazon

Of course it’s not just the hoomins that they have become an issue recently. 
You see and since hoomins started putting birdseeds on the bird feeder outside that pesky squirrel is keeping coming back and gets into the bird feeder and eats all the seeds....meowself and Tolkien of course are trying our hardest to scare him off because he seems to like jumping into the bird feeder and to just sit there totally ignoring us and not even paying any attention to the hoomin either....He even sits on the window sill outside and just looks at us and mocks us because he knows we can’t really get him and to make things even worse he has now started bringing his pals as well....the wood pigeon and them two thieves work together to eat all the bird food. He jumps on the bird feeder and he drops seeds down below for the pigeon....those pesky stealing criminals....Something it needs to be done as Tolkien seems not to understand the concept of glass between him and the squirrel and he gets too excited and knocks everything on his path....hoomins not very happy....

Talking about Tolkien and how careless he can be I have to mention the little accident he had yesterday and which proved how careless he is and overestimates his jumping capabilities....trying to jump from the kitchen counter to the fridge with the hoomin in the middle along with the big bowl full of water for the fish tank....water all over the hoomin and on the floor and Tolkien took also a little bath when he ended up inside the bowl instead of the top of fridge....Well I could say that I felt sorry for him but I didn’t really as he got soaking wet and freaked out a bit but then the hoomin got wet too and the floor a lot more and hoomins had to spend a lot of time trying to dry the floor and Tolkien....but did Tolkien learnt his lesson? Of course not Tolkien is Tolkien and he never really learns anything....But he did learn one thing though....that hoomins can be a lot more affectionate and suffocating when you are being totally stupid and get yourself soaking wet....No sorry for Tolkien I’m afraid....he needs to learn that he can’t really fly!

Anymeows better go getting late and hoomins unfortunately there are still up! Maybe at least would fill up our bowls!

Purrs and meows till next time!   

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