Life with Ozzy and.. Tolkien

Life with Ozzy and.. Tolkien
The misadventures of Ozzy and Tolkien at home

Monday, 2 March 2020

When hoomins are at home…cats not happy!

I am having a well deserved snooze...those hoomins are sooo exhausting!
You know I am very fair when it comes to well...all situations... and in particular when it comes to hoomins and even when it comes to that peskyTolkien….grrr that youngster!
I’m an easy going cat and I can always see the positive side of things and I’m always trying to make the most of every situation no matter how bad or desperate it might seems. 
You see I’m a very reasonable cat and I’m always trying to use logic and my own intelligence to navigate through even in the most difficult situations.
For example I’m always trying to make the most of any day situation I might find myself into… You know when it comes to the week days when hoomins don’t spend a lot of time at home as they would usually do during the know those days which and as we’ve discussed it before they become very lazy and totally useless to even stick to normal feeding times even for themselves at times. You see when it is a week day I know what time hoomins need to get up so meowself and Tolkien would try our hardest to wake the hoomins so they are not late to go to their work place because they have perhaps overslept and therefore didn’t have enough time to do all their morning chores such as making sure that our breakfast was served on time, etc, etc.
Then we also know when it is time for them to come home in the evening so meowself and Tolkien can get ready for them....waiting at the door so to make sure that they’d turn towards the right direction when they get in where the kitchen is so they can fill up those been empty for hours food bowls of ours before they wander in the rest of the house to do other things that hoomins usually do such as change their clothes for know things that they can be done always later on after meowself and Tolkien had our dinner of course!
Then there are the weekends of course when meowself and Tolkien do our very best to help the hoomins with the housework when they do of course decide to do anything at all other than watching TV and being lazy that is....pfft hoomins!

Yeap...Tolkien has no shame...showing all these nipples to the world!
But then there are those times when hoomins do things that they are not part of any known normal  routine and which things seem to just confuse us! You know when they have what they call holidays during the week days and then they stay at home instead of going to work....sooo confusing! I mean it is a weird situation when hoomins stay at home for days upon days and only go out for short period of such situations what can you make out of this?
They just destroy our routine and we then need to get used to a new one and then when we do they start going back to work again and then you have to go back to the old routine again....I’m telling you it’s just so strange and confusing for cats like meowself and Tolkien. I mean during those holidays they do not do anything at all that they would normally do any normal day such as getting up at a certain time to prepare our breakfast! You know you have to wait and wait till they are ready to get up before you have your breakfast, which means that you end up being too weak to do anything yourself....they almost leave us to starve….such cruelty from our own hoomins….And the bizarre thing is that no matter how hard meowself and Tolkien try to wake them up nothing seems to be’s like they are deaf or something....We’ll go through all our plans, you know our different methods of waking up the hoomins which usually work pretty well during the normal days...we only have to use plan B most of the times before they are up but during those holiday days not even plan D seems to work....Nothing will get them up, and in particularly one of my  hoomins who sometimes will stay in bed till midday, if you believe such as thing! It is almost impossible to get her up....Tolkien on the other hand I do admit is more convincing at times and more successful...see I’m too kind even when hoomins are unreasonably late!

And it’s not just their sleeping habits that they are strange and unpredictable when they are at home all day. You see they then even go to bed really really late which again it makes it almost impossible for meowself and Tolkien to have the house to ourselves and have some decent chasing and playing works so much better when hoomins are in bed sleeping....not of course that we are trying to keep them awake with our little playing time....of course not we are always very considerate and very quite too of naturally!

So it’s not the late morning and very late night hours that hoomins keep when it comes to sleeping during those holiday is also the fact that they are become very forgetful too when it comes to our dinner times! I mean they forget to refill our bowls as often and as a result we end up eating a lot less than we’ll normally do any other day that is....It is those days when they try to keep an eye on what we eat and then try to cut down some of my food know when they’d say things like:....’Oh he is eating too much again and he has put more weight so he needs to eat less....’ nonsense of course I say! I don’t eat a lot....I’m only eating when I’m hungry or peckish....

Nope, I don’t like it when hoomins are at home during the normal week days....thing are not as they are supposed to be and hoomins are not acting like normal hoomins and as a result we are suffering too. 
So I’ve decided I’m against hoomins holidays....they are better off at work....and I don’t like it either when they are working when they are at home....because then they also tend to ignore us for hours along with our food bowls which they need frequent refilling!

So I’m glad that today is everything back to normal and I do hope that hoomins won’t stay home till it’s the weekend again.

Better go now now....refilling time!

Purrs and meows till next time!

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