Life with Ozzy and.. Tolkien

Life with Ozzy and.. Tolkien
The misadventures of Ozzy and Tolkien at home

Monday, 18 February 2019

When hoomins are acting really strange….Why hoomins have to be so affectionate.....why, why?

I don't seem to be able to understand this hoomin obsession of being sooo affectionate with each other and even worse with us....why oh why do they have these needs to touch, cuddle, pet constantly and even the worst thing of all...kiss, yuck! Is is a sort of disease that all hoomins have? And if it is a disease is there a cure? Because they do need to be cured….permanently as it is getting out of contol!
I mean what is with this kiss kiss business? Why do they need to cuddle and kiss, what is the purpose of this behaviour? You would think that us, kitties being furry and easily loosing some of that fur would have being a sort of deterrent to all this kissing business....but oh no, hoomins are really really weird and they don’t seem to mind at all, quite the opposite they become obsessed and seem to enjoy the whole process....So the whole process keeps repeating itself, in the morning when they leave...kiss kiss goodbye, in the afternoon when they are back and they are excited to see us, kiss kiss again...going to bed kiss kiss and of course there are always the in between sessions as well for no apparent reason what’s so ever for them to be that affectionate…Yes I know hoomins loves us and want to show their love and affection but there are always other ways to do so….like providing extra food, treats, boxes toy things, etc just to name a few acceptable and logical forms of love and affection expressions!

 I mean and don’t get me wrong I don’t mind some controlled affection such as the occasional scratching on the head or under the chin and even the touching of my belly in a few occasions which occasions should be more than enough for hoomins to give me the attention I need and to also show to my hoomins some affection too (you know I do the occasional biting of the fingers, toes and other available extremities and head butting when least expected of course as any respectable kitty would do of course) so it’s not that I don’t like them after all but all this excess and uncontrollable affection that they are showing are beyond my understanding as is too much hoomins, so stop it now,

Please hoomins stop being so affectionate and most importantly stop all this kissing business is really getting out of control. Especially on these special days you seem to have hoomins and  when you totally lose it and you can’t stop yourselves, like the other day last week, which was some sort of weird day for hoomins, you know one of these days that they allow themselves to eat too much or to eat things they try to avoid all year around because they are bad for them and that day all of the sudden they are not so bad….weird hoomins! Anymeow such days they hoomins acts really bizarre and along with the overindulging they become unbearable nice, they talk in that weird voice they use when they want to be super nice, they even use silly names and they become…too clingy….special valentine kitty, nonsense! So unbearable the whole thing and I can tell you that I even have the proof to show as well as they were even marked me with red stuff on my neck, which it took me ages to get rid!
One moment here I was relaxing, unaware....

....and the next I was attacked by hoomin...marked with red stuff!

There are not many days like these thankfully but those days are really a nightmare as hoomins acting really strange and they are not behaving like normal hoomins, they are becoming monsters and are behaving like they are trying to give too much unwanted attention! If there was some extra treats or food to go with it at least it might have been a bit more tolerable, it was only for one day after all, but no they were just being crazy, out of character hoomins and no real good came out of that, not even an extra treat....just a red stain on my neck! I really really don’t like their Valentine day you know....glad it’s over and hoomins are acting like hoomins again!

Anymeow better go now and check the food bowls for the night...

Purrs and meows till next time…if I survive my hoomins that is!

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