Life with Ozzy and.. Tolkien

Life with Ozzy and.. Tolkien
The misadventures of Ozzy and Tolkien at home

Monday, 16 September 2019

Kittens can be worse than hoomins...sometimes

Oh away from Tolkien at last...he is not behind me, is he?

You know and this is a rare occasion I think that I agree with hoomins on this...I’ve decided, I’m too old to be chasing after Tolkien...he is such hard work sometimes and I really hate to say this but I think that hoomins weren’t that wrong after all when they were kept saying the same thing, over and over again (not of course that I was any trouble at any time and I’m also pretty sure that they weren’t actually referring to me of course...). But actually it is really hard work being a kitten guardian whether you are a hoomin or a grown up cat who knows all, like myself. He is so playful and gets excited so easily and so often about everything that he sees or hears, his tail, flies, hoomins feet, my tail, cat litter on the floor, the floor, the carpet, the list goes on and on….

I mean I’m trying my hardest to keep him busy and entertained, after all he is a good kitten but this running and chasing is a constant and non stop business, which no cat (or hoomin for that matter) can cope with 7 days a week (at least he sleeps at night!).  Where on cat’s world does he get all that energy from? It can’t just be what he eats....I have tried it (you know out of curiosity of course and to also make sure that it is alright for Tolkien, not that I like kitten food or not pay attention to what my hoomins are saying, they are always exaggerating things, anymeows!)

Tolkien playing again with...the blind!!
I don’t think, you know, that I was so energetic when I was young, some time ago, myself (hey, stop that, I’m not that old, I’m still quite fit for my age, not fat just a bit full in certain body areas and that it is because of my thick fur of course). But with Tolkien I don’t get a minute’s peace and quiet, even when he is eating...he doesn’t really eat he just quickly nibbles and then he is ready to play again....with my tail! I mean you need to take some time to enjoy your food and then of course to have your cat nap as the name says..but not with Tolkien....he is always on the move even when he eats or using the litter tray....he, he that’s quite funny actually as he still hasn’t learnt how to use the litter tray properly, the art of covering....correctly, you know when you do use the litter and not the litter tray to cover....Silly kitten, still very young and rather stupid, worse than my hoomins at times it seems!

So this last weekend once again instead of relaxing and getting a bit of pampering as it was pamper your cat day I’ve spent most of it instead trying to catch up with Tolkien or I was chased by him and provoked to fighting…and you know what and after all this chasing and playing I think I’ve lost quite a lot of weight as well and if this running around the house, chasing and play fighting business continues I’d soon be a very very skinny cat....I don’t think I’d look good skinny though....(I think it is about time for the hoomins to double my daily food portions just in case…they won’t want me to look skinny now!).

But of course I blame hoomins for all these troubles I am having and which troubles they are still putting me through....not so much for bringing Tolkien home (well, he is not that bad all the time after all) but for remembering and rediscovering old cat toys and then bringing them out for Tolkien to play...he gets all interested in them and then he makes me get interested I have to keep on eye on him after all!

So yes, I don’t seem to be getting a lot of peace and quiet these days as it seems that I’m always on the move and being chased by Tolkien (and I don’t chase him myself either or provoking him in any way into’s all Tolkien’s fault....he is too’s not me) while at the same time he also keeps stealing my snoozing spots too!
So I think that is about time that hoomins take some responsibility for Tolkien’s actions too and to also stop expecting me to be doing all the hard work myself! They should try to keep him entertained as well and not to also try to get me involved. with their silly toys...well maybe not all of them! Tolkien is their responsibility and they should spend their precious free time chasing him around the house. I’m having a break now and I’m expecting to find some food on my bowl as I’m well deserving a good meal and a long rest....for a while! I’m too old for this day and night chasing...and I don’t expect to find Tolkien pretending to be snoozing on my sofa!

So I’m off for some snacking and snoozing now

Till next time...
Purrs and meows from myself and pesky Tolkien!

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