Life with Ozzy and.. Tolkien

Life with Ozzy and.. Tolkien
The misadventures of Ozzy and Tolkien at home

Monday, 30 March 2020

Two weeks with hoomins at home all the too much for any cat!

Yeap having a little time to meowself and hoomins are not around when you need them...
I’ve never thought that I would say this but I wish that my  hoomins could go outside for a little while now and then and not stay at home all the time since they are now becoming very very annoying as each day passes by. I just can stand it any longer being at home with 2 hoomins and a stupid cat (Tolkien of course) all the time….too much!

I also wish that someone could explain to me what that social distance is that the hoomins everywhere are supposed to do and why my hoomins and all the other hoomins are staying home all the time now...because this is not right...hoomins being hoomins are supposed to go outside and do what what hoomins do and then come home and bring food and tasty treats to us and give us the attention we need...when we need it! Hoomins are not supposed to stay indoors permanently and behave like they are us....actually let me rephrase this....and behave like lazy and bored hoomins....we are not anything like them…lazy and annoying of course!
You see the big problem is that my hoomins are clearly bored and I’m pretty sure that all the other hoomins if they are staying indoors as well are pretty bored too and when hoomins are bored they try to entertain themselves which means that us, cats, end up suffering as a result...having to cope with their ever changing moods and demand for attention all the time!

You see with hoomins at home permanently there is no routine or any form of normal life anymore.... and of course you know that us cats love our routine and always under control life. There is no early getting up or chance of getting up the hoomins any reasonable time in the morning for breakfast especially and since one of my hoomins insists in going to bed really late or early in the morning hours…wherever, it has got really really bad for us. She says that she likes working in the early
morning hours because it is quiet and she can do more work than during the day when there are other distractions (of course she doesn’t mean us....I’m pretty sure that she is referring to the other hoomin who I do understand that he can be rather distracting and even annoying at times....especially when he tries to ignore me and not give me the attention I demand or...’forgets’ to feed meowself and Tolkien of course!). 
But while she stays up late this has a double effect on our routine (meowself and Tolkien’s of course) as we can’t play at night as we’ll normally do when hoomins are asleep without being watched  (again and to make it very clear we are very considered when playing and we won’t make too much noise or jump on the bed too often so to wake up the hoomins) and also and as a result we can’t get her up at reasonable time in the mornings because she is too tired and sleepy to take any notice of our attempts to wake her up....She seems to be fast asleep and can’t hear a thing....which is of course just terrible because we have to rely on the other hoomin for our breakfast and he always gets it wrong and we don’t get our proper we have to wait till she is up and about to eat properly....what a nightmare I’m telling you!
See how bad things are for us? Plus with the hoomins around all the time there is no knowing what they are going to do and when.... as they are so unpredictable at times! They might be spending time in front of the TV or they might be doing what they call working which of course is the worst thing ever as it means that they get busy with what they are doing and they then totally ignore us for hours....So with hoomins around you don’t know when it is play or snoozing time....when they are going to give you attention or even when they’ll remember to feed you….they can be soooo bad I’m telling you!
No. 51 position that only Tolkien can find comfortable for resting...not a kitten!
And as for the attention giving thing....yes this is another totally new situation as well as hoomins have now become so clingy and they demand attention from us most of the time even when we are pretending to be snoozing (Tolkien is bad at this as well too....). There is really no escape from them anymore....we can’t seem to be able to keep any safe distance away from those demanding hoomins any more!

Yes the whole situation has gone really really bad at home and my home doesn’t feel like it is my home feels rather crowded with the hoomins at home everyday now....even Tolkien thinks it too. The scary thing is of course that the hoomins keep saying that they don’t really know when everything would actually end and they can start going back to work...or even worse they are now have start thinking of doing this as a permanent they could work from home all the time! Oh what a horrible thought....hoomins at home all the time for ever!
Nope having hoomins at home all the time it is not good for my mental health I’ve decided (on top of having to put up with Tolkien too of course. You can read all about his misadventures on hoomin’s comic Life with Ozzy and Tolkien which is now available to download on Amazon). 
I guess this is how it would feel if you were living in a haunted house and you were being watched by spirits…It feels that that they are everywhere and that they are watching you all the time....(the hoomins of course not the spirits), wherever you go they are there....they follow you everywhere and sit in all of my favourite spots, chairs, sofas (and bed which now they are also using during the day for what they call little naps....lazy hoomins). You know I don’t even like hoomins cleaning my litter trays that often either....the whole house is far too clean for my liking....
So for my sake and of course Tolkien’s too and naturally for the hoomins own well being I think that it is about time that they start going out again for a few hours at least so we all get our quality and alone time at home....things need to get back to normal very very soon....or else your cat here would soon lose it....
So please hoomins take into consideration our own health too and spend some time outside....Fill up our bowls first and then go outside hoomins....fresh air would do you good....

Till next time a close to nervous breakdown cat...

Purrs and meows for now!

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