Life with Ozzy and.. Tolkien

Life with Ozzy and.. Tolkien
The misadventures of Ozzy and Tolkien at home

Wednesday, 13 February 2019

Things we do that hooomins don't seem to understand

Well it seems to have been a while but you know, I have been busy, busy. Hoomins weren’t too well for a few days and guess who had to look them after? Of course it was me….I’m the one you know, who is supposed to make sure that they are OK, at least alive so they can get up to feed the other three and the little one in the plastic box (strange cat….really) so I had to make sure that they were out of bed on time even if their alarm was quite. I’m the one you know who sits on them, on anybody’s face (I do not discriminate first thing in the morning), head, back, etc, bites any exposed fingers, toes I can find, tries to hide under covers like they do when they are pretending they can’t see me or hear me. I’ve also tried the knocking off things from the tables, the loud, pathetic and kitten like meowing, the scratching at the door, the opening off the blinds at the window (yeah that wasn’t very successful really…), etc, etc. All hard work as hoomins were a lot more harder to convince to get up than normal days….even weekends….that cold thing they had it was really hard to beat. But thankfully they both are now back to their normal selves so my job is not that hard in the mornings again!

But of course you hoomins you know that you know that you are hoomins and that we are actually cats and therefore we have our differences (although sometimes you talk to us like we are like you….which we are not but we understand a lot more that you are telling us than you think we do). No what I mean about difference isn not only that we kinda look a bit different, you know we have nice soft fur all over (unlike you who need fake fur to cover your baldy bits) we also  use 4 legs to walk (this is why we walk very gracefully unlike you hoomins who you can hardly stand on your two feet) we have a nice long tail which helps a lot with balance and alo makes us look pretty cool, we have whiskers to avoid pumping into things (what you hoomins have? Oh nothing!) and we...well let’s face a it we are a lot prettier than any hoomin ever was or can be....yes, yes you know it is true and you can’t deny it....admit it and you make yourself a favour but make it plainly obvious why we are so important and in your lives….you need to look at us and admire our feline beauty….true, soooo true!

But of course I won’t deny it either, there are lot of similarities between us, especially when it comes to certain behaviours and ways of thinking as long as some physical similarities of course, yes we do remind you a lot of many ways or at least how you wish (deep down of course) you would yourselves looked like. This is why we are your best companions and you like us so much....It is often quite difficult for different species to co-exist in the same environment and for so long but we, ourselves and hoomins seem to manage to get along just fine as hoomins understand us and serve us well!

As I’ve said we do have a lot in common with hoomins and liking stability, routine and familiarity is a common feature that we all share, as we don’t like changes and we like things to be the way they are....a nice familiar, warm home with plenty of food and enough attention at regular times is what all we like and no changes or intrusions please!

But there are always some things that we cats do like doing and we are behaving in certain ways that often hoomins don’t seem to understand and seem to get puzzled by.
Of course you don’t understand us, hoomins, you are not cats, remember?....So you’d never understand or appreciate what it means for a cat to express his emotions by running like he is chasing something or somebody or appears that he is being chased by somebody after he has used the litter tray....that feeling of running aimlessly from one end to other end of the house like he is on fire is something that I’m afraid that hoomins will never do understand or ever appreciate....or running in general for what appears to be no apparent reason...again hoomins you are wrong as there is always a good reason for everything we do...even when we lick walls or hoomins arm pits and hair...I don’t wanna go that far though as pretending that eating bombay mix and pistachio nuts is something that I like or have tried as....this is a bit extreme for me but of course I don’t point the paw at anyone as there are others out there and each cat has his/her own preferences and likes....So what one cat likes doing is not what all cats like, each one has his own…ways. We don’t all like the same food, or the same toys or scratching surfaces and sleeping areas and not all get excited after being the litter tray or like running or even playing with strings or balls or toy mice or anything else for that matter...some cats just like sleeping and eating (and they don’t even get fat....I’m talking about Choo Choo, Faith and Ripley....grr). Yes we are all different and have our peculiarities as you call them hoomins...but the truth is that you do like us the way we are....don’t you hoomins?
Some like Faith might like for example using their paw to get attention from hoomin...she actually thinks that she has a hand like hoomins do....while others like Ripley and Choo Choo just choose to meow really loud when they want something from the hoomins...mostly food really. As for me...well I only need to play the cute card and show my cute belly and the hoomins would obey me no questions asked, really!

Each and every one of us would use their own way to communicate with hoomins while and at the same time would also do things that might not fit the general cat behaviour but would entertain us and make us what we are....pussycats with attitudes, like our hoomins!

Till next time meows and purrs

Hey hoomin what are you doing down there?

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