Life with Ozzy and.. Tolkien

Life with Ozzy and.. Tolkien
The misadventures of Ozzy and Tolkien at home

Monday, 3 August 2020

Sometimes a cat at home needs to have some fun....and to stay away from the hoomins’ cleaning monster!

Here I am again...with Tolkien trying to escape that cleaning monster on one of the few remaining safe places in the house!
Here we are again and it is now August, and hoomins are still acting as strange as they have always been the past few months with all their crazy new healthy and keep fit regimes and their unhealthy obsession with constantly cleaning the house now that they are at home all the time....Did I not mention it before that hoomins are also obsessed with cleaning these days?
Oh yes my hoomins along with the previous mentioned (a few times already) obsession of doing exercises and silly yoga to keep fit and their trying to eat some disgusting types of food so they can stay well and healthy other routine (I really missed sharing chicken and other tasty meat and fish dishes with my hoomin....the occasions when she’ll eat chicken or fish are so rare these days....ah the good old days when hoomins used to eat like normal hoomins, well at least one of them anyway are so far away....almost forgotten memories now. By the way you you can still read about our life at home and of course all about the good times we’ve used to have at home in the good old days before March when hoomins behaved like hoomins and they’ve used to go outside the hoomins comic Life with Ozzy.. and Tolkien available on Amazon) they have also developed the constantly cleaning the house as well obsession it seems!

Tolkien sitting on the hammock ignorant of the havoc that cleaning monster is creating!
They have recently brought home more gadgets to help with cleaning and now we have more than one noisy vacuum cleaner as well as other cleaning similar gadgets which means that hoomins are vacuuming and generally cleaning the house more frequent than they’ve used to do so when they were working and didn’t spend so much time at home before so to see how messy it gets (well, in the hoomins’ opinion of course as meowself or Tolkien for that matter do not share that opinion). So now we have the normal vacuum monster that hoomins use on a weekly basis along with that other steaming monster that they use to clean floors and carpets and on top of that there is also that new robot like vacuum cleaner which is a lot bigger and noisy than the smaller one the hoomins used to use before in certain areas in the house. This one is more monstrous than the vacuum cleaner and it goes everywhere in the house, which also means that there are now no places to hide in the house would find you where ever you go and under the bed is not as safe as it used to be anymore....
I’m telling you it has become so hard these days to find a good hiding spot in the house where you can spend some quality time away from the hoomins particularly those days when that robot monstrosity is cleaning the peace and quiet when it is around...pfft cleaning! And meowself once upon a time thinking that Tolkien was the worst distraction and nuisance that I had to deal with....if only! I can deal with Tolkien, he is so easily put on his place....but there is nothing that I can do to stop that robot monstrosity from disturbing me when I want to snooze....Even sofas and chairs are not safe anymore as hoomins keep moving them around so everything gets cleaned thoroughly.

Nope I most definitely do not like the hoomins’ new obsession with cleaning....the house doesn’t need to be that clean...a little mess and dirt is quite healthy in my opinion! Nobody should live in a totally clean’s not good for your mental and physical health I say!

So and as a result of all this keeping the house clean during the day obsession the only time that I can have a bit of fun and I can make the house feel like it is home is of course at night time when the hoomins are too busy either watching TV or doing other stuff other than cleaning! It is the best time for a cat like meowself to have some good fun with my best lovely and loyal feather and Tolkien of course which is so easy to chase around the house and being so big and clumsy of course he then gets accused by the hoomins for making all the mess....Besides hoomins say that I look very cute when I play with my feather and that I’m an example for Tolkien on how to play without causing too much of these days Tolkien would learn from meowself they play like I do....without causing a havoc! Those hoomins are so gullible sometimes….he, he!

Anymeows better go now....feather to play with and Tolkien to chase....especially now that the hoomins are not watching!

Purrs and meows till next time.

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