Life with Ozzy and.. Tolkien

Life with Ozzy and.. Tolkien
The misadventures of Ozzy and Tolkien at home

Monday, 21 October 2019

Why kittens can easily make your life a constant nightmare...

Keeping an eye on Tolkien so he doesn’t get into anymore mischief!

Once upon a time there was a happy cat, named Ozzy (meowself of course) who was living in a nice home with 3 other older cats and his two hoomins, who were the best purrsonal servants a cat like meowself could have wished for. Then and rather suddenly things. changed. Suddenly Ozzy wasn’t the youngest cat anymore, he had become instead the oldest one and there was a new kitten who hoomins apparently have adopted so for Ozzy to have some company, they’ve said, so not to be all alone when they weren’t around, they’ve said and to also to stop him from becoming very dependent and spoiled by the hoomins, they’ve said....and this is where the fairy tale ends for poor me and the nightmare begins!

So Tolkien had arrived and he was as you’d have expected from a kitten quite small and cute, as hoomins were kept saying and of course also, all new and ready and keen to learn how to be a cat from the expert and well qualified cat...meowself of course! Because I’m also a very kind, considerate, friendly, very tolerant (especially when it comes to hoomins and their many faults), easy going cat, qualities of mine which of course I know that you are very familiar with by now, I’ve easily accepted the small kitten and welcomed him into my home and started teaching him how to be a cat and how to annoy the hoomins when he wants something without getting into any trouble, as he had become my responsibility after all!
But of course and as you already know by now, Tolkien proved to be so far not the easiest or brightest kitten to teach anything useful....he has always been far too excitable, forgetful and also has become quite attached to hoomins and to prefer most of the time to be around them and not so keen on learning anything that a cat would need to know….(I don’t mean anything pointless like hunting small creatures or even flies and spiders which of course and for some strange reason have become Tolkien’s little hobby….)

I mean I have tried for so many weeks now to teach him the basics that any good cat should know but he is really really hopeless and in particular when it comes to playing (especially when he tries to hide or when is is supposed to find me or even try to catch and don’t let me start with his non-existent fighting skills….soooo bad!). He has also become a little thief as he likes stealing my favourite sleeping posts in the house and not paying any attention to me when I’m asking him to move from those spots and very very careless and extremely demanding and now also vocal when he wants something from the hoomins (mostly food and to play with....) which annoyingly seem to work with them, while they totally ignore me when I’m demanding attention….because I’m not small and cute anymore and I should also know better apparently!
He has now started developing really bad habits such as climbing in really high places such as the top of the kitchen cupboards and the top of the bedroom door....which of course it wouldn’t be the worst thing a kitten would do as kittens are quite agile, reckless and mostly stupid of course but then again he tends to find himself stuck up there and in need of hoomin assistance to get down....Hoomins spent the whole weekend getting him down from the door frequently and they weren’t very happy about it (they should have left him there for a while so that we all could have had a little peace and quiet time I say!). So did Tolkien learnt his lesson? Of course not....I mean what is the appeal at the top of the door? It’s a long long way up, and there is hardly enough space to move about let alone sit why a cat, even a stupid kitten like Tolkien would want to jump up there? 
You won’t see me up there or even contemplating something that stupid....I prefer instead the safety of the sofa and the occasional thrill of jumping on the kitchen tops....At least there you have more chances of finding something tasty to  eat as hoomins tend to leave plates, trays or bowls in many occasions for me to clean for them and of course you can easily get to the kitchen sink as well for some drop hunting....That’s high enough for me....thank you! Of course this has nothing to do with age or me being too fat to try and climb that high,’s all about being responsible and not attempt to jump on places that they are far too high above ground and get stuck there and need hoomins assistance to get down…far too high for any cat with a bit of sense I should think!

Yeap, on top of the door again...can’t get down...oh hoomin it’s Tolkien again!

Now and of course every time that Tolkien does something stupid and dangerous like attempting to climb up in very high places and despite the fact that he is actually stupid, he is after all part of the family now and naturally I’m worried about him...this is the reason of course of me following him around all the time as I’m trying to keep an eye on him and to also protect him from things that they can harm small enclosed boxes for example which might be far too small for him to fit in....I do not try to copy him of course just try to help him from getting to any more trouble and annoy the hoomins of course!

So and as you see it can be bad for a cat like meowself looking after a kitten like Tolkien  who he seems that he always gets into some sort of I’ve always have to keep an eye on him, which can be so stressful at times....

So and as as far it has been a rather stressful day I think it is about time for me to have a little snack break...Tolkien is fast asleep on the sofa and he is not wandering around so this is the purrfect opportunity for me to check that the bowls are full again!

So till next time purrs and meows

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