Life with Ozzy and.. Tolkien

Life with Ozzy and.. Tolkien
The misadventures of Ozzy and Tolkien at home

Monday, 1 April 2019

Weekly Tasks...

Today I thought I would talk about my weekly tasks, you know, my responsibilities that I have as a cat carer of the other three cats and the two hoomins in my home so you can see that I’m a very busy pussycat after all! Of course they are always daily tasks which I have to do to keep everybody and everything in order but this is perhaps another days’s discussion. Today we are concentrating on my weekly ones....
Observing hoomins!

So let’s start with Monday...hmm, yes Monday, today is Monday isn’t it? Monday I’m usually wanted in the kitchen where the hoomins are making their own messes with what they call cooking or baking etc...they do like to use a lot of pans and pots and they are always making such a mess, just to eat (why they can’t just open a tin or a sachet of tuna and have a nice meal is beyond my comprehension, they just like making things too do difficult for themselves...tuna flavour is the best of course!). So on Mondays I keep an eye on them in the kitchen of course!
Checking laundry for hoomins!

Tuesdays...let me see…what do we do on Tuesdays? Oh yes, hoomins do what they call laundry on Tuesdays, they wash some of their removable fur coats that they tend to wear some days and then wash it in a spinning machine…weird ha? Again such a waste...why can’t they have one normal fur coat and then just lick it clean like we do... so easy and a lo less fuss! So on Tuesdays I make sure that they put their right dirty fur coats in that spinning machine....need to make sure of course!
Looking for any missing spots!

Wednesdays is another cleaning day...hoomins are so obsessed with cleaning stuff so On Wednesdays they usually clean the house…they insist on removing all of our cat fur from the floor and carpets and they  also are using a very loud kinda scary machine to do so, which I don’t like at all! They are actually making more mess than they are seem to be cleaning but you know they are hoomins after all  and they think they know everything....I don’t get it of course why they have to remove all of our cat hair as it is after all an extra layer of insulation and warmth especially on cold months....Anyways afterwards they have cleaned I have to check everywhere to see that they’ve cleaned thoroughly and they didn’t miss any spots!
Making sure the house is fit to live on of course!
On Thursdays hoomins would clean again…what else would they do? This time is the little cat’s home....poor thing all that hard work that he puts all week to make his home cosy and warm and all of the sudden and while he is about inside his plastic bubble wandering care free in the house...pfft all that hard work gets wasted away and hoomins come and change and clean  so cruel! Of course we are dealing with hoomins who they can be really mean at times. So and again it’s up to me to check that everything is being done properly and the little cat’s home is as it is supposed to be (eating seeds…such a weird cat!).
Shopping pfft...what hoomins have bought this time?

Then on Friday is shopping day and of course and like any good kitty would do in my place I have to check all the shopping bags that hoomins bring home to make sure they’ve bought the right stuff and enough cat food and treats to last us, as hoomins and as everybody knows they can be forgetful at times. 
Keeping hoomins busy!
Then, we have the weekend, two days when hoomins become very lazy and they need constant reminder of their duties and which also means of course that I need to be more active as hoomins are around a lot (not doing much so I have to) and to also to get sufficient rest especially on Sundays so to charge myself for the coming week!

Sunday rest!
Pfeww! Thar was exhausting...As you can see I’m a very busy kitty and have to do a lot to keep an order in my home as hoomins can be a lot of work!

Anymeow that’s all for now...time for a little snack and snooze!

Purrs and meows till next time!

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