Life with Ozzy and.. Tolkien

Life with Ozzy and.. Tolkien
The misadventures of Ozzy and Tolkien at home

Sunday, 3 February 2019

Sunday’s misadventures

You know not all kitties in this world, well at least not in my home are equal....Some are getting a better treatment than others and sometimes that isn’t right. You know,  when you think you are at the top of that ladder and hoomins have a slight preference  and right so, for a certain kitty than the rest....Well at least this is what I thought about my hoomins....but I was soooo wrong....
You know a kitty does everything right, everything that he is supposed and expected to do like a cat in my position and yet is not being appreciated enough or gets the same privileges the other cats in the house have....because he is not old enough....and the others have priorities because of age and illnesses they have (yeah right...they are faking it more likely!).

You see I’m the one who always there where hoomins are, under their feet all the time, as expected, checking everything that comes through that door to make sure that is safe, checking all the food bowls to make sure that the food is good for everybody (you don’t want now to have them eating food that is off), demanding attention all the time, especially at times when hoomins pretending that they are busy doing something else, when clearly they just sit there on the sofa in front of the TV doing nothing and they just want to be entertained or pretending that they are reading (yeah right). Also I’m checking their own food to make sure that is safe for them when eating, waiting for them at the door in the evening when they do finally come home from god knows where they have been all day. So you see I’m a caring and consider cat that does everything and perhaps a bit more than a cat in my position needs and expected to do.

Unlikely the other three of course who they don’t care about anything else other than having their dinner on time and having clean litter trays....they don’t care whether their hoomins are at home or not as long as there is food in the bowls and the house is warm enough for them to snooze comfortably.

And guess what they do get treated better than I do....Choo Choo gets to be fed where he sleeps so he doesn’t have to move a lot and he also gets an extra pillow and hot bottle water underneath to sleep so he is warm and comfy...pfft!

Pfft..Choo Choo looks a bit too pampered to me!
Faith gets extra chicken because she needs to take some kind of medicine apparently....nonsense I say and Ripley.....yes Ripley, gets extra of everything and she can eat and sleep wherever because apparently she is old and have some sort of illness and can’t move a lot....again nonsense....she is just faking it so to make me look bad and appear to be a bully.

Poor me just sleeping in the corner
And what do I get....I sleep in the corner of the sofa without complaining (no, no sleeping on the bed at night doesn’t count as I’m doing it for hoomins so to keep them warm these cold nights....) and not allowed to eat the others food because I’m fat (again I’m only doing so food doesn’t get wasted and once again I’m not fat I just look fluffed up because of my fluffed up fur  places in these cold months of winter, you know like the birdies outside )...Hoomins!

Anymeows better go and check bowls now as there is hoomin movement in the kitchen.

Purrs and meows till next time!

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