Life with Ozzy and.. Tolkien

Life with Ozzy and.. Tolkien
The misadventures of Ozzy and Tolkien at home

Tuesday, 28 May 2019

Bad moments of kitties that hoomins shouldn’t be laughing at....

Well, everybody knows that we, cats, are almost and in every way purrfect (OK, maybe not everybody knows, I know that those stupid dogs don’t have a clue really but they don’t really count so let’s move on...) and we do everything with grace and dignity....I mean look at the way we move, we clean ourselves, we stare at hoomins and the world, we run, we chase…etc, etc. Everything about us is full of mystery and charm...we are the kings and queens of our hoomins’ homes.... and hoomins adore us because of the way we are…But of course there are moments in time when things do not always go according to plan....I mean we do have very very occasional moments when things are not that purrfect after all, but these moments are rare, beyond our control and most definitely not to be laughed at by hoomins....because if we then start laughing at hoomins at their silly and very often stupid mistakes or mishaps they too often are making…well, then and more likely we would never stop laughing at them!

So we except from hoomins a bit more understanding and not to laugh when you know...accidents do happen!
So when and for example in a few occasions let’s day I might miss the kitchen counter by  miscalculating the distance between the floor and the counter I really don’t appreciate the hoomins’ reaction of laughing loud while shouting ‘Ozzy, you are too fat to jump that high’d break the unit, ha, ha’....not funny at all. It was a genuine mistake, a miscalculation from my part because of the kitchen not having sufficient light at the time! It had nothing to do with the way I am, not being heavy or out of practice or anything else that silly!  I’m most definitely not fat! We have discussed this before, many times before hoomins....I just look big, that’s all....So next time you’ve tripped over and fall flat on your faces hoomins I’d be there laughing loud myself, even if you can’t hear me as we cats don’t laugh the same way as hoomins...but you can tell by the look in our eyes and how we look at things that we find at certain times rather amusing...or silly and funny!

Also and regarding the little incident with the litter tray the other day, hoomin, you have no evidence so you can’t tell who was responsible for that little accident, it could have been any of us and not just me....Again I’m not that fat and I’m not getting too big for the litter tray, you don’t need to get a bigger one....such a nonsense....That was an unfortunate accident and no one should be blamed for...don’t you hoomins having accidents when you want to use the toilet? I have heard you, quite often, saying that you laughed too much and that you’ve almost had an accident....see? You too hoomins have accidents and we cats don’t blame you or make any fuss about it.....So I would expect the same reaction when there is the occasional know sometimes you’re miscalculating spaces and you are in a hurry....

See? I’m looking, not judging...where is my dinner hoomins?
As I’ve said we cats are purrfect.  in every way, better than dogs and hoomins and very very rarely can we be accused of unfortunate accidents but sometimes there are some situations when we don’t seem to have totally control....In those occasions we expect from hoomins to be more understanding and less judgemental as we are...we don’t judge you and you make mistakes all the time....Like right now for example, it is well passed my dinner time and my food bowl is still empty...not criticising, see? Waiting patiently for hoomins to move towards the kitchen...because I’m a very understanding and considerate kitty when it comes to hoomins impurrfection!

Purrs and meows till next time!

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