Life with Ozzy and.. Tolkien

Life with Ozzy and.. Tolkien
The misadventures of Ozzy and Tolkien at home

Monday, 11 March 2019

Why not all cats are the same!

Sometimes I think that hoomins are a little....let’s say a little peculiar, as they tend to behave in ways that often don’t make a lot of sense and they are also like making continuously loud noises, which they call…talking...and which noises are also expecting us to make when they’re ‘talking’ to us....and of course when we do oblige and we start talking to them as they are expecting us to do so then they’d start complaining that we are very noisy and won’t stop meowing...Strange or what? We only do what we were told to do in the first place! Yes, hoomins can be rather peculiar at times but at least they can be excused as they are not really that smart to know what they are doing...or saying for that matter!

So of course we do expect hoomins to be weird at times but and at the same time they are also expecting us to do things that they deem to be strange so they can feel better themselves!

But we kitties know better...we are the intelligent ones here and whatever we do there is always a good reason for doing so! We don’t do things for no purpose, we don’t waste energy for no reason and we aren’t fussy or stubborn....we are only very persistent, till hoomins are convinced that giving in to our demands is the best way to serve us! Let’s face it hoomins are not clever enough to resist us or ignore us, no matter how they hard they might try. Cats always win!
Fear me hoomins I’m no cute...mean hoomin!

So and because I know my hoomins, I know what time I need to get up and also wake up hoomins in the mornings so breakfast is served on time, what time hoomins are coming up so they can fill up the food bowls which have been empty all day....what time is the right time to get attention from hoomins and some interactive play....(usually the best time is when they sit in the evening in front of that talking big weird shaped very thin box and doing nothing....just stare, then I know that is the right time to get them involved in some cat activities and entertained....).

So you see I know what to do and when and I behave in most occasions as hoomins would have expected me to behave....and I give them the attention they need!

But then again and if you do remember I’m not the only cat in the house, there are three others who often are not behaving the way cats should do...and who are so hard to keep under control (even worse than the hoomins at times!).
Ripley’s new bed...good grief!

A good example is Ripley of course...yes I know and hoomins are keep saying it as well, she is quite old now and she has become as peculiar as the hoomins and very grumpy but why on earth does she like sleeping in the litter tray? I know nobody else is using it as hoomins got it just for her and they keep it clean so she can use it as a bed....but why the litter tray, when there are so many other places in the house to use? I simply don’t get it....I’ve always thought that we kitties we use litter trays for our toilet needs and hoomins are here to clean them after us....but Ripley....well...she is old and I can’t even annoy her any more to get attention from hoomins as she is totally ignore me these days....where is the fun in this? Being totally ignored when I was once feared..

On the other spectrum of course you have drama queen Faith who she squeaks and meows every time she sees me getting close by  like I’m going to attack her or something (she doesn’t like playing hide and seek at all) and always meows for the hoomins to came and rescue her...such a drama queen....At least she sleeps on the hoomins pillows like a normal cat would do, not like Ripley....

As for Choo Choo, well there is nothing wrong with Choo Choo of course as he  is my hero....he is the best cat there is to be around...I like following him around and he even lets me eat some of his food...although he doesn’t like playing at all and sometimes gets a bit annoyed and he never covers after he has been to the litter tray...but it’s OK I’d usually do it for him....He also knows how to convince the hoomins to feed him anytime he wants...he talks to them all the time....I can’t say that I understand all his meows but hoomins seem to do so as they always doing what he wants them to do...feed him! If only I was that convincing too....hoomins seem to ignore me when I try to ask them to feed me...I’ve only get the...’you are too fat’ and ‘you’d had enough for now’, which is of course totally nonsense (I’m not fat or had enough…never enough!).

Anymeow better stop now...time to check on hoomins and Ripley I guess!

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