Life with Ozzy and.. Tolkien

Life with Ozzy and.. Tolkien
The misadventures of Ozzy and Tolkien at home

Monday, 19 August 2019

Well, the end has come....and gone and hoomins have adopted a new kitten!!!

Yes hoomins...I know what you are up don’t fool me!

So and if you remember from last week I was telling you about my pesky hoomins who were thinking of getting a new keep me company apparently now that Choo Choo is not with us anymore....well that was their excuse anyways....Of course I was trying my very best to convince them that this was really a very bad bad idea and that they should forget all about adding a new family member....there was no need for any kitten nonsense!
And did they take any notice, did they listen? Of course not! Hoomins can be sooo stubborn sometimes, it’s unbelievable, they’ll not listen to reason  and often they’ll then go and do silly bringing home a new kitten....yeap, they’ve done it!
It was Tuesday evening when they came home from the place they call work...hmmm a bit earlier than normal and they both appeared to be rather excited...they were talking a lot and they were rushing like they were expecting something or somebody to arrive and I was pretty sure that it wasn’t the Amazon delivery man that they were expecting...they don’t get that excited even when he delivers our food and cat yes I knew that something was going on, despite all their efforts to act like nothing was happening...’tricksty’ hoomins, they thought that they can fool me! Ha....So after a while one of the hoomins went outside and soon after he came back with another new hoomin who had with him a little hoomin and one of those baskets that hoomins use to take Faith to the vet (hee hee, poor Faith!)....I must admit I didn’t stay around to meet those strange new hoomins and check what was on that basket (I don’t like hoomins that I haven’t met before you see) but I’m pretty sure that there was something small and furry inside that basket that made silly squeaky sounds that one might had even called kitten meows...but then again I do not meow myself and therefore I can’t tell for certain whether the sounds were that of meowing (you know meow is so yesterday for us cats of the modern need to meow anymore, there are so many other sounds that a cat can use these days to communicate with hoomins and other cats...).
So I didn’t really have time to see what was in that basket but I knew that something was going on straight away as hoomins for the first time ever they’ve closed the door in the bedroom and they wouldn’t let me go inside or Faith for that matter....and there were strange smells and sounds coming from that room for days with hoomins going in and out and spending a lot of time in there. They were trying of course to act like nothing strange was happening and they’d be extra nice to meowself and Faith...those pesky hoomins they were fooling no one! I knew from the very beginning that something was hidden in that room, something who smell familiar but different as well....a pesky kitten!
Yeap, he does look silly...he is a kitten after all!
So after a few days and in the morning while I was resting on one of my sofas the door finally opened and a small black thing zoomed out from the bedroom, which at first couldn’t see or tell what it was as it was not staying still in one place and it was moving at the speed of light so it was almost impossible to tell for certainty what it was....I’ve never seen anything moving so fast before and appear to get so excited about everything....At some point soon after he finally did slow down and we had then a proper ‘meeting’...yes it was black kitten…hmmm not so bad really, he appear to be quite friendly and rather stoopid as expected from a young kitten who doesn’t know much....He seems to like me and he likes to follow me everywhere, he has become my small shadow now and he is quite fun to be around really...Of course he’d need a bit of training to learn the ways around here and how to behave but he is not that bad for a gullible kitten....he has a lot of potential and I can see meowself getting used to him...oh yes by the way hoomins call him Tolkien...don’t ask me why hoomins come up with such names, nobody knows really why hoomins always pick names that they don’t make a lot of sense...I guess because they are hoomins after all!

Anymeows as you can see there has been a rather interesting week and weekend and although my world as I’ve known it has come to an end, there has been a new beginning....I can see a lot of potential of course...especially when hoomins are not around or watching….he, he!

It is the light that makes me look the way he is not cute!
Better go now must check on the little one to see what havoc he has caused...I can hear the hoomins in the other room making a bit of fuss...he probably is somewhere where he is not supposed to be.... hee hee the fun is about to begin...poor hoomins (not!!!).

Purrs and meows for now!

Before I go though I would like to mention once again that my hoomins are trying to raise money to help older cats such like Choo Choo was with vet bills as their treatments can be very expensive since insurances don’t cover senior cats treatment for life (not fair really as we can live a lot longer now and some of us need medical treatment) if you feel generous and you want to help cats like Choo Choo to have a good old age you can donate by clicking here:

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