Life with Ozzy and.. Tolkien

Life with Ozzy and.. Tolkien
The misadventures of Ozzy and Tolkien at home

Monday, 22 April 2019

Seriously I'm not a kitten and I do not have an evil twin...despite what hoomins think!

Well, sometimes hoomins say things that most definitely are not true and they hurt my feelings. I mean, all these accusations, blaming me for things I’ve never done just because of the way I am and my unique purrsonality. Because and after all, us, kitties, do have our own unique purrsonalities, which make us very special, don’t you agree hoomins?
 This is why I’m so loveable and unique (of course it does help that I’m very cute as well, it is true after all, I’m very cute and cuddly, my hoomins keep saying all the time, so I’m just being honest here....what do you mean who is modest here....don’t know what that means, sorry!).

Anymeows, what I was saying? Oh yes being blamed and accused for things that are not really my doing after all.  It is bad enough accused of being a bully when quite obviously I’m not as I’m only trying to help the others being a bit more active by doing some needed exercise and checking on them when they are using the litter trays to make sure that they are not making any mess and hoomins get annoyed by having to clean all that mess, etc....that’s not bullying hoomins, that’s being considerate and helpful.

But what I don’t really get is being accused of acting like a kitten and not seem to want to grow to an adult cat....that’s nonsense. I’m not behaving like a kitten by being curious and too playful....or  that there is another me around, that I have an evil twin... That’s silly, how is it possible for me to be at two places at the same time? That’s defy logic, even hoomin one! Besides there is no way that there is another Ozzy out there, I’m unique remember?  I’m just very active for my  and I’m not an Ozzy Button...whatever that means, I’m not changing to a kitten...I’ve always been like this, playful, active and very cute...So what if I like playing and knocking things of tables and shelves....isn’t what a cat suppose to do? After all hoomins are here to serve and clean and tidy up after us....they are not called cat servants for no reason you know....I must admit sometimes I get a bit excited but that’s normal....there are always things to get excited about, like new boxes, or birdies outside or even that fat squirrel who tries to eat the birdies food from the feeders at the window, moths, flies, spiders, red dots moving around, etc, etc…There are always good reasons to get excited, when hoomins get in the morning...breakfast, when they come home in the evening...dinner, when they go to the kitchen...they’d then fill up empty bowls, after you have visited the litter box...don’t you kitties out there let your hoomins know that you have just visited the litter box, it is a very good to get excited of course!                
Just helping the hoomins with their chorus, see?

As for being in two places at the same time as I’ve said it before it’s just nonsense, there is no other Ozzy in the house, only myself....I just like to know what’s going on and to keep an eye on hoomins, I mean I need to check that places like the shower and bathroom are safe for them to use, to help them with their house chorus (not vacuuming though…don’t like that noisy thing they use..) and cooking, I’d help them to clean all that mess and inspect that they are doing everything right by of course jumping on the kitchen counters so to be close by....just being considerate and helpful, you see…
Shower is safe to use’re welcome!
So hoomins stop those nasty accusation I’m just being myself, a kind and helpful kitty and you should be glad that you have found could have done a lot worse by adopting another cat who would have cared about nothing (like those other three lazy ones...)

After all I’m not just cute and pretty I’m very helpful and caring, don’t you agree?

Purrs and meows till next time!

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