Life with Ozzy and.. Tolkien

Life with Ozzy and.. Tolkien
The misadventures of Ozzy and Tolkien at home

Monday, 20 May 2019

Not all things are what they least to a cat that is!

You know sometimes I do get a bit fed up with hoomins and their misconceptions about us, especially of what they believe we like and we might not like....You know hoomins think they are toooooo clever and that they know everything there is about us, like they can read our minds or something….such nonsense...of course hoomins can’t read our minds.....we, cats, on the other hand and although we don’t really have to or even try to, we simply know what hoomins think and what they’d do in every situation, we are what hoomins call...very intelligent creatures (some might even think that and since we are so intelligent why we don’t rule the world and let hoomins do it so badly…well, I say everything in good time, all good things come to those who wait and they are patient…).

Now, a  good example of what I’m trying to say here is when hoomins get us what they often call expensive toy thingies  to play with...You see hoomins seem to think that we don’t really understand the concept of playing with things that they are not real! Of course we know that that fury or plastic thingy that moves on the floor is not a real mouse or what ever else it supposes to be but nevertheless we will still play with it because we like playing like hoomins or other animals often do and of course we don’t have to be a kitten to like playing with moving can play at any age. Playing is fun at any age and for any species, not just hoomins, you don’t have to act like you are on a real hunt, you can still pretend and have fun at the same time without causing any harm to anyone….we kitties know that very well, even if we don’t think like hoomins think or believe that they do….
Because playing is fun and a good exercise to do! So and because we know that we are playing with what is not real prey and we don’t really care that we can’t really catch and kill the prey in the end, we therefore can play with anything that we found entertaining and fun to play....and I mean anything. so hoomins shouldn’t be surprised when I for example like playing with a little square box which I’ve just found abandoned in a dark corner, under the sofa....You see I like playing with it because it is fun, I can throw it in the air, bat at it, kick it and do anything I is my toy after all, isn’t it now hoomins? Because it isn’t round and doesn’t roll it doesn’t mean that I can’t have fun with it....As each of us kitties are unique so are our own playing preferences therefore I like what I like.... I don’t like chasing fake mice or birdies but I like playing with my own stuff (although that red spot is still very irresistible.... to catch and I will soon or later, it won’t escape my claws…). I just like having a bit of fun now and then....On the other hand I don’t think that is fun to chase flies or spiders or even mice and birdies....I think it is cruel to chase creatures that they don’t bother you....that feather though hanging from that string is very interesting....

Yes, this is my new favourite toy....what about it hoomins?
So my playing habits are not really strange but rather unique as I am of course....I mean it is a lot of fun to leave cat litter all over the house on the carpet after you’ve visited the litter tray and then watch the hoomins completely ignorant about it stepping on those small pellets when they are not wearing any shoes and hear them shouting all these bad words!!!
It isn’t cruel but very very funny....hoomins can be very amusing at times, you just have to watch them behave silly.... Besides I like playing cat litter lego, hee hee!

Anyway better go now, hoomin alert in the kitchen....

Purrs and meows till next time!

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