Life with Ozzy and.. Tolkien

Life with Ozzy and.. Tolkien
The misadventures of Ozzy and Tolkien at home

Monday, 8 April 2019

Things that we cats like to do....not to annoy hoomins of course...on purpose!

It is true of course that we cats sometimes we do things and behave in certain ways that sometimes...I say sometimes, might annoy hoomins because they might think that we behave in that way on purpose....just to annoy them, which of course is not true...well most of the times anyway! We are simply having a bit of fun!

Just relaxing....the sofa is all mine now hoomin!

Let me give you some examples....let’s talk about the little game of you know I like to sit where you are currently sitting hoomin and I would try my hardest to make you get up, no matter how hard you might try to ignore me....I would be just standing there, starring till you give in and if that doesn’t seem to work then I would try the sudden attack approach, I’d jump on the same seat and I’d use claws to scratch any hoomin part available till the hoomin has had enough
 and gives in and abandons his seat....Then I’d own that seat...for a little while of course, till the hoomin finds another spot to sit, which spot it would be soon also mine as I’d come to claim it soon enough....You see I’ve got bored with the old seat and now I want to sit where the hoomin is sitting again....It’s all a bit of fun although sometimes hoomins seem to get a bit annoyed...they don’t get to the spirit of the game, which really I can’t seem to understand for the life of me. Not fun at all those hoomins sometimes!

Choo Choo plays this game pretty well with the hoomin’s bean bag, he only has to do the starring trick with her, he just stands there and stares and hoomin soon gives up her seat and Choo would claim it (after the hoomin has said a few swearing words, which I would not of course repeat....I don’t think it is appropriate and I don’t approve when hoomins are swearing....such bad front of us...such a lack of respect...really!) and till Choo Choo gets bored of course, in a little while and decides that the bed is a better option! Such a fun, Choo Choo is the best in annoying the hoomin!

Faith is good at it as well especially with the sofa. What Faith does well is playing to being indecisive card, not deciding in which side of the sofa wants to sit, especially when hoomin is watching TV and then can’t sit down as Faith is keeps changing her mind and moves from one side of the sofa to the other....not a very happy hoomin here but what the is fun watching them two play music sofas!

My own little preference is the other hoomin’s chair in his office....when he is pretending that he is working I go and steal his chair...he only needs to get up to go the kitchen for a minute to move a bit and then the seat is all mine! Then of course you pretend that you are fast asleep so when hoomin comes back doesn’t want to wake you he decides to sit on the other chair or on the sofa....well of course the fun doesn’t really stop there! Now there is another challenge to steal hoomins new sitting spot and annoy him! Fun times....Again I don’t approve of course of all those swearing words that hoomins would sometimes say....not nice, hoomin must learn not to loose their temper that easy....after all I’m only having a bit of fun!

Another good way to annoy hoomins is of course to constantly insist to be on the other side of a closed door....Kitties that are going outside can play this game by wanting to be indoors when they are outside and wanting to go outside when indoors but for us kitties that don’t like going outside and prefer being indoors all the time there there are always a lot of doors to play with....With me and Choo Choo is mainly the bedroom door.....we’ll constantly scratch at the door and jump on the handle when we are locked outside to get in and of course to be let out when we are inside and the door is closed....The same applies for the bathrooms doors of course...we don’t like it when we can’t see what’s going in there....No hoomins you can’t have your privacy, we need to know what’s going on in there, besides it is after all for you own good as well...we are keeping an eye on you just in case you have an accident or stop complaining.

Anymeows better go now and by the way if hoomins say anything about finding me inside the rubbish bin looking for chicken bones is all a was just an accident....I don’t know how I fell is all a blur...a traumatic experience which I would rather forget!

So purrs and meows till next time!

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