Life with Ozzy and.. Tolkien

Life with Ozzy and.. Tolkien
The misadventures of Ozzy and Tolkien at home

Monday, 9 March 2020

Life with Ozzy and Tolkien apparently it’s a comic not a proper book....and I look ridiculous too!

Ozzy takes another long and deserved nap....he always works too hard!
Well  here we are again after another not that great week. Well actually it was a rather bad week for me at least. Now and and if you remember recently I’ve mentioned how unhappy I was with one of my hoomins’ as she was plotting to write some sort of book about living with meowself and Tolkien. You see I didn’t think it was a good idea then (or now) to let the world know how we live our lives at home....we are after all very private cats...and hoomins perhaps!
So guess what she did write something which is not really a book... it’s a comic book where meowself and Tolkien look more like cartoons instead of the proper handsome cats we are.... (you can buy or read the book now on Amazon ).  OK, OK I’m only talking about meowself of course, here as Tolkien is not that cute really. He is somewhat OK I guess for a big awkward kitten!

Available on Amazon now to read or buy
But of course today we are not talking about Tolkien and how plain he looks, OK he might be soft with kinda of pretty copper eyes but that’s about it and where all his cuteness ends. Or I’m going to mention his really bizarre eating habits...I mean who ever heard of a kitten eating crisps or liking marmite and cardboard for snack! Such a strange kitten....let’s hope that as he gets older he would get out of all these weird habits but let’s face it we are talking about Tolkien here so I don’t really have much of a hope for improvement!

So let’s leave Tolkien for a minute, he is a subject after all that I would come back to it again and again in the future, no doubt about it and let’s talk instead about this stupid comic book which makes meowself and Tolkien, well particularly meowself look rather stupid....To be honest here there is not a lot of difference between real and comic Tolkien really. He is the same ...stupid Tolkien in both versions!

Oh Tolkien is sooo stupid sometimes...comic!

But seriously now who would like to know or read about Life with Tolkien and Ozzy at home during the day and in the weekend? It’s not that we are doing anything different than any other indoor cat usually does to help his hoomins with their daily life such as helping them get up on time in the mornings, entertain them in the evening and of course help them with the house chores in the weekends. Just normal stuff!
We usually do our very best and try to be considerate and help our hoomins as much as we can so I see no reason for the hoomin to try to make us look like the evil meowselves who only care about food and good snoozing spots…so not true...well talking about meowself of course....Tolkien is rather inconsiderate so she can do whatever she wants with him as he deserves it and he doesn’t even care!

So yes I’m not at all pleased to see meowself in a comic and I hope that the hoomin doesn’t make any more. But she can if she wants write a proper book where she can represent us as we really are....handsome cats who are keeping this house and its hoomins in order...without us it would be only chaos....well without my assistance of course not weird Tolkien’s naturally!

So do me a favour and do not read or buy that comic because you’d most definitely get the wrong impression about I am the best cat there can be of course (not Tolkien).

So till next time
Purrs and meows!

Well and if you want to buy or read the comic book Life with Ozzy and…Tolkien is now available on Amazon

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