Life with Ozzy and.. Tolkien

Life with Ozzy and.. Tolkien
The misadventures of Ozzy and Tolkien at home

Monday, 23 March 2020

Things are getting really bad with hoomins...and Tolkien at home!

Yeah...Tolkien would have done this to hoomins...silence and  feline self distancing at times too! He is a little bully though!
And here I was last week thinking that things can’t really get any worse... how wrong could I have been…seriously!
Yes things have got a lot worse this week and it is more than likely that they would get even worse the following weeks as well with hoomins having to stay at home 24 hours every day and not going out at all....they have been apparently told to do so…good grief!
You know I’ve always thought like many other indoors cats I guess that having the hoomins at home all the time would be a good thing....Yeap you’ve guessed....and as probably many cats out there know by now it is proving to be a terrible thing! Hoomins at home 24/7 is a nightmare situation....and it has already just started!
Don’t get me wrong I don’t want my hoomins to go outside and catch anything bad like that nasty virus that is threatening all hoomins now, of course not (if they are not well you know our life would be affected as well…you need healthy hoomins to fill up those bowls and change the litter trays). I want my hoomins to stay safe but and at the same time I don’t want my hoomins to drive me insane with their constant attention seeking and attempts to give meowself and Tolkien unnecessary and not needing tooo much attention! You know of course too well what I mean since and all of the sudden those hoomins seem to have far too many hands that they are always stretching to give you a hug and pick you up....So enough is more attention please I need to have my own private space so please hoomins keep your safe feline distance at home! And you can’t even have one of these safe spaces either as hoomins seem to know these days every single spot in the house that we try to use to hide....especially when it comes to Tolkien....which is rather funny really as he is sooooo bad at hiding in general.

You know and well before hoomins started spending too much time at home life was sooo simple....there was an order and hoomin chaos! You know waking up your hoomins at a certain time in the morning, then see them leave the house for some hours when you could have the entire home to yourself (even with Tolkien around) then and when it was time you’ll welcome the hoomins back home and have a nice relaxing, enjoyable  evening being pampered, getting sufficient attention and food from the I’ve said normal stuff (which hoomin described not that great but sufficient enough to explain our normal life pattern in that notorious comic Life with Ozzy and Tolkien which you can download now from Amazon). Of course you had the hoomins staying at home the whole weekend but it was tolerable as it was only for 2 days and they’ve used to spend a lot of that time to relax and not to do much and bothered about us constantly....but now...having them (along with Tolkien of course and his weird habits of constantly eating cardboard and other unhealthy things like hoomin’s the way liking and eating spaghetti is not that be clear on that!) at home constantly and indefinitely has become sooo stressful! 
Tolkien is still terrible at the art of hiding...a disgrace really!

It’s all that constant attention and being too affectionate all the time that I can’t take’s like they feel guilty all of the sudden or that they are very bored or something…The only time I get some peace and quite from the hoomins is when I’m having a nap or pretending to snooze while I can still hear them going....ooooh this… isn’t cute the way he sleeps and oooh that...he is so adorable, let’s take some more photos while he sleeps, sits on his hammock or scratching post, sits, eats....when all these is ever going to end? I can’t even find peace and quiet when I’m using the litter tray these days as Tolkien would usually follow me as well....
I guess I should be grateful that I’m not the only cat in the house and Tolkien is also sharing some of the insane over attention and clinginess from the hoomins at the moment as well....otherwise I don’t know what I could have done....At least there are a few hours in the night when hoomins go to bed and then we get some peace and quiet and a bit of freedom to do what we want to do....

But of course there is also one good thing with hoomins being at home all the time....our food bowls are never least something to be grateful for! I do hope though that hoomins won’t run out of cat food as they keep talking about things running out...the nightmare of that of course!

Anymeows better go now and check on these hoomins again to see what they are up this time and of course to make sure that all bowls are full!

Purrs and meows till next time!

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