Life with Ozzy and.. Tolkien

Life with Ozzy and.. Tolkien
The misadventures of Ozzy and Tolkien at home

Monday, 6 May 2019

Something hasn’t been right at home....

Hello hoomins and other kitties out there, how your week has been so far? Mine hasn’t been that great really I’m afraid….
If you remember last week I was telling you that something wasn’t right with hoomins, they were acting a bit more pecualiar than usual that this....yes I know they are hoomins after all and they are expected to behave strange....but no,  this time they were acting really really strange...even for hoomins!
For starters they were quieter than normal, they didn’t seem to get annoyed with everything I did (not that I do things to annoy my hoomins on purpose of course, but you know sometimes things do happen which things you can’t seem to be always able to let’s call them accidents!). Not only they didn’t seem to be getting annoyed with everything we did (it wasn’t only me but the others too as well) but they were really forgiving and again very very affectionate (nope no anniversaries or birthdays or any weird hoomin holidays this week to explain their soapy state this week either!). Another thing that I found strange as well is that they both seemed to be rather sad and to often talk quietly to each other.....Yeap something hasn’t been right all this week...Hoomins were not behaving like hoomins....
I’m trying to catch that pesky mouse over there....can’t reach it grr!
And there was the other thing as know when you get the feeling that you are forgetting something or somebody….It felt that someone was missing, not being around anymore....Hoomins were really good though at keeping me entertained so I haven’t been bored or anything that it could have explained why I was feeling rather sad myself  but still it felt that there was something else that I should be doing….not with the hoomins!

Faith being Faith was spending all her time in her little house in the hoomin’s office/study room and she usually only comes out when she wants to eat (or wants some attention from the hoomin when she is working) meowing and demanding from the hoomins to have her food ready for her....She is such an impatient cat you know it’s unbelievable! I won’t usually take the hoomins’ side when it comes to us, kitties, but when it comes to Faith you have to feel sorry for the hoomins, they are trying their hardest to please her but she is sooooo demanding....if her food is not ready when she wants it she would walk away and the hoomin then would have to
 go and fetch her back! Such a little drama queen Faith is....because she had a little health scare a while ago hoomins try to always feed her first and to make sure that she is not getting stressed....but of course Faith is totally milking the whole situation and overreacts to get the attention and food she wants from the hoomins. Of course hoomins are very gullible and they’d do their hardest to make sure that she gets what she wants when she wants it....Unbelievable behaviour!
As for Choo Choo, well he plays the I’m too old to do anything card so feed me now hoomins or I’d starve  works as well (or too well) for him too! He only has to meow once or pretend that he has some difficulties with climbing on some high above ground areas and hoomins are again too easily fooled and they’d try again their hardest to keep him happy and stress free...anything that Choo Choo wants Choo gets....poor hoomins so easily deceived! Again despicable behaviour from a cat of any age I say!

So you see myself, I try to be honest with hoomins, I don’t pretend that I can’t do things or that I need help from the hoomins or get annoyed too easily if my food is not on my bowl when I want it....or even meow to be fed and make a fuss if hoomins don’t give me the attention I want when I want it (well I get a lot of attention sometimes which it can be at times a bit too much actually so I’m not that needy when it comes to the attention matter from the hoomins).

Anymeows what I was telling you before I got distracted with those two lazy cats who they are so demanding and deceitful that makes me feel ashamed being a kitty myself and feel sorry for my poor hoomins that they are trying their hardest to please us? Oh yes, that something wasn’t right at home this past week....yes something is definitely not right and something seems to be missing and I still can’t figure out what it is and why hoomins were sad and very forgiving, especially with me....Nope I’m still in the dark…what is missing?

Well I better go now, feel kinda peckish after all this talking and pawtyping but I’d figure it out eventually  and be certain that I’d let you know what is that I can’t figure out yet that is not right...

So purrs and meows till next time!

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