Life with Ozzy and.. Tolkien

Life with Ozzy and.. Tolkien
The misadventures of Ozzy and Tolkien at home

Saturday, 23 February 2019

The things I way

I have said it before and I would say it again....each kitty is an individual like hoomins are and therefore he or she behaves in his or her own way....we fo things different and there is no cat way of doing things, OK?

Let me give you an example then, you hoomins should know that us kitties, we all sound different when it comes to the cat talking or meowing...some of us learnt from you hoomins to like hearing our voice and we meow a lot, most of the times and especially to our hoomins because this is the only and better way to make them understand us.

Hiding from hoomins, here....                        

You see, hoomins, love to make sounds all the time (even when they sleep...they call it snoring...something that we also sometimes like to copy....snoring is not very coherent though but it can be rather loud and very annoying....especially when you try to sleep that is!). So because hoomins prefer sounds as a way to communicate with everybody, including us, instead of trying to understand other more subtle and quiet ways of communication like body language....yes, those strange hoomins! So to make them understand us we tend to create our own different sounds that we think the simple minded hoomins would understand, we don’t want to make them too complicated now, do we, as everybody knows that hoomins are not that intelligent and therefore they can’t really understand complicated conceptions some of our ways and thoughts....So each cat would use different meows to “talk” to his/her hoomin, so you would have different meows for example: “I’m hungry”, “Leave me alone I want to sleep”, “I’m bored now hoomin, try to entertain me”, ‘I need some attention’, etc to give you some examples...Of course some kitties are more talkative than others like Choo Choo and Faiht who they never seem to stop and others like myself they don’t like meowing too much or too just a few occasions only....too much effort to try to make hoomins understand you with sounds...actions I say are better than meows. So hoomins stop saying that I can’t meow like a cat...I meow like Ozzy, like Faith meows like Faith,  OK?
But of course meowing/talking  is not the only things we do talking is only one of the things that each cat develops according to his or her own needs. Another good example is my own purrsonal zooping style who hoomins think I do is my own, purrsonal style and I do it is just my own way of doing things, I do not march, I’m zooping. For you out there that they don’t know what zooping is allow me to explain....really you don’t know what zooping is? It is of course the fine art of kneading soft material like my hoomins clothing, it is a making you feel good activity and which is also very should try it too hoomins when you are stressed.... it is very very relaxing...Every cat does it his or her own way though so there is no right or wrong way to do this....just enjoy it!

The other thing that I also find rather annoying is being accused by the hoomins of not acting not like a cat but instead behaving like a puppy, a puppy is a dog, right? How dare they, accusing me of being….a dog? Whoah, this is a big insult, really!  No proof what’s so ever.....because I like following hoomin around the house, occasionally I do not, in any way, act like any dog, small or big....I’ve just want to make sure that hoomin is OK as they can be clumsy and careless sometimes, that’s all, no insecurity here involved, no way! I’m just doing my duty like a kind and caring cat to my hoomins!

Hoomins! Pfft sometimes they are so strange and difficult to understand but I guess they do have  their uses and they do seem to like they can be forgiving for being so weird at times and not that smart either…

Anymeows better go now I think I saw hoomin moving around, better go and check on him.

Purrs and meows till next time!

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